Famous couples (past and present)

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt (age difference of 12 years)

About the difference between Angie and Brad says few people, because they have a family reigns idyll and six happy children that figure. Meanwhile, Jolie has always been partial to older men (remember even Billy Bob).

Katy Perry and Russell Brand (the difference in the age of 9)

This pair of converged primarily on the same relation to the sense of humor than love. They were great friends, and later developed into friendships falling in love, but, as the facts show, true love in this pair never had. Everyone saw that Katy and Russell are not suited to each other, and their parting was only a matter of time. They held out for 14 months, after which the Brand filed for divorce. He referred to the fact that Katie is too young and carefree, and he needs a woman, ready for family life. Although he was a gentleman and said, "I will always love her as a wonderful person, and we definitely will stay good friends».

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry (the difference in the age of 9)

With a crash broke this beautiful couple. She is older than nine years, he said that only use it for the birth of a beautiful, healthy baby (Aubry model of health problems and he does not have), but it is unflattering spoke about her race, called "black monkey." Shockingly, that with that from the other side, and in fact on the people behaved like an infinitely sweethearts.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon (age difference of 10 years)

The singer and rapper for four years together, raising twins and it looks like in private life have peace and quiet.

Madonna and Guy Ritchie (age difference of 10 years)

The couple no longer exists, although once Madonna and Guy have been one of the most solid and, dare I say it, a beautiful par (despite the fact that Madonna Ritchie older). It's no secret that opposites attract and this pair was the harmony that is lacking right now in a relationship with Madonna Brahim Zaibatom (Guy this is no problem, because today he dominates relations). Guy was a calm, balanced, and a grown man, and Mudge explosive, rebellious and strong woman, making them the two halves, found each other. But there were, and lost: 8 years later the couple divorced. They have a common son, Rocco.

Eva Longoria and Eduardo Cruz (age difference of 11 years)

I understand they are still there, but live on a volcano (that miss, again vossoediniyutsya). Relationship stormy, but for how long?

Heidi Klum and Seal (age difference of 11 years)

The model is always met with men older than themselves, but none the relationship did not end happy ending. With singer Shiloh, from whom she had three children (the fourth from the former-ex-husband), she broke up after seven years of legal marriage. It seemed that their relationship is not threatened, because they always swore eternal love for each other, but nothing lasts forever, and it's sad ...

Beyonce and Jay-Z (the age difference of 12 years)

This r & b couple together for a long time, but now their relationship reached a new level - Beyonce gave birth to daughter Blue Ivy, and now they have a complete family. I think that their love will last a long time, many years ...

Lara Stone and David Uolliams (age difference of 12 years)

Stone began dating comedian David in 2009, after having recovered from alcohol addiction. This and many more helped the pair to keep the relationship and even get married. Now they are thinking replenishment of the family.

Deborah Lee Furness and Hugh Jackman (age difference of 13 years)

They are already 15 years (!) Together, so the age difference for these two - just empty numbers. Hugh and Deborah's two adopted children, and exemplary relations among themselves, but some still believe Hugh representative homosexual.

Camilla Alves and Matthew Makkonehi (age difference of 14 years)

Recently, Matthew and his young girlfriend tied the knot recently became aware of the third pregnancy Camilla. Great help for future family life.

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher (age difference of 15 years)

Mature woman and a young man - the concept is not always compatible. Ashton and Demi has changed as a result of divorce.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise (age difference of 16 years)

Teenager Katie pasted posters of Tom on the wall, and when she was 28, she married the actor and even this birth to a daughter, but the marriage broke up this year.

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart (age difference of 18 years)

Kasper says he does not pay attention to the age of Jennifer, because her soul is infinite and boundless heart.

Here are a few more pairs with a solid difference in age:

Zoe Buckman and David Schwimmer (the difference in the age of 19, he is older)

Charlene Wittstock and Prince Albert of Monaco (the difference in the age of 20, he is older)

Alice Kim Nicolas Cage (the difference in the age of 20, he is older)

Hamming Emma and Bruce Willis (the age difference is 23 years old, he is older)

Sam Taylor-Wood and Aaron Johnson (the difference in the age of 24 years younger than he)

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas (the difference in the age of 25, he is older)

Song-and Previn and Woody Allen (age difference 34 years old, everything is obvious)

Crystal Harris and Hugh Hefner (age difference of 60 years, separated)


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