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Coming weekend, and with them the coveted free time, which you do not want to waste what else the case. I want to get on the couch and ... well, not just roll away. You can watch a movie. And not any there in the list of 100 best in the history of mankind, and such that both pleasant and useful it was. For example, the beauty in all its manifestations.

1. Gone with the Wind (1939)
In this film we have everything that we need. Exquisite gowns worthy sayings, daring deeds and beautiful people (the inimitable Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh will provide you with a stable dose of aesthetic pleasure).
This film is in addition to the plot admire costumes. Dresses Scarlett and still can inspire new colors in the wardrobe. Careful attention to detail and accessories will help to create a vintage image.

2. Some Like It Hot or Some Like It Hot (1959)
In this film, I was very inspired by Marilyn Monroe - incredibly feminine and seductive. That only is it a stunning walk along the apron!

Even two men posing as women, were very charming.

A funny comedy with a very good sense of humor, catchy frazochkami and impressive images of the era.

3.Zavtrak at Tiffany's (1961)
I think many remember Audrey Hepburn was the image of Holly Golightly. Frivolous, funny, dreamy and incredibly beautiful. And what are her outfits!

A lovely quote from the movie:
I love diamonds. While I believe that the girls wear diamonds to 40 - it is bad form.
4. Pretty Woman (1990)
One of my favorite scenes in the film - the process of turning into a lady of ugly. Julia Roberts looks noble in polka-dot dress and hat.

5. The Moulin Rouge (2001)
In my opinion, the most beautiful musical that I have ever see. I like everything in it: the music, the selected song, dance, actors, story, atmosphere, and of course, clothes. They are simply incredible. No wonder the film won the Oscar for best costumes. See for yourself.

Despite the fact that the film is very sad, it is still worth a look. And it's not just clothes. Excellent musical range: relatively modern composition surprisingly fit into the picture of the distant past.

6. The Devil Wears Prada (2006)
The film is about how hard work aspiring journalist in a glossy magazine on the boss-bitch. The most interesting thing in the film - an infinite number of expensive and beautiful clothes. I could hardly remember another film with so many topical images.

7. Women (2008)
The film is notable for the fact that none of the frame has never appeared a man. This is a film about women and, apparently, for women. Intrigue, gossip, female friendship and support, shopping. In addition, one of the heroines of the working designer clothes, the other - the chief editor of a glossy magazine. You can imagine how much the film interesting clothes and images?

8. Coco Before Chanel (2009)
This film should look every woman. And it is not that he is about clothes and the formation of the fashion house. Rather, it is a film about the formation of the person, the desire to break out, break out of the mud and be in the world of dazzling social life. A film about a fragile woman to subdue rebellious fashion world.

9. The Tourist (2010)
Incredible Angelina Jolie in brilliant dresses haute couture throughout the film. It is worth a look.

10. Burlesque (2010)
Another musical list. Very lively and bright. It inspires the fact that every day to be beautiful and impressive. Just as representations participating club, which develops the plot of the picture.


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