Champagne - stupidity and revelations

Historically, that in the post-accepted that ladies prefer champagne. Like it or not - I can not judge, because he is not a lady, and I hope it never will not. Yet to deny the fact that a standard set of lover "Cake, cloves and a bottle" is included that the Soviet champagne (much less brandy or othvachennye to pull vino) is unlikely that anyone will be solved. It is likely that: universal love of the population for the Soviet champagne (what, by the way, in some of its variants do even nothing) caused total deficit was more than real taste preferences - well, God bless him.

I want to talk a little bit about something else - about the myths and facts that have been established in our country around the noble sparkling wine. To start dissolve concepts - sparkling wine and Champagne (not afraid of a capital letter). The fact that produce sparkling wine can anyone, anywhere - the quality of the resulting liquid depends only on the manufacturer's conscience. In other words, if, say, Vasily Petrovich from the village near Simferopol Huhlevo decides to make a sparkling wine from the materials at hand - that God will judge him, he has the right to. But Champagne wine may only be carried in a special region (Champagne, as the astute reader already guessed), only three grape varieties, with special technology, etc. etc. No, of course it can, and there is no difference - in the New World wine is quite decent chase, but, speaking professionally, set the Soviet lover not included champagne wine, as well, some garbage.

And now I suggest you fill a glass of chilled wine, and sipped, begin to talk about Champagne and stereotypes ...

Stupidity first: shoot stopper. Well, firstly, the same lady for whom Champagne and bought, as far as I know, do not like idiots shooting at chandelier stopper and pour everything sticky foam. And secondly, it's a strange gusarstvo has under itself no aesthetic grounds - good Champagne is necessary to open slightly tilting the bottle, holding the plug by hand. The smoke and light cotton (not the sound of the shot, as the shooting of partisans) confirm the quality of the product.

Stupidity second: when you open the bottle you need to scroll through the cork. In fact, the need to scroll through the bottle cork instead - in this case the tube itself come under pressure flowing gas. Enhanced twisting corks also contributes to the appearance of the face strained expression and subsequent shot into the eye companion, it is unlikely that in the plans of the gentleman.

Stupidity Three: Champagne and cake. The taste and color of comrades not, of course, but also spoil the cake on margarine taste of noble drink - this is a purely Soviet invention. Brut Champagne and dry blends perfectly with cheeses, better solid, like Parmesan. There also - all seafood such as squid and other slimy reptiles. The tart taste of dry Champagne does not interrupt the taste of food, adding impressions process. Sweet and semi-sweet sparkling wine and champagne can be upotreblint with cream cheese and chocolate, cakes and fruit - nicht!

Foolishness Four: icy champagne. Frosting Champagne citizens of the former Soviet Union began in the late eighties, watching, apparently bourgeois films featured a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket. Since the bucket of the citizens was not observed, and the usual bucket to push the bottle shampusika somehow not comme il faut, the citizens seized the bucket of this chain of manipulation as a vestige, and began to put the champagne in the freezer immediately. I saw myself with my own eyes a few times, as a welcoming hostess got out of the refrigerator bottle Ofigevshy of such treatment ... drink champagne cooled to 9-12 degrees colder it is not necessary, will not be able to feel the taste of the wine. Warm wine is also unlikely to inspire someone (well, only if you are 13 and you're not sneaking in tubzike buhate before physics stuffy parents Vinišće), so that sounded temperature - optimal. For this reason the bottle and placed in an ice bucket - in wine it is cooled to the desired temperature, but not frozen.

Stupidity fifth: chips on the neck of the bottle - a marriage. In fact, the damage to the neck of the bottle suggests rather that the wine was made by all the canons of art wine - a bottle filmed temporary plug to reset the precipitate (a procedure called "disgorging"). So that however on the neck is more excuse this very bottle to take, what not to take.

Well, here it is possible to include all the many stereotypes like "women's drink", "Champagne drink on holidays" and so on. N. I think that the roots of these myths are just as scarce Soviet past, otherwise why would a gourmet limit yourself to such foolishness ? All the problems that are sometimes attributed to the noble wine, most often associated not with the drink, and that promptly inserted into the stomach before it is consumed - remembering how our citizens are at work washed down with champagne sandwiches with sausage and margarine cakes, I'm not surprised by this infamous . Champagne is the same as other sparkling wines, requires minimal maintenance - snacks of the above list because it contains even noble, but still gases. Olivier wilderness it under the chiming clock and, of course, possible, but there could then leave their claims against manufacturers ...

Buy sparkling wines can and should be at the local supermarket, the main thing - carefully read the label and use in the selection of other mental abilities. The most common variant - the Soviet semi-sweet champagne in all its varieties - we probably immediately noted. It is done on the basis of wine concentrate, aged an average of 2 weeks (instead of 2 years) and is a major cause of ill fame of the wine in our country. Good wines are made in the New World - a look at the age of the bottle and place of manufacture. In general, the New World - it's probably the only one worth relative to domestic producer of sparkling wines. French Champagne decent quality costs about $ 10 per bottle, everything is cheaper - just not profitable and is likely to take before you fake. Take a look at the age and place of manufacture - should be the province of Champagne. The upper bracket is not visible - there is a fault at the price of several hundred dollars a bottle, but that's a topic for another conversation among the rich or pontovschikov dedicated foodies.

I finished my drink and my story. Cheers!

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