Costumes for Marilyn

Arguing that "clothes do not make the man, but man clothes" is meaningless, because the expression is 100 percent true. But what about the costumes for the films that are sewn by certain regardless of the wishes of the actor or actress?

Firstly, the suit is very important to create an artistic image in the film and, therefore, the future protagonist can not be capricious and independently come up with a suit (he just can express their wishes), and secondly, not an actor or actress and costume designer draws sketches and it was he who sets the desired direction and the desired character of the protagonist, so creative one can only feel the image and transfer it to the screen. Legendary Hollywood studios - it is a byword, after all those years dressers made the most delightful costumes that you can imagine!

To prove that it does not have to go far, we need only to look at the costumes main Hollywood diva Marilyn Monroe of the XX century, which still has not been forgotten. Her costumes fully reflect her character in the film, so they are fundamentally different. That innocent, sexy ... but one thing remained unchanged - Marilyn was able to adequately represent each of them and largely thanks to costume it fully get used to the role. Still clothes - this is an important attribute for a person, and especially actors who need to transform into a completely different person.

Marilyn as Lorelei in «Gentlemen Prefer Blondes» (Marilyn as Lorelei in the movie "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes»)

Marilyn as Clara in «A Ticket to Tomahawk» (Marilyn in the role of Clara in "Ticket to Tomahawk»)

Marilyn as Harriet in «As Young As Your Feel» (Marilyn as Harriet in "Younger than yourself and do not feel»)

Marilyn as Joyce in «Let's Make it Legal» (Marilyn Joyce in the role in the film "Let's Get Married»)

Marilyn as Kay in «River of No Return» (Marilyn Kay role in the movie "River of No Return»)

Marilyn as Lois in «Monkey Business» (Marilyn Louis in the role in the movie "monkey work»)

Marilyn as Miss Caswell in «All About Eve» (Marilyn Kazuell role in the movie "All About Eve»)

Marilyn as Nell in «Do not Bother to Knock» (Marilyn as Nell in "do not bother to knock»)

Marilyn as Peggy in «Clash by Night» (Marilyn as Peggy in "Clash by Night»)

Marilyn as Pola in «How to Marry a Millionaire» (Marilyn as flooring in the movie "How to Marry a Millionaire»)

Marilyn as Rose in «Niagara» (in the role of Marilyn Rose in the film "Niagara»)

Marilyn as The Girl in «The Seven Year Itch» (Marilyn as a girl in the film "The Seven Year Itch»)

Marilyn as Vicky in «There's no Business Like Show Business» (Marilyn as Vicki in the movie "There's no business like show business»)

Marilyn as Ellen in «Something's Got to Give» (Marilyn as Ellen in the movie "Something's Got to Give" (the last unfinished film with Monroe))


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