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Here is the first video produced by our site! Today you will find a rating of Hollywood beauties who are able to apply themselves so that no one guesses about their shortcomings. Well, "no one" - a big word:

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That's why we always think that a woman with glossy magazines and red carpet perfect, in fact it is not so. They just know their weaknesses and do everything that it did not recognize the other. So, in this issue we'll tell you about one of the stars know how to hide their shortcomings and even to transform them in dignity.

Eighth place went to the star of the Caribbean Kira Knightley. If you think that the main problem of Kira - her breast size, we hasten to assure you it's not. Stylists successfully pick up her dress for the red carpet and dressers - for films. For the filming of "Pirates of the Caribbean," she had to wear a corset for slimming, which is lifted and thus visually increases the breast. As we can see, the task copes team of professionals. But when Cyrus left alone, she often forgets important rule - straight back. Young and beautiful actress can stoop so that all disappear any size and is a rounded back. Our advice to you, Kiri: chest out, and the fifth point back, but not vice versa.

In seventh place Hilary Swank. This actress brilliantly copes with its dramatic roles in films, as well as cameras on the red carpet. A look at Hillary certain perspective is quite heavy, and features rude. She has to constantly monitor outbreaks and have time to pose for everyone. However, photo shoots and movies is much easier. Proper lighting makes a very attractive actress. The audience called her looks interesting and non-standard. And this is a compliment. Well done, Hilary!

Sixth place rightly goes socialite and TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak. Its external data haunt critics and opponents. Features her face often commented on by those who have exhausted all the arguments "against". Kseniya A. was used to such statements, and she admits that her appearance is far from ideal. However, the TV presenter makeup skillfully uses, which makes it not so obvious disadvantages: it practically does not use bright lipstick, focuses on the eyes and adds a bit of blush. Ability to dress stylishly adds Ksyusha points.

Fifth place is occupied by wild angel Natalia Oreiro. Star Argentine soap operas is in a constant struggle for a flat stomach and narrow waist. It changes the one diet to another in the hope that they will win. Meanwhile, for its concerts and clips Oreiro choose corsets and tight-fitting trousers. Thus, it creates the impression of a slim and toned figure. We believe that the way it is.

In fourth place Michelle Williams. If you are surprised by her appearance in the hit parade, so she does everything right. Despite the fact that the actress was not overweight and is in top form, her figure is disproportionate: small stature, short neck, wide waist and thin legs. In this type of figure you have to be very careful in the selection of dresses. The older actress, the better it picks up the clothes and hair. Short haircut, dress with a V-neckline and cleavage or falls off the shoulders, make sure the belt and the belt that emphasizes the waist - in such outfits Michelle Williams looks irresistible.

Third place went to relax in the recent Christina Aguilera. After parting with her husband singer nothing does not deny - any new novels, nor in increased fat goodies. Even typing is clearly overweight, Christina continues to wear short dresses, tight jeans and high heels. While the latter, and it saves. Heels and red lipstick give it a sexuality that is so natural to Aguilera.

Continuing the conversation about the completeness, second place is Mariah Carey, who turned the lack of dignity. Qualified stylists, correct angles and poses for the camera, heels, shorts, mini-skirts - and here it is sexy. Mariah Carey is considered as one of the sex symbols of the Western show business. Let's hope that these options will long be considered sexy. Perhaps, though it will stop a wave of ever losing weight adolescents. So, second place - for Mariah Carey for its natural beauty.

Well, here we are getting to first place in our rating. Who knows the art of the stars posing better than anyone and is always ready for the camera flash? First, let us remember who is ranked eighth to second.

Opens our rating Keira Knightley, which no-no, but forget the advice of stylists that the back should be kept straight. Seventh place - Hilary Swank, whose appearance is considered to be "interesting" and "unusual." Sixth place went to the main skandalistki Russian show business Ksenia Sobchak, who knows how to laugh at themselves and to use decorative cosmetics. In fifth place wild angel Natalia Oreiro and her corsets, Waist her waist. Fourth place went to a beauty Michelle Williams, who knows how to choose the right clothes for her type of figure. The third and second place was taken by Christina Aguilera and Mariah Carey, who was transferred to the fullness of sexuality by successfully set angles and sexy outfits.

So, who is in the first place?

She is in control of every movement, never relax and remember what perspective the most successful for her. Victoria Beckham - she was in one of his interviews, advised to find time to be twisted in the mirror to find the most appropriate pose for photos. Obviously, the queen of style found most suitable for her - back laid back, leg gracefully exhibited forward, it is in this position Posh Spice appears in almost all the photographs. Over the years, this movement has been its hallmark, it is difficult to Victoria in a different position. Thus, it is almost never smiling. The fact that Victoria shy of his teeth. See her smiling or even laughing can only rare photos of the paparazzi when she forgets that the camera followed everywhere. But this happens very rarely. For a self-Victoria Beckham gets the top spot in our ranking of stars who know how to hide their flaws and emphasize the advantages.

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