Contest for speed eating pizza

Watch as Takeru Kobayashi Japanese eats 10 pizzas in 12 minutes - that still show. Watch as he attempts to circumvent Canadian Furious Pete - double sight. The prize - $ 1,500, pizza every day for a year and a parking space at the pizzeria.

1. Brendan Girvan with a team of 66 chefs prepare pizzas for the competition at the pizzeria «PIE» in Barrie, Ontario. (Steve Russell - Staff Photographer)

2. 66 pizzas «Queen Pie» prepare for the competition on speed eating pizzas. In the pizza «Queen Pie» includes tomato, basil and mozzarella cheese. (Steve Russell - Staff Photographer)

3. Chris Cross is preparing to put the pizza in the oven. Cross himself took part in the competition. (Steve Russell - Staff Photographer)

4. The oven temperature may reach 482 degrees Celsius. Pizza is cooked in 90 seconds. (Steve Russell - Staff Photographer)


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