Two centuries of champagne at the bottom of the Baltic Sea


Swedish divers raised from the bottom of the Baltic Sea about 30 bottles of champagne 230 years of aging. Unique discovery found during the examination of the sunken ship near the Aland Islands. It is assumed that the bubbly drink produced in the 1780s, was intended for the Russian aristocracy. Experts note that the champagne was kept in perfect conditions - in the dark at a constant cold temperature. Champagne was manufactured house Clicquot, now known as Veuve Clicquot, presumably between 1782 and 1788 years. The history of sparkling wine of this brand dates back to 1772, but after the French Revolution in 1789, production was halted for ten years. According to one of the divers, I try the drink taste it "fantastic". "He has a very sweet taste, there is an oak and a very strong smell of tobacco" - so described his experience, Christian Ekström. If the examination confirms the age of the drink and champagne will be recognized as usable, then each bottle can cost $ 69 thousand. Finding the Swedish divers may be the oldest champagne in the world: to date, the record belongs to Perrier-Jouët, dated 1825.


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