Pizza oven their hands

For clarity, are given photo and video materials, which will help to carry out the most important points, which will depend on the functionality of structures.

Laying the Foundation and standPompeii pizza oven has a small size, but quite heavy weight, so special attention should be paid to the correctness of the process of laying the Foundation.

The size of the base of the stand is necessary to dig a ditch, deepened to 40 cm and thoroughly compacted. The bottom of the trench is preferably filled with gravel or rubble, on which is placed a plastic film.

From boards made formwork according to the size of the Foundation. Fit reinforcing mesh, on which a thick layer of poured concrete. The surface is carefully levelled, covered with a protective film and leave until fully cured within a few days.

Then built a stand under the pizza oven on the wood. For these purposes, reliable concrete blocks. The front panel is not spread to a place for storing firewood.

This is followed by the step of creating the table top. Made formwork, the bottom of which being coated with a moisture resistant plywood boards and plastic. The reinforcing component is installed and concrete is poured a solution.

The surface is leveled, covered with foil and left for about 14 days for curing.

The construction of the walls and dome

The construction of the oven pizza starts with putting some hearth of refractory bricks and special mortar using fireclay clay. Edge will be located where the entrance to the furnace is required to retreat is about 30 cm.



Then erected the walls of the combustion compartments required height, leaving the connector under the inlet. Better than the wall to make a thickness of a few bricks to give it more strength for the installation of the dome.



Before the construction of the spherical arch make a template support the required forms out of boards and plywood. The template is attached to the top row of the walls of the furnace. It is laid out on top of the brick dome. To create the desired shape in the stitches are inserted wooden pegs and carefully plastered with mortar.

When the mortar hardens completely, the pattern is carefully removed. Then laid out the rear wall surface of pizza oven made of bricks and performed the design of the entrance to the combustion chamber.


On the dome part to be installed, the chimney of stainless metal tube. At the end of the process, the entire structure lubricated with a thick layer of fireclay for a long hold temperature.

Important aspects of buildingthis article lists the basic stages of works and disclosed to all the questions about how to build a Pompeii pizza oven in your own hands. The main requirement to observe the consistency of the process and to maintain the required interval of time for complete curing of concrete and clay solutions.

If you do not meet these conditions, the result is unpleasant to disappoint. Installation of the furnace on the countertop, can only be done after a few weeks when all the elements of construction acquire high strength. Otherwise the worktop can simply crack and cause damage to the body of the product.

Armed with important information on how to make pizza oven, you can safely get to work and to apply their knowledge in practice.published

Video of the construction of the pizza oven with his own hands

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