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Any woman in the world have created themselves. In childhood and adolescence called them "ugly ducklings", but decided to radically change the situation and themselves, they have done everything possible to get it right and become better. A good example of this - a dancer, fashion model and actress Heather Renee Sweet, now Dita Von Teese. His nickname, this amazing woman had chosen to honor film star 20s Dita Parley, which also inspired the creation of singer Madonna album «Erotica». As it turned out the choice fell on Parley is no coincidence, because she Von Teese inspired musicals and movies 20-30-40-ies. It is called the "Queen of Burlesque" and she does not hide the fact that the increased breast and reduce the waist due to the constant wearing of corsets. Her candid photos on the brink of porn and dancing in "martini glass" does not cause a negative reaction, on the contrary all admire former girlfriend of Marilyn Manson and largely try to emulate her style. Why? Yes, because she is one, and it is beautiful in all its manifestations. This year Dite 40 years old, but she is in no hurry to leave the scene.

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