Champagne for Marilyn Monroe

Name of the XX century the main blonde Marilyn Monroe after many years remains perhaps the most successful brand. Bask in the glory of the famous actress sought by many, especially those who are deprived of attention of the public. Norway is not a country with a rich (and successful) history of wine-making, but it is a Scandinavian brand has decided to release an alcoholic champagne for the 50th anniversary of the death of Hollywood legend. The company Rosmersholm for the anniversary will present a sparkling wine Marilyn Monroe Premier Cru Brut, the official sales will begin August 5 next year. Sknandinavy decided not to experiment with the cultivation of grapes on the fjords, and delegated the direct production of a beverage French house JM Gobillard et Fils. Champagne Marilyn Monroe made 50% of the grapes Chardonnay, 25% Pinot Noir and the remaining quarter - Pinot Meunier, grown in the Champagne region. The taste of the drink with the name of a celebrity is described as "comprising fruit, velvety and sensual notes." As the creators say, he is "a true pleasure for fans of champagne." Retail price Marilyn Monroe Premier Cru Brut is € 65.


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