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With today's protagonists headings will be: freak "Zombie fight", gentle creature Amber Heard, girl sweetheart Emma Stone, plenitelnitsa men's hearts Blake Lively responsible Mademoiselle Leighton Meester, "perpetual motion" Sting, successful woman Gwen Stefani and talantische Emma Watson. < br />
1. "Zombie fight»

This guy can not just put things horror and admiration. Fans of Rick Dzhenesta ("Zombie combat") is becoming more and he even takes great interview (recently read). Photographed this charming freak want many, since not every day you meet this young man with "pribambahom." I think he is an ordinary guy who caught a small star, but that did not become better or worse. Now Rick 26 years old, he met a new girl, and now lives in complete harmony with each other. All covered in tattoos, all completely ... Foto Rick, I'd like an unusual images are obtained.

2. Amber Heard

From terrible turn to beauty ... a gentle, sweet, elegant and beautiful, like a May rose, Amber Heard - a girl, which really can say that it is real and gorgeous. And on what Scarlett Johansson it is not like (as for me Heard prettier 300 times)! I can honestly say that films with Amber I have not seen (download "House", it is necessary to look), but I was very impressed. If I were a man, or at least a lesbian, I would prenepremenno Pay attention to this charming blonde. Photographed with Amber, I would like now only because of the fact that in the future it may become an actress class and because of the fact that it is incredibly beautiful.

3. Emma Stone

That's about this girl I can say for sure - "it is a wonderful actress." Red-haired Emma Stone has great potential, which, I hope, in the near term will be directed in the right direction. Comedy should stay in the past and remind myself occasionally ... She was only 23 years old so everything is still to come, especially since in 2012 the big screen will "Amazing Spider-Man," in which Emma performed albeit not the role of a spider, but it girlfriend. The film will definitely be cash. If I would like a picture with a rising Hollywood star? Without a doubt, yes.

4. Blake Lively

Blake Lively for me - it's just an actress of "Gossip Girl", no more and no less. Lively movies I watched, although she indicated filmography almanac "New York, I Love You," which I used to be revised several times. Honestly ... I do not remember it. I'm going to watch "Green Lantern" (I do not know whether or not), where Blake is one of the main roles. Well, damn, I do not watch "Gossip Girl", and I say there is nothing special about this actress. Photos with this smiling actress I would not want to.

5. Leighton Meester

Leighton Meester and even starred in "Gossip Girl" on a par with Lively, but to me it somehow nicer or something. More recently saw the film "Monte Carlo" (do not recommend), and there she played well. The actress is average, but can still be revealed 26 years. Sfotkatsya be with her, I think it's good as a man.

6. Sting

Sting - is simply magnificent singer. Let vocals he not up to par, but the energy is amazing. Voice strikingly pleasant, husky. Naturally, this 60-year-old Briton, I have photographed. I probably would be in the seventh heaven, if I managed to get to his concert.

7. Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani is one of my favorite, though to me it is more like a part of No Doubt, but not the essence. She gave birth to two children, successfully married, he has made a career and earn a lot of money for a comfortable old age, what else is needed from this woman's life? Lovely Gwen, no doubt. Never in my life would not have given her '42 (again plus in its kopilochku achievements). I am pleased to be photographed with her.

8. Emma Watson

"Harry Potter" will go down in history, just like Emma Watson - performer of one of the main roles in the film about a young wizard. 21 years, and how many awards under his belt! Basically it is, of course, the awards for the role of Hermione, but it it important that such glory and such love of the public. By the way, in 2009 the name Emma was entered in the Guinness Book of Records, because she became the highest paid actress of the decade. I think, well, what else is needed? Ahn, no, Emma is in no hurry to finish his career, because she had a way to go and so many roles. Workaholic cultivators. Photos of Emma, ​​I certainly would like to.


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