Love triangles in Hollywood

Ethan Hawke Uma Thurman + + Ryan Shouhyuz

Ethan Hawke did not have to go far to change the wife Uma Thurman: actor struck up an affair with the nanny of his children Ryan Shouhyuz. She who grow up son and daughter Uma, while she was on the set, do not miss the moments and stay alone with her lover of the famous actress. Seven years of Uma and Ethan were together, but in 2005 the marriage fell apart on the already well-known reasons. Sam Hawke says that it is not in Ryan, who became his wife after a while, but in the incompatibility of the two characters emotional personalities - his and minds.

Tiger Woods Elin Nordegren + Rachel + Teacher

The highest paid athlete in the world by "Forbes" golfer Tiger Woods met his only wife Elin Nordegren back in 2001. The Swedish beauty blond athlete immediately captivated his heart, where before there was only love for the sport, quickened beating of ardent passion for the girl. But Ellen was not so pliable, and before their affair began, Tiger about five times trying to invite her on a first date, but always got the gate turn. Attempt №5 was a success and their relationship swirled with terrible force. Three years later, after they met they were married, soon they had a son and a daughter, well then, Woods recalled all those failures future wife and decided to annoy her. No matter how beautiful it may be, Tiger found several women are not worse, and his wife cheated on her with them. Of course, he regretted what he had done after the disclosure of his "sport secrets", but Elin filed for divorce. One of those women, greedy for money and fame was the Rachel teachers.

Wayne Rooney Coleen Rooney + + Jennifer Thompson

It is said that the strongest marriages between those who are familiar with early childhood and marriage footballer Wayne Rooney and Coleen Rooney is one of those. They met at age 12, started dating at 16, and in 2008 died down their magnificent wedding in Italy. Young were very in love with each other, but when Colin pregnant Wayne confessed their sins and begged for forgiveness for his son. It turned out that he repeatedly ordered the "moths", when he was away from Colin. To raise a son and not to remain a careless husband Colin forgiven and their history began with a clean face. Soon Wayne caught again and now seriously: it has turned out to be a constant lover Jennifer Thompson. But this is Colin and laid out of my head. Now they are together, but not the fact that things are not going on in the old way.

Balthazar Getty Rosetta Millington + + Sienna Miller

To understand the power of love to his wife Rosetta Millington Balthazar Getty had put to her and their four children tremendous pain. Being of sound mind and memory, with a living wife and loving children, he changed his wife with Sienna Miller And it was not a one-day communication, as much as 2 years relationship! All this time, Rosetta has not filed for divorce only because they believed in a miracle and hoped Getty think again. The Lord heard her prayer, and Sienna broke up with "zhenatikom" Balthasar, soon to renew its relationship with Jude Law, well apostate returned to the family. Later, a couple said that the situation has improved their relationship.

Dennis Quaid + + Meg Ryan Russell Crowe

In 2000, Meg Ryan is going through hard times in marriage to actor Dennis Quaid: their relationship to crumble and I understand that the cup is not glued together, Meg plunged into the arms of the hero Russell Crowe. A few months later, she was like a girl in love with a handsome Australian, but soon the scales fell and she realized that it is waiting for the reality of divorce from Dennis.

Guy Ritchie Madonna + + Alex Rodriguez

The final nail in the coffin of his marriage to Madonna and Guy Ritchie drove a couple with baseball player Alex Rodriguez. They met briefly, but it was he who asked for Madonna's fashion only love young and hot.

+ Marilyn Manson Dita Von Teese + Evan Rachel Wood

Marriage Marilyn Manson and Dita Von Teese fell apart not so much because of Evan Rachel Wood, but because of alcohol abuse which a musician. Dita, like any normal woman, tried to fight the habit of her husband, but he liked to drink, and then he found solace in the arms of 19-year-old Evan, that after the "Saw" Dita seemed to him an angel. Rachel Wood in his youth supported his newfound drinking young man, but then I realized that it is impossible to tolerate this and acted like Von Teese - Marilyn threw miserable with his favorite bottle.

Marc Anthony Dayanara Torres + + Jennifer Lopez

Marc Anthony has always been only the most beautiful woman. Before Jennifer Lopez he was married to former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres, with whom he had two sons, well, and then later married Jane beauty that gave him a son and a daughter. Meet Lopez and Anthony began before the end of the divorce proceedings, but said that while relations with Dayanara Mark never it did not change with either Lopez or anyone else yet. It was also, and his second wife Jennifer, but loyalty was not enough for the singer, and she filed for divorce.


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