Can artificial intelligence to become US president

A non-profit independent organization Watson 2016 Foundation promotes interesting idea: instead of choosing one of the candidates for the US presidency, they offer to make a choice in favor of IBM analytical engine Watson, the possibility of which resemble the work of artificial intelligence.

In defending his point of view, the fund members (not associated with IBM) wrote that Watson capabilities of the system to assess the information and making informed and transparent decisions make it an ideal candidate for the presidency.

At the Foundation's website states that Watson - is a computer system which is able to respond to the questions posed in natural language, originally developed by IBM for the game show «Jeopardy!». Watson gathers information from various sources, and based on it gives the answer - moreover, the more this information is, the more informed answer turns
Also, members of the fund like interface of the system - in particular, the visual representation of the current state of the analytical algorithm and demonstration of the level of confidence in the correctness of the system it
In fact, the authors of the draft offer their fellow citizens to make the first steps towards technocracy - power technology experts, effectively performing administrative functions, in this case - with the help of automatic decision-making system. One of the possible limits of technocracy is the autocracy of artificial intelligence - the transfer of governance of complex intellectual computer system
Watson system, so named by the name of the first director at IBM, was really designed specifically to play a quiz «Jeopardy!» (Famous program "Custom Game" - a licensed adaptation of the contest for the Russian TV). The attempt was successful - as a result, the Watson beat two of the most successful American scholars, recognizing the questions asked in English and giving answers
However, this game was not without various glitches and curiosities . For example, in the category "US Cities 'to the question' largest airport of the city is named after the hero of World War II, and the second largest - after the battle of the Second World." People participating correctly answered that this city - Chicago, Watson and in response wrote «What is Toronto ?????». At the same time due to the complexity of the system project manager was only able to put forward the assumption that, for whatever reason, Watson gave a strange answer.

In addition to participation in the game show, Watson developers to customize to create a new food recipes , select the nailuchshego holiday gift , prediction of the probability of occurrence chronic diseases in humans on the basis of their medical records, analysis of psychological portrait members of social networks.

The first commercial application of the system was the analysis of the patients with lung cancer, which should help to make decisions related to their treatment.

However, all these application systems are based on its ability to collect and analyze data and ready to work with the statistics - that hardly constitutes a serious part of the work of the president. president of the state task is similar to the tasks of the director of a large firm (if we talk about the present, not the puppet president) - a decision based on the information available solutions
However, the ability of computer systems to make informed decisions in managing the whole country is in doubt. After all, the decision - it's not a simple answer to a specific question, as in "his game." In addition, in the game show all the questions have only one correct answer.

Public decision usually comes down to a choice of the lesser of evils, is complicated by the lack of reliable information. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the presence of various opposing forces in the hierarchy of the ruling elite and other highly nonlinear factors that will hinder translate decisions into practice.

Watson system designers have spent a few years on its configuration and debugging to participate in the quiz. How much time and effort it will take for the system to become a reliably work with questions, the answers to which affect the lives of millions of people - hard to say. It is necessary in this case to take into account factors such as the possibility of attacks on computer systems by detractors.

Of course, one can imagine a variant in which the person operating the country, consult with such a system for decision-making. But will power clothed people rely on the computer system being developed by a commercial company - is also a big question
And about the dangers on the road of trust artificial intelligence have already even Stephen Hawking has warned.

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