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Sometimes udivlyaeshmsya how these people could meet? Or even how they can still meet or live together? Take, for example, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt - is not the perfect couple? But sometimes a couple of causes cognitive dissonance rather than emotion. Or is shocking not the couple, but the story of their relationship.

For example, Tom Cruise and Cher.

Roman happened on the early career of Tom Cruise. Cher, which at that time was already 39 years old, soon lost his head of 23-year-old Cruz.

He brought me crazy. He was so shy. He told me that in school with him no friends. One day we went out on a date in a restaurant in New York, and the waitress was there from his former school. He said that the school she did not pay attention to him, and now, when he became famous - naoborot.

However, they met briefly. A few months later Cruz traded Cher Mimi Rogers, his first wife, with whom he lived for 3 years.

While on the other hand, the pair is not surprising: both a little strange. With Tom Cruise jumping on the couch in the Oprah show that Cher, dressed in his forty-far (or even fifty) years, transparent dresses.

Diane Keaton and Keanu Reeves.

One of the strangest Hollywood, "eternal bachelor", a millionaire, has still not having their own homes or garages, Keanu Reeves and a woman, looking perfectly even at 60 years, Diane Keaton. What connects them? People who are familiar with Reeves and his family say that Diane's mother reminds them Keanu - Patricia. Is not this the reason?

But a close friend of Keanu remarked:

Keanu it fascinates all: its independence, success in various fields, sense of humor and knowledge. But most of all he is shocked by the fact that this is not the young woman was still really sexy. And much can be learned in posteli.Pravda itself Diane admits that at first it was awkward to kiss him, because Keanu younger than her 18 years. But she soon got used. However, for example, Woody Allen could not get over:

Live and learn! For many years I was sure Diane falls only macho like me. And here is expensive ... I would have given for that, to see what they do when the lights go out in the bedroom!

I met a couple of short-lived. In addition, many say, that they were just friends. What they can be friends, if the motorcycle Reeves almost every evening at the house noticed Keaton?

Woody Allen and Soon-I.

If I was the top, the first place I would give this pair. Couple surprising not only because Woody and Soon-over for 35 years, but also the history of their relationship.

The fact that the Sun and was the adopted daughter of Allen's previous wife Mia Farrow. Once Mia came home early, I went into the room and came across the desk at nude pictures Allen Soon-I. Then she was already 21, the age of majority, so anything illegal like Allen, and has not committed. There was a divorce, and soon the Sun and Woody married. Now they have two adopted children.

Woody says it has finally found his true love.

Sarah Jessica Parker and John Kennedy Jr.

To young actress Sarah Jessica Parker started looking particularly closely during an affair with John F. Kennedy. However, the younger, but the status of that John was no less significant. The relationship started very romantic. After the performance the 26-year-old actress received a huge bouquet of roses and a note in which he, John F. Kennedy Jr. invited her to dinner. Satisfied Sarah Jessica has dreamed of becoming a Kennedy, but John was not in a hurry, and then completely disappeared. This tacit official version. But there are rumors that Kennedy's mother simply forbidden to meet with Sarah because she was Jewish. But this is only a rumor.

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson.

Among the stars with respect to many lesbian couples, but that Lindsay and Samantha were awarded a place on this list. Why is that? Yes, because it's very scandalous, and incredibly strange couple. Each of the quarrel became public. For example, once Lindsay wrote in his Twitter public accusations, just as a little girl:

Accusations of lies should not surprise you. I'm making it official that all of you know the truth. You got what it wanted: you broke my heart. And now disappear. I loved you. Leave me alone. Leave me alone. Go on deceiving yourself and others - you pobedila.No and Samantha is not gone, and accused the ex-girlfriend in drug abuse (as if we did not know).

After parting (one of) Samantha changed all the locks in his house, because Lindsay wanted to return to it. Generally, the Samantha - strong girl. So she throws things Lohan out of the window, her family wants to ban Lindsay Ronson to approach the court. And it is not clear enemies or friends Samantha and Lindsay. The account they cute "chirp" Lindsay even defends his ex-girlfriend, to which she answers her thanks.

This is too much. Samantha never raised his hand to me. Enough. Focus on something more important. On global issues, for example.

But in real life they ignore each other or throw cigarette butts.

Marilyn Manson and Dita Von Teese.

Just because Manson is not handsome, but he always girlfriends wonderful woman. For example, Dita. They met a little more than 4 years after married, lived for 2 years, and Dita filed for divorce. They say that because Manson became interested in Rachel Wood, which met after. However, then Manson realized he had made a mistake and apologized.

He called me and said something like "I made a big mistake," to which I replied that "yes, yes, I know, tell me everything you need to make you feel better and go to sleep." I now just three men. They are all in different parts of the world ... Yeah, my biggest sin - that's what I skillfully juggling men.

The wedding was both just very unusual, in the style of the 19th century (although the music was from the 30s of the 20th century). Yes, and the date of separation strange. "Terrible," Manson said that they broke up in Halloween and romantic Dita insists that Christmas. In any case, despite the fact that a couple of very interesting and original, it does not prevent it from being awesome. Beauty and the Beast, romance and shock, burlesque and dark art.

Although you've seen Manson without makeup? Very cute.

Fergie and Justin Timberlake.

The odd couple had a place to be in 1997 when Fergie was 23 and Justin 16. However, Fergie never went out with him and did not take the relationship seriously because Justin was too young. Even participants in her group laughed at their age difference.

My friends laughed at me, - says the star hit Boom Boom Pow about his affair with Justin Timberlake. - They even came up with a nickname - "Stella". Remember this was a movie about a woman who fell in love with a boy who was younger than her 20 years? 95,035,751

They met on a tour when an unknown artist Justin performed the opening act. Justin decided to look after Fergie, and she answered him.

Moby and Natalie Portman.

Between them, except that the total love of vegetarianism. Maybe it brought them closer together? However, they met long ago, when 14-year-old Natalie was not allowed to the concert at a nightclub. They say that after they began an affair. But Natalie denies and says that he's just a friend of hers. Once Moby said in an interview:

Her fans could not believe that she is so sexy star of "Star Wars", meets with me. They literally hated menya.

He added that they met so little that it can not even call some relationships. Now she is a close friend.

George Clooney and Lucy Liu.

When George met with Lucy, while he was still in a relationship with Terry Hatcher. And social events appeared, then one, then the other. Surprisingly, Lucy did not apply their skills to fight against this restless smoothie. By the way, after leaving seen them many times kissing and hugging.

Jennifer Aniston and Adam Duritts.

That was in 1995. Then Aniston are just beginning to appear in the TV series "Friends." The novel was fleeting, Duritts said that they did not even sleep. Then Adam went to a colleague Aniston - Courteney Cox.


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