The history of portable gaming consoles. Part 1 (Before 2000)

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Continuing the post about history of game consoles I decided to write about portable gaming systems. I have tried to provide you with a moment of nostalgia in this Sunday, so - welcome under habrakat.

The first attempts h4>

Microvision h5> What do you think of when you hear the term "portable game console"? Most likely - on PlayStation Portable. Of course, until we get it, but the beginning was still not even by Nintendo. One of the first in the 1970s became the Milton-Bradley Company with its portable console Microvision, in which (O Gods!) Even had the opportunity to change the game. The resolution of the LCD display is only 16x16 pixels, which at the moment seems unreal - as you can play when you have only some 256 points on the display?

very unusual and it seems that the control buttons are located on the console, and on the cartridge. Number buttons - from two to twelve, is dependent on the game. Console consisted only of the body, the chip for the screen and the buttons and wheel.

The range of games was extremely small - three years sales of the console came out only some 13 pieces.

Total has sold 8 million copies of Microvision.


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