SEAL - Naval Special Forces of the US (US Navy) (27 photos + video)

SEAL - Naval Special Forces of the US (US Navy), designed for reconnaissance and sabotage operations from the sea. Literally translated, "seal" (also "seal") is an acronym for Sea - Air - Land (Sea - Air - Land).
"Seals" trace their history from the Civil War in 1861, when northerners frogmen used to find and defuse mines. The current housing "seal" was formed in 1962, their "godfather" is also considered to President Kennedy. "Seals" took an active part in the war in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.

SEAL squad usually consists of its own headquarters, ten combat platoons and one platoon of service. Each cocked has 16 people in two offices. Branch are divided into groups of four, which if necessary can disperse into pairs. Platoon service consists of 20 people. SEAL squad has 200-210 people, with the exception of the 6th division composed of five platoons, divided into four groups of eight fighters. The total number of SEAL with additional units is, according to various estimates, from 2000 to 2900.

Become a candidate for SEAL anyone can volunteer with the rank of lieutenant in the sailor to the age of 28 years of experience serving in the Navy at least 28 months. Special attention in the selection of candidates is drawn to the track record, recommendations commanders, as well as the results of interviews with the commission of psychologists and trainers. Placement test on physical preparation is easy enough: swim 400 meters in 690 seconds, for the same time run a mile and a half, eight times to catch up on the bar and push-ups from the floor at least 42 times for 120 seconds. However, the ease of testing on physical preparation redeemed easily exercise in training.

The training program, which recruits are in Coronado, consists of three main stages. The first phase, called «Basic Conditioning» (basic re-examination), lasts nine weeks. The first five weeks of continued testing of physical and volitional qualities of recruits. Simply put, they are taken "attrition". The school day lasts at least 15 hours, during which through a variety of tests check the physical condition and endurance beginners. Every day tasks become more complicated - as they say in SEAL, «the only easy day was yesterday." In addition to the physical condition, experience and desire to serve in the rookie SEAL, constantly provoking him to manifest dissatisfaction with the methods of preparation or commanders. For example, it is often given to false or unreasonable orders which nonetheless fighter must perform. Training and tests are interrupted only to read recruits short lecture or give them to eat.

Special attention is given sixth week of training, called "hellish". According to tradition, it occurs at night, with explosions of warheads right in the barracks, lasts about five days, during which recruits are unlikely to sleep more than 4-6 hours, and ends with a challenging workout for Landing at night under difficult weather conditions and under dense fire "enemy". During the "hellish" week at the candidates have a powerful psychological pressure they are subjected to constant physical exercise with short breaks. It is not surprising that most of the applicants dropping out within the first six weeks ...

The last three weeks of the first phase, in addition to continuing physical training used to teach the basics of candidates hydrographic survey method for measuring depth and mapping. The second phase of training called «Diving» (diving, diving), lasts for seven weeks. Candidates learn to use diving equipment and perform with the help of various tasks. This stage is characterized by a rapidly growing demands for soldiers. If, during the first week held mostly short descents into the water with the help of simple equipment, then the cycle of swims several kilometers under difficult weather conditions (storm, cold water, and so on. D.).

The third stage of training - «Land Warfare» (methods of conducting a ground war) - lasts nine weeks. Soldiers learn to conduct reconnaissance, sabotage and military operations, studying the weapons and accessories, work out in the Group. After the third stage should be "test" in the form of tests on physical and tactical training. After that, all successfully passed the exam recruits sent to three weeks at Fort Benning, where they undergo parachute training.

Enhance the skills of fighters sent to group SEAL, where they undergo a six-month internship. And only at the end of the internship, more than a year after submission of the application, the candidate signs the contract and is part of one of the groups SEAL. However, three years he owes every six months to pass a special commission checks, and in his division SEAL will not tolerate serious operations, using only a secondary role. It was only after the signing of the second contract rookie becomes a full-fledged fighter SEAL.

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