10 of the most colorful pairs in Hollywood

Outrageous singer, participant of the reality show, and daughter Kelly Osbourne Ozzy this week announced her engagement with her boyfriend - the chef Matthew Moskhartom. Couple shot for the cover of the magazine Hello, told about the details of the romantic happy event - Moskhart Kelly made an offer, standing on the balcony overlooking the ocean. Needless to say, a pair of colorful - the chef, who looks like a rock star and singer with violet hair, the greatest achievement of which is weight loss of 32 kg. Perhaps the next step will be the release of Kelly's book "How to Live with a cook and not get better».

While the lovers are preparing for a wedding, we'll see what else can please pairs colorful Hollywood.

Sean Penn and Madonna

Explosive mixture of the two most temperamental personalities in Hollywood. Scandals, fights and alcohol did not give any chance to the pair on stable long-term relationship, despite the fact that in 1985 the actor and singer combined bonds of marriage. Divorce followed in 4 years, and still remains a mystery how they managed to still do not kill each other. Their joint photo batteries can be recharged - even many years later, Madonna says that Sean was the best man in her life. Penn does not remain in debt and recognizes that in order to portray the Passion during the recent filming of Harvey Milk, he thought about Madonna.

Dita Von Teese and Marilyn Manson

Shocking rocker with a frightening face and luxurious burlesque diva been together for 6 years, of which a little more than a year were married. This pair is painful spasms of nostalgic regret about their break - probably one of the stars did not look so strange, unusual and at the same time harmonious. That's what said Dita about their relationship: "We were from the same cloth. We both have completely changed their identity, dyed his hair black, make-up and invented his own style - that's why we are so successful. We match each other on a very deep level ».

Vincent Cassel and Monica Bellucci

The sexiest couple in modern cinema. Monica - incredibly beautiful Italian with a face and figure of the goddess statue, Vincent - a daring Frenchman undressing eyes and knocks down the negative charge of charm. Individually, they are certainly beautiful, but together - just cosmically beautiful! Their marriage demonstrates the wonders of stability, in spite of the increased attention to Monica from all the men of the planet, and improved Kobe ... umm, well ... communicate Kassel.

Forces and Heidi

Beautiful fairy tale with an ugly ending. Angelic blonde - one of the most popular top models and talented black singer with a dramatic scars on his face met in 2004. They could be called Beauty and the Beast, but the strength of a noble deed, married a pregnant by Flavio Briatore model somehow does not fit with the monsters. The singer has a daughter, Heidi, as his own, and in gratitude Klum bore him three more children. Couple every year updated the wedding vows, celebrating an original and in a big way ... And in 2012, Heidi and Seal divorce. Not even with the scandal (it would have been at least effectively), and with a dull exchange caustic remarks in the press and humiliating for the strength of the novel Heidi with a bodyguard.

Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy

(right - 11-year-old daughter Sarkozy)

Relationship petite 26-year-old actress and 45-year-old brother of the president of France shocked the public in April 2012. Even if you do not take into account the 19-year difference in age and more marked difference in growth (growth of 152 cm Olsen and Olivier - almost 2 meters!), Anorexic icon boho style with elements of grunge and conservative businessman just do not look together. That does not prevent them from acquiring property for cohabitation and is rumored to be preparing for the wedding.

Wladimir Klitschko and Hayden Paneterri

Ukrainian boxer and Hollywood starlet began to appear together in 2009. The couple did not have any chance to go unnoticed - Hayden baby with her 157 cm tall looked like a child's toy on the background of almost two-meter giant Vladimir. Lovers parted in 2012 due to different schedules, but came together again last winter. The younger Klitschko is rumored actress made an offer.

Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter

One of the most successful family of creative tandems in Hollywood. Actress and director ideally complement each other, creating a strange fancy on-screen images that are the hallmark of films Burton. Helena and Tim shocking the audience not only in the movies, but in real life. On the red carpet and paparazzi photo appears in a couple of constant city-style crazy.

Paulina Porizkova and Rick Okeysek

The legendary top model 80-90 Paulina Porizkova, Star magazine Sports Illustrated and Playboy, was married to Rick Okeysekom, leader of the group «The Cars» in 1989. It was hard to imagine a more unsuitable couple - aristocratic beauty and the man who could play without makeup Koshchey Immortal. However, nearly 25 years, they are still together. As the next pair:

Bowie and Iman

This Union for so many years that it embarrassing to say out loud. And every year they only get better. Their relationship has become a legend. This karmic union did not even people, but two extraterrestrial beings - forever young and beautiful, strange and talented. Alien appearance, voice and style of David Bowie perfectly complemented superhuman grace, Iman face and figure, which seems to have found a miracle cream Bulgakov's Margarita.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Sam Taylor-Wood

Quite a fresh pair of which have not yet ridden on various ratings. However, the first reaction that occurs when you look at them - WTF? Budding 23-year-old actor and handsome 46-year-old artist, producer and director met in 2009 while working on a joint film "Nowhere Boy." A few months later the couple announced their engagement. Aaron was only 19 years old, and Sam did not look like a fatal seductress, and therefore their marriage nobody believed even after Johnson took the name of Taylor. But they are still together, raising 2 daughters shared so frankly talk about their love, that we ever believed them. By the way, Sam directed the film adaptation of the acclaimed novel "50 shades of gray," and we know that she likes to shoot her husband in the lead role. So, perhaps, Aaron (Kick-Ass) Johnson waiting for a sharp turn in his career.


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