Perrier burlesque

French mineral water brand Perrier continues to work with Dita Von Teese. In autumn 2011, released a limited edition Perrier water, a source of inspiration for which was the queen of burlesque. Perrier periodically produces limited series featuring famous characters: at different times Perrier collaborated artists Andy Warhol and Bernard Wilma, fashion house Paul & Jo and designer tandem Heartland Villa. Last summer Perrier released a series of «Paparazzi» together with Dita Von Teese, and this creative duo has become one of the most successful. In the coming season, a brand new design labels boast renewed his famous green bottle. This time the theme for creative designers Perrier became a burlesque and muse - again inimitable Dita Von Teese. The new image of the bottle turned out bright and contrast, fully reflecting the influence of burlesque. Stylish label is made in bright colors of fuchsia, which perfectly highlights the classic black color. With the label looks very coquettishly Diva in the burlesque cape air-Boas. Perrier experiments with images never reflected on the contents of the bottle. The new package is still natural mineral water aeration.


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