Post a dog-handicapped Faith stirred up the minds of the readers Since the Faith in any way be called a dog-celebrity, I would like to talk about another famous zhivotinku - Scarlett spotted cat, which is considered a model of courage among animals. This completely non-pedigreed kitty rescued from the fire of their five kittens, while she almost burned. Burns caused by fire, mutilated Scarlett, but the award went to her long and happy life.

World Scarlett learned about the spring of 1996. The cat lived peacefully with five monthly kittens in one of the old garage in Brooklyn. But at night March 30 garage someone set fire. Arriving firefighters found that people in the time of the fire in the garage was not, but drew attention to the cat, who rushed into the burning garage and over again. Firefighters want to catch a cat suicide, but not zhivotinka was given into their hands. Suddenly one of the firemen noticed that carries teeth pussycat kitten. Having carried the baby in a safe place, the cat rushed back into the fire. Thus pussycat issued out of the garage of her five cubs itself with virtually turned into coal. When the cat is a kitten made from the last fire and fainted, firefighters decided that the animal died. But one of the firemen, David Janelle, CIMS looked and saw that she was still alive. Thanks to the fire - he personally brought the cat in veterinary hospitals, where it is saved.

So Scarlett looked at the first few days after the fire

as well - later when grown a coat and healed wounds

About cat-heroine wrote the newspaper New York Post, after which the editorial board received thousands of suggestions from people with compassionate offer to help Scarlett. The kittens quickly dismantled (alas, one of them, little white, died shortly after the fire, but the others settled down perfectly in the new families), and the very Scarlett took to himself a woman named Karen Wellen. Karen has promised the representatives of the League of Animal Protection, which took custody of Scarlett that will take care of an animal as a native child and kept her word.

After the fire, Scarlett has lived as long as 13 years in the house of Karen Wellen, surrounded by the care and guardianship. However, kittens Scarlett could no longer be, but thanks to the heroic deed of Kish became the standard of maternal care and devotion throughout the world. Since 1996, the League for Animal Welfare has established a special award Scarlett Award for Animal Heroism, which is awarded to the animals involved in the rescue of humans or other animals (mostly dogs get it, who are involved in tracking down people under the rubble after the earthquake). And she has been recognized as Scarlett Cat century.

At the end of his life, Scarlett suffered from numerous illnesses and had to be put to sleep. Kish quietly died in the arms of his mistress October 11, 2008. On the death of the cat-heroine tabloids wrote all over the world, and on the channel Animal Planet special issue of transmission, dedicated Scarlett.

That is courage! I am sure that every woman would have rushed for your child in the fire.


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