Special Forces of Russia and the United States - making a difference

Special Forces are now in virtually all countries, even the little ones. For example, in the microscopic island nation of Nauru in the Pacific Ocean in the special forces is already ... three people. But, of course, all over the world recognized that the most highly professional, efficient and numerous special forces - in Russia and the United States.

The motto of the US Special Forces - De Oppresso Liber («free from oppression"), which reflects one of the basic tasks of special forces US foreign military training. That is, even on the basis of the motto, it is easy to conclude that US Special Forces is, in fact, in the first place to foment wars "oppressed" outside of their own country ... But in the number of problems solved by the Russian special forces units - direct the conduct of hostilities, special reconnaissance, counter-terrorism, search and rescue operations, participation in peacekeeping and humanitarian operations, mine clearance. That is our commandos even by definition, do not participate in the "export of war».

History of American and Russian special forces began almost simultaneously. In 1952, with the formation of a special group of employees created during World War II Office of Strategic Services (OSS), and appeared in the 1947 CIA. October 24, 1950 was signed by the Minister of War the Soviet Union directive №ORG / 2/395/832 with the "classified". It marked the beginning of the creation of special purpose units (deep exploration or prospecting for special purposes) for action in the deep behind enemy lines.

Unofficial hallmark of the US Army Special Forces beret became dark green. In our own special forces beret color depends on the type of forces to which they are assigned. After Russian special forces units exist in almost all power structures of the Russian Federation - the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Defense, the FSB, SVR, GRU, Federal Drug Control Service (order "Thunder") and even the Ministry of Emergency Situations (Center for Special Operations Special Risk "Leader»).


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