History of video game consoles in advertising. Part 2

In the last part of the Stories consoles we stopped at the Super Nintendo. Now on to the fifth generation. Be patient, only a few consoles - and move on to the Sega Saturn, Sony PlayStation and Nintendo 64!

Fifth Generation h4>

3DO Interactive Multiplayer h5>
In 1993 the 3DO, which is produced Panasonic, Sanyo, Creative and Goldstar. Games for consoles sold on disks.

The cost of set-top boxes - $ 699.95 at the time of issue, that is, it was more expensive than all the other consoles of this generation, including the best-selling PlayStation, Nintendo 64 and Sega Saturn. Released console just three years.

It first appeared on the 3DO game The Need For Speed.

Amiga CD32 h4>
Features released in the same year consoles Amiga C32 were similar to the characteristics of the computer Amiga 1200. Prefix could upgrade to a full-fledged computer, adding a keyboard, mouse, and hard disk.

Just a month after the release of consoles Commodore announced the completion of its sales and warranty service. In the US, the prefix does not sell because the company was late in payments for the use of the patent Cad Track.

The world's first 32-bit console.

// www.youtube.com/embed/Z_Nsj3rBxxc?wmode=opaque video>

In this video presents the graphics capability.

// www.youtube.com/embed/JdPkmJ5DD80?wmode=opaque video>

«Amiga will show you gruel ...»

Advertising for the German market.

The first versions of Worms were only available for the Amiga CD32.

Atari Jaguar h5>
Launched in 1993, Atari Jaguar console was unable to deal with the most popular monsters of the fifth generation. Firstly, the media - again the cartridge is not very handy thing. Secondly, the joystick dubious convenience. Thirdly, low quality game.

Sold a total score of around 500,000 consoles.

In this collection, you can check out the commercials gameplay, including Doom.

// www.youtube.com/embed/EQaro-yjBqI?wmode=opaque video>

Here is revealed the theme of mathematics: explain why 64-bit Jaguar better than other consoles.

// www.youtube.com/embed/-Z6b557SQ0k?wmode=opaque video>

Casio Loopy h5>
32-bit prefix for girls of preschool and primary school children from Casio suddenly allowed to print stickers - you can draw your own manga! And this thing worked on the cartridges. One of the oddities - no second joystick port, that is, it was a kind of forever alone pristavochka. But there was a port for the mouse, with which it was possible there is something to do in the two games. She was born in 1995 and soon went out of this world.

In all there were ten games for this miracle-top boxes, including life simulator, the simulator visits and software for creating astrological predictions. Kawaii! I>

// www.youtube.com/embed/DynuuJ_zFoA?wmode=opaque video>

Sega Saturn h4>
Now the most delicious! In November 1994, the market release Sega Saturn. It is this set-top box - the first of three fifth-generation consoles, which led a ruthless struggle for the consumer, thus throwing off the market all of the above consoles.

Already on launch day in Japan sold 170,000 pristvok. Atari Jaguar in history had sold only 500,000 - the difference is quite palpable.

Selection of commercials with Segata Sansiro starring.

// www.youtube.com/embed/lcIYDxmnKHY?wmode=opaque video>

The most popular game for Sega Saturn - Virtua Fighter 2. It sold over two million copies.

"Domestic violence».

Sony PlayStation h4>
Who played - he will understand:

// www.youtube.com/embed/8IRjORpLRFQ?wmode=opaque video>

Sony month later after the Sega Saturn launches the first PlayStation. The prefix immediately showed everyone what's what - she burst onto the market, which was shared between Nintendo and Sega, and immediately bit off a huge chunk of it. Think about the number: 100 million consoles have been sold in 11 years of production consoles. And she was the best-selling prefix up before it was succeeded by PlayStation 2. Bonus: PlayStation can be used as audio and video player CD! What I was doing. I>

This video won Clio - held annually in New York Festival TV and radio.

// www.youtube.com/embed/ov-0KXHSyvA?wmode=opaque video>

// www.youtube.com/embed/7ClIBDH7AGU?wmode=opaque video>

In 2000 he published a miniature version of consoles - PSone. It was a mom bought me. =) I> for this display consoles was released. And an adapter for car cigarette lighter.

// www.youtube.com/embed/91ems2aSsz8?wmode=opaque video>

In the Moscow metro tried to stick this one poster from Russian designers. It was difficult, as it always tore and dragged to his home fans nice.

The second poster from the same series.

One of the most popular games for PlayStation - Resident Evil 2. Amazing toy. I love her as well as Silent Hill.

// www.youtube.com/embed/uBjNHsfofME?wmode=opaque video>

PlayStation Official Magazine is separate from Sony. This is one of the covers of 1998. Here at once two great toys: Tomb Raider and Crash Bandicoot. By the way, for the year 2007 was released 7918 games and other software for the PlayStation.

And who was cut here in this thing?

Nintendo 64 h4>
A third whale war fifth-generation console - Nintendo 64 - all came later, in 1996. In contrast to the PlayStation and Sega Saturn, he was still on the cartridges.

// www.youtube.com/embed/0pctu04gmXI?wmode=opaque video>

The most popular game for the Nintendo 64 was Super Mario 64. That the game was first released for the consoles. Generally developers who would like to make games on cartridges already left very little. Wheels in production was cheaper and had more capacity.

However, by 1998 the prefix ranked second after Sony PlayStation sales by the end of next year, Nintendo released the drive for the console, so that it was possible and in magneto-optical discs to play.

Have you had one of these consoles? What to play? If she survived to this day? B>

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