6 "new" gaming innovation

Some ideas are changing the game forever. For example, after a couple of years after the Wii, all began to make motion controllers. This is how the industry recognizes that other people's ideas were excellent and develop them yourself.
True, some of these revolutionary ideas were decades ago when everyone thought slop.

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# 6. Multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG / MMORPG)

We think it started with: Ultima Online (1997)

First RPG in which you can play online virtual world in general, is generally considered to Ultima Online. Actually, the term "MMORPG" just came up with the creator of Ultima Online, A. Garriott.

RICAGARR or as he calls himself.

MMORPGs represent a surplus of modern games: people spending the days at the monitors, immersed in the fantasy world. It is nostalgia for the simple Donkey Kong and Pac-Man, when this was not.
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In fact: Island of Kesmai (1985)

The first commercial MMORPG output has actually been in the mid 80s. Then genre called MUD and Multi-User Dungeon. By Island of Kesmai can connect up to 100 players at a time through a service CompuServe. One hundred players may not seem very "massive" numbers, but in the 80s it was 98 more than any could imagine.

It turns MUD games have roots go back 70 years and they have been quite popular in college geeks. Some jokingly referred to these games «Multi Undergraduate Destroyers» (Multi Slayer students), because according to them. Imagine what it was the time, most people had three channels on the TV and had to move the antenna to have a clear picture. And these guys are already suffering from the syndrome of WoW.
Most MUD games were text, while others like the Island of Kesmai used ASCII characters to simulate the charts, like this:

In Kesmai it has been implemented and other features of today's MMORPGs like side quests and insults in a chat. How do you understand the game failed to live up to our time, perhaps because of the high cost: $ 12 per hour, only to connect to CompuServe. Furthermore, one command was processed for 10 seconds, almost 2 cents for a small movement. If World of Warcraft worth much, then Blizzard is now owned by a number of countries.

#5. Portable 3D Games (Handheld 3D Gaming)

We think it started with: The Nintendo 3DS (2011), well, or Virtual Boy (1995)

Before 3DS, Nintendo had only been an attempt to create a 3D "pocket» Virtual Boy, also known as one of the worst inventions of all time. Virtual Boy was a mega failure now Nintendo does not even mention it on their website. But they deserve credit for trying to create a 3D portable console more in 1995.

She looked like a well-designed device of torture.

In fact: The Tomytronic 3D (1983)

During the years before the Nintendo Entertainment System in the US, the company Tomy has released Tomytronic 3D, console looked like a pair of binoculars, and she is good at playing 3D graphics. Tomytronic was equipped with two LED panel uses ambient light.

The idea that you are watching in a small device that can see a 3D game, in 1983, the game was just incredible, hell yeah we just got used to the two-dimensional measurement in the games. This is what then were able to home consoles:

You know, what is this crap? No? This fucking Starfox.

We're talking about it, and maybe it's because Tomytronic not sold well, simply because the children who were playing in it, could not explain to friends that they feel.

Most of them returned to drugs.

Some believe that Tomytronic worked better than the Virtual Boy - mainly because of the stunning display of colors other than red, in addition, some of the games looked cool, like trippy phantom racecars:

Or a game where you had to shoot the killers of laser sharks, tearing them to pieces:

However, it would be great, they did not look, it was a simple game with a limited gameplay and bored after 10 minutes ... and since the company released a total of seven games, the period of its use was slightly more than an hour, so soon the console has been neglected and has given 28 years to someone else to make the technology portable 3D.
Of course Nintendo 3DS - not just a 3D console, it features innovative touch screen on the DS, which appeared a few years ago ... right?

#4. Game touch screen (Touchscreen Gaming)

We think it started with: The Nintendo DS (2004)

The main difference from other Nintendo DS gaming consoles today (portable and others), was the highest interactivity: Players were able to interact more with the game with a revolutionary technology, touch screen and stylus of Nintendo.

Some called it a publicity stunt, but it is now clear that these guys were going to something (see. Any phone in 2007). This view of the future that will lead to the Nintendo Wii. Wait a minute, we said, "the future"? Actually had a view of the opposite.

In fact: The Vectrex (1982)

The Vectrex console was unusual, in fact, she had a huge monitor with built-in console.
The slogan "And you do not need a TV!" Is not very impressive, as in fact it was the TV.

But despite the large size and simple linear black-and-white graphics, Vectrex had had one great advantage over any console that time (and after ... and after ...) She was the first to use the touch screen games, thanks to Light Pen.

1982. Most phones do not even have keys.

The initial list of games for the Light Pen was very limited: risovalka management objects and musical game, allows you to write and play by clicking on the screen, basically, as well as half of the games Nintendo. More they worked a little bit more interesting demo game Postal aircraft. This game showed the potential of Light Pen. Unfortunately Vectrex was a victim of the crisis games of 1983, so they have not been able to use this technology in adventure games or even platformer. Most players probably have not even heard about it.

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So the innovative feature of the Nintendo DS was not original, but at least it gave the direction of the company to do something that really was: motion control Wii. Also ...

# 3. Motion Control (Motion Control)

We think it started with: The Nintendo Wii (2006)

The product is so innovative, we just laughed at the name. For a year or so.

The recent wave of traffic management systems began with the Nintendo Wii - allowed the players around the world to move a little more and a lot more to look stupid.
Playing the Wii, you know, parents are looking at you and I think that's an idiot.
Xbox Kinect is so perfect that the controller does not need to determine your actions. In this future, guys.

In fact: The Pantomation (1977)

In fact, shame before the camera could be at the end of the 70s. Pantomation video equipment was originally created in order to read musical notes, but then the creators realized that it can be used to track the movements of the body. With an analog camera, low resolution, and the minicomputer, Pantomation could create computer graphics, which differently react to human movement.
For example, it seems that raises the bar of the rainbow.

The same principle is used Nintendo Wii or PlayStation Move - only 30 years ago. In other words, before color television became the norm, and there were the seventh generation console. People played it before they learned about the Space Invaders (Space Invaders).

For Pantomation needed a controller since he could detect the movement of bright objects, something like a tennis ball. The system allows you to instantly switch to different functions of recognition, for example by drawing directly to the creation of music.

Pantomation was very expensive to be produced commercially, but because it financed by the state, anyone can come in and play. Judging by the following video Pantomation attracted many unemployed mimes.
Unfortunately it did not help the fate of the system. The gaming industry was still young to even think about implementing this technology, then to 80th Pantomation reduced the use to use in a laser show and performances of mimes.

# 2. Achievements (Unlocking Achievements)

We think it started with: The Xbox 360 (2005)

On the Xbox 360 accounted for a large share of the concept of rewarding achievements populizatsii players for passing the test, such as killing an enemy or complete a level, well, or possession of the Xbox 360 is for 4 years did not break.
"Achieving open! You just lost $ 300. »
In contrast to unlock the hidden layer or object do not affect the achievement of the game itself. "Trophies" appear in the player's profile online, to prove to other people in the real world, you have been really a lot of games. Both PlayStation and Steam began to use this system in 2008, Nintendo and even included a couple of games.

In fact: Pitfall and other games Activision (1982)

All true Pitfall been achievements, as well as in Halo and others, most of those who played did not even know what it is.

Activision back in the Atari 2600 put the problem to a certain amount of players passed the test and complete the level within the time limit, or for example to receive 20, 000 points in Pitfall or 10 000 Chopper Command. But wait, how do you show your achievements without the Internet? Easy, you need to take a picture of the TV screen and send the photo as proof. You can also achievement was to record on tape, but then have to make a difficult choice between VHS or Betamax.

If you meet the conditions, you will receive a letter from Activision, it's just amazing. And some were signed by Pitfall Harry

Impressive? In this way you can prove that the great use typewriter. But that's not all: with every letter you receive a special badge for your achievements. A total of 43 patches for 33 different games Activision and some were excellent:

... While for others you hit at school.

There was a time that Activision received more than 2, 000 letters a day, children demanded their stripes. Only one test in Pitfall led to 14 000 letters a week. It became fun, Activision had to hire staff just to open and reply to emails. So why, if these achievements were so popular, we do not hear about them now? The explanation is obvious, in fact, there were 10 or so players who are obsessed with the achievements obtained as "trophies" as possible, so you can brag to your friends gamers.

#1. DLC (Downloadable Content) / DLC (Downloadable Content)

We think it started with: Sega Dreamcast's online service (2000)

Sega Dreamcast released in 1998, it was the first console with a built-in modem, although their online services and worked two more years. It took another few years before the Xbox actually tolknёt this technology forward by offering additional content for games like Halo 2 and Splinter Cell.

"You know how to make it better? Pay more money »

Currently, any console can connect to the Internet. But it was made possible by the latest events: high-speed Internet and Wi-Fi connection ... or so we thought.

In fact: Atari's GameLine peripheral (1983)

GameLine was oversized cartridge Atari (manufactured by CVC), which can transmit data over a standard telephone line. After activating the account by calling the toll-free number and credit card information telling your mom, you can connect your Atari to the host computer and download more than 80 games for a dollar each. Each game can be run from 5 to 10 times before you pay again. If GameLine seems a little expensive, it is because that bastard from the future.

But wait, it is stunning: This technology was originally developed in order to download songs through providers. Twenty years before Napster or ITunes, planned & quot; Home Music Store (Home Music Shop) & quot ;, which would allow to buy music online. Yes, at a time when people are moving their collection from vinyl to cassette tapes, «Home Music Store» completely bypass, CDs and will be the next format. The only reason: All the major record companies refused to provide the music, afraid of angering retail sellers

That's when Bill Von Meister, one of the founders of the CVC, bought this amazing, but now absolutely useless, and technology has made it possible to download video games. But besides GameLine, CVC began developing other online services such as MailLine (the ability to send email from the Atari 2600), NewsLine (reading the news and weather forecast as an RSS feed), and OpinionLine (an early version of online bulletin boards) .Dobavit PornLine and memes about cats, and would be a full-fledged internet, decades ahead of its time.

All of this could come to fruition if GameLine was well done, but it was not so. The problem is that none of the major software development companies, Activision, Coleco or Atari not growing library of games and therefore GameLine consisted of obscure, dermovyh games in which no one wanted to play. Add to this crisis of games 83 years old, as a result of the company went bankrupt.

This does not mean that Von Meister abandoned his plans, but it took longer. He created another company that uses the tighter technology bulk AOL (America OnLine), mainly bad play device that does not need anyone had made modern life, such as we know it.
Suddenly R.O.B. I felt outdated.

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