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Extraordinary, shocking and controversial Marilyn Manson has long been not just a rock musician. Now he is also an artist (as I already talked about this), as well as a photographer. Photos taken by them, not as widely known as the pictures painted in watercolor, so I think that these dark and frightening images worth seeing. Rarity, rare good though because in these photos are former passion Manson - Dita Von Teese and Evan Rachel Wood. His vision of life is different from the vision of its predominant number of people, so haters Brian Warner, who took his nickname by adding the names of the earthly angel in the eyes of the people of Marilyn Monroe and convicted of several fierce murders of Charles Manson, much more than the fans, although the latter may also once I hated him, but to learn rock artist a little better change his mind. Let's read his sayings, look at the pictures he made, and can be re-form the opinion about him, and then we made one-sidedly to judge people. Nobody encourage Manson to love or hate, but to understand the main freak among the stars, or as it is called Marilyn "modern Antichrist" still possible ... painlessly and safely)

"I honestly say that violence is at the core of human nature. All evolution is based on this. The cells absorb each other, a lioness to feed offspring, killing an antelope. Man to issue smart book, chopping wood. So commandments of good and brotherhood - no more than demagoguery, divorced from the real life »
In the photo below Dita Von Teese:

"I'm afraid of the premises in which a lot of people. I do not like to be in the middle of a large crowd, but I feel quite comfortable speaking on the stage in front of several thousand people. In my opinion, this is the right way to overcome your fear. It may seem incredible, but I was terribly shy. Funny quality for exhibitionist, always being in the thick of the crowd. But I'm really terribly shy »

"The Bible - the most important literary work, but when people die of the words written on paper - a strange and dangerous!»
"In one of his essays, I wrote that Christ was famous in the first place because he was killed. Every religion has its own Jesus, who kill. All this is due to the fact that people need to believe in something, because they do not believe in themselves »

"If you find someone with whom you can be gentle, then you have every right to be in this dirty and primitive. Love fully justifies the fact of human existence. But not everyone is feeling available »
"Almost everyone I've met in my life, did not know what Satanism is not the ritual sacrifices, digging graves and devil worship. The devil does not exist. Satanism - is the worship of self, because only you are responsible for your own good and evil. The war with the devil of Christianity has always been a struggle with the natural human instincts - the need for sex, violence and complacency - and the denial of man's belonging to the world of animals. The idea of ​​paradise - it is simply a way to organize the Christian hell on earth »
In the photo below Evan Rachel Wood:

"I was so sick people who think that art should be beautiful and pleasing to the eye. Art can be beautiful, while at the same time frightening, grotesque or frightening. It does not make it less important. If people are scared or shocked, they should ask themselves why, and not to bring back censorship »
"If I did die, I want to know how to do it ... And I do not want to die alone. I want to get killed ... It's romantic ... cruel, dark, scary but romantic ... »
"If someone does not like my music, I do not care. Really do not care. If someone does not like the way I look, if someone does not like my comments, that means that I kind of got what he wanted. That is getting from people that wanted »

"Love your enemy, because love - your enemy»
& quot; «I hate love / I love hate» - I like this juxtaposition. Hate the same beneficial health and feeling like love, you just have to know how to use it. Ideas such as "Let us love everyone, including enemies" simply stupid: love should be concentrated on those things that are really important to you. Falling in love with everybody, you just squander the feeling. The same is true of hatred & quot;

"Music - it is the most powerful kind of magic»
"Money can be thrown to the wind until the wind is blowing in your direction»
"I am grateful for what I've got two middle fingers, although nice to have a couple more»

"When a person is trying to integrate into the world, she gradually realizes that you have to live with those who can betray, deceive. Disappointment in people cause anger and a desire to remake the world, to become a revolutionary. These were the Christ, Kennedy Lennon. But in reality, the revolution turned inside out, devalued and turns back in a single product within the very system against which it begins. Jesus Christ was the first pop star. The fact that his death marked the beginning of an entire industry for the production of crosses, icons and so on. D. For two millennia, it is - the top seller. "Rolling Stones" once opposed the bourgeoisie. Thirty years later - and by whom they become? So I do not protest or against someone or against something. I'm just eager to destroy the world with his music »

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