Gone with the Wind

The basis of the film of the same name novel by Margaret Mitchell "Gone with the Wind." The film was released in 1939 and received 8 awards "Oscar". Almost a million viewers watched the film in Atlanta. On the night of the premiere theater stood near to 300 thousand people who wanted to personally greet the filmmakers. Sessions were held in the theater Loew`s Grand Theatre on Pear Street and the building was decorated with movie as an old mansion dynasty O'Hara, and hung over the entrance Photo Clark Gable in an embrace with Vivien Leigh. Tickets for the premiere cost $ 10, but speculators were selling them at a price of $ 200 (the current amount - $ 2,000!)

The novel was written in 1936. In the same year, Mitchell gave the film rights to the producer David O. Selznick for 50 000 dollars. In 1939 he filmed the movie of the same name. In advance for future book Margaret received 500 dollars and copyright percent earned in the first year to 3 million. Dollars (corresponding to 33 million. Dollars today!).

Despite the fact that the color in the film established much later (about 1960), "Gone With the Wind" is a completely color film. It was filmed with the help of Technicolor, which included the shooting of three black and white negatives through synchronous red, green and blue filters, and gidrotipny way to color photography (like a modern offset printing) that allowed to get fully saturated color. This method was costly, since it not only consumes a large amount of the film, but also needed a specially converted movie camera and the increased cost of lighting the shooting area.

The very first scene filmed for the movie, was the scene of Scarlett and Rhett escape from the blazing Atlanta scene filmed in the wild - studio executives set fire to a "quarter" decorations left over from filming another movie.
At that time, played the role of Scarlett has not yet been approved and it has played an actress whose name remains unknown.

For the role of Scarlett O'Hara in 1400 was considered candidates. The main contender for the role of Bette Davis was considered, but the star has been linked with a multi-year contract 'Warner Bros.'Zatem claim Paulette Goddard, but her contract was terminated. Among the other major Hollywood stars Scarlett auditioned for the role of Katharine Hepburn, Claudette Colbert, Joan Crawford, Carole Lombard, Margaret Sullivan, and Olivia de Haviland, who played in the movie quite a different role. Closest to the goal was the actress Tallulah Bankhead, a real Southerner, but its notoriety spooked producers. Vivienne literally burst to the director and said, "Hi, I'm Scarlett O'Hara!" Glancing at her, producer David O. Selznick knew immediately that he had found a real star.

To audition for the role of Scarlett were chosen three scenes. The first - where Mammy lace up corset ward at the Shrew, the second - where a picnic Scarlett explained with Ashley in the library, trying to discourage him from Melanie, and, finally, the third, in which Scarlett tries to seduce a devastated Ashley Tara.

Actress Vivien Leigh starred 125 days and received a fee of about 25 thousand dollars. Clark Gable worked only 71 days, but earned almost 120 thousand dollars. With that, Vivien Leigh worked on the set for 16 hours, and Clark Gable left at exactly 18.00.

Clark Gable (Rhett Butler) did not know how to waltz, so the scene Charity Ball in Atlanta, he contrived a special revolving platform. What was the reason for ridicule Vivien Leigh (Scarlett O'Hara) and the relationship among actors sklasyvalis conflicted. Clark ridiculed English accent Vivienne and her ostentatious stiffness, Vivien was sick at the thought of kissing Mr. Gable. He constantly drank whiskey and chewed garlic. However, she bravely endured, more than anything else it was interested in the work, she starred for several hours a day, without feeling any fatigue or irritation.

For the film were sewn 5500 original costumes, including uniforms and 1,200 Confederate Army-southerners. Their cost was only $ 10,000. All uniforms have undergone the process of aging: they rubbed against the sand, use metal brushes, soiled with mud. The film involved 59 actors and 2,400 extras, 1,100 horses and other animals 375 and 450 carriages and carts.

When making the film "Gone with the Wind" director wore their ladies are strictly for fashion of the past centuries. On the question of indignant to increase the budget of the film: "It will not be visible underwear. He argued - they should feel that era. " Producer David Selznik regularly paid for all the best nevoroyatnye ideas associated with his brainchild. Many said that David Selznick - a perfectionist. However, the effect on the face (or screen). For Vivienne dress sewn 31. The actress was very thin waist and shapely legs, but a small chest. Therefore, the dress was sewn lace and flounces, bosom imposed wool.

On the last day of filming, January 26, 1939 was not yet finished the script. It is appended on the set at the moment of silence.

For some not quite censorship expression characters in the film Selznick was fined $ 5,000, but he always believed that he had paid the money is not wasted.

Since the film's budget was limited, it was necessary to remove a few characters present in the book. For example, "in children, Scarlett decided to save." The book has three children, and in the film, only one daughter - Bonnie Blue.

The final cost of the film was 3.7 million. Dollars (41 million. In today's dollars) plus 550,000 dollars on advertising, posters and special booklets.


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