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Steven Spielberg's next film will be "American Sniper" - adaptation of the autobiography "Fur Seal" Chris Kyle, the champion in the number of defeats the purpose of snipers among Americans. This writes The Hollywood Reporter.

Above the "American Sniper" will work together studio Warner Bros. and DreamWorks. Filming should begin in the first quarter of 2014.

Book Kyle stayed 18 weeks in the list of best-sellers The New York Times, 13 of them - in the first place. Critics praised for his honesty sniper. Kyle, who killed 160 people in the war, he died in early February of 2013.

So I wonder what is this American legend.

Scott Christopher "Chris" Kyle (April 8, 1974, Odessa - February 2, 2013, Glen Rose) - A US soldier of special operations forces of the US Navy. She considered the most effective scorer in the history of the US Army, while serving in Iraq killed 255 people, of whom 160 were officially confirmed by the US Department of Defense.

Texan Chris Kyle so successfully sowed death in Iraq, that the opponents nicknamed him "Shaitan of Ramadi" - on behalf of the city of a hundred kilometers west of Baghdad, where he served in one of his trips. On account of the US Navy snipers killed one hundred and sixty enemies, and it is only officially certified data unofficial killed by his passes for two hundred. The rebels promised her head "Shaitan" tens of thousands of dollars, he was repeatedly wounded, and yet it successfully completed the service and returned to civilian life. Echoes of the war caught up with him unexpectedly on Saturday Kyle shot former comrade-in-arms.

In the early years of the life of Christopher Kyle Scott (Christopher Scott Kyle) evolved very in Texas. In 1974, he was born in the family of a minister of the church and Sunday school teacher. As early as eight years received from his father the first lessons in shooting. After school, he enrolled at the State University, but dropped out for work at a rodeo rider. Then he seriously injured his hand, worked as an assistant at the ranch, he decided to enlist in the military. When Chris tried to enlist in the Navy special forces - Navy SEAL, also known as "seals" - he at first refused because of the spokes in the affected arm. Later still he invited to study in the commando school and in 1999 took the service.

In 2003, Kyle participated in the invasion of Iraq, and in the course of the campaign, he never missed a significant battle. His task was to observe the movements of the cover and neutralize fellow Iraqis to ambush the invaders. The first enemy fallen under the scope Texan, was a local woman who lay in wait for a group of Marines holding the baby in one hand and in the other - a grenade. Chris hesitated a moment, but then he pulled the trigger. "My shots saved several Americans - he explains later in his autobiography - and their lives, without doubt, were more expensive than the soul of the woman spoiled».

A massive and tall, a meter ninety, American gained notoriety among the rebels and commanders noted its many awards. For courage and bravery in the combat zone, he received two silver and four bronze stars. By eliminating one hundred sixty enemies, he broke the sniper record set by a Marine Hetkokom Carlos (Carlos Hathcock), which was shot on the Vietnam War 93 people. However, Kyle modestly admitted that the rivalry with the predecessor was uneven: at Hetkoka was not a ballistic computer. His personal best Texan called a lucky shot for 2, 1 thousand yards, that is almost two kilometers long: the target at that time was a rebel with a portable missile system.

In 2009 Kyle in the rank of Chief Petty Officer Navy honorably retired to the reserve and settled with his wife and two children in Midlothian town near Dallas. "The husband and the father of me was better than a murderer - he told me in an interview. - I feel quite comfortable when you do not have to kill anyone. " However, the part with the weapons of the former sharpshooter in no hurry. He enthusiastically engaged in deer hunting, and in the fierce US debate on the Control of Firearms firmly took the side of the fighters for the Second Amendment - that is, the right of citizens to keep and bear arms.

You can not call a peaceful and business, which Kyle engaged "in the civilian world." Together with fellow veterans of the company he founded Craft International, used the eloquent motto: "Whatever your mother said, violence can solve problems." Profile Craft - special training of personnel for law enforcement agencies and private companies. Compatriots Kyle is skeptical. "For the most part, people are very mild, you live in an illusory world - argued" Shaitan ". - You have no idea what is happening in other parts of the world, how cruel these people actually cost to themselves, and then with our children ».

In January 2012, the publishing house Harper Collins published the book Kyle entitled without false modesty: "American sniper. Autobiography of the most lethal sniper in US military history. " At the first meeting with readers has gathered more than a thousand people, and for the year managed to sell about 850 thousand printed and electronic copies of the book.
"I wanted to tell the story of his own life in SEAL, - explains the author. - This is a book about the hardships that must be overcome by anyone who seeks to gain the respect and honor ».

Best-selling books brought Kyle celebrity status, he began appearing on television - including popular comedy shows Conan O'Brien and reality show Stars Earn Stripes, where experts teach the basics of the stars of military special training. Not without scandal: Advertising autobiography, Kyle colorfully described how he beat up for the disrespectful words about veterans Jesse Ventura - extravagant politician, who himself served in the Navy SEALs during the Vietnam War, then became famous as a wrestler, spent one term as governor of Minnesota and is now actively criticizing the US political system. Ventura back Kyle accused of slander and even gave him to court, but to make out a claim and do not have time.

The desire to protect "our children" and the support of other veterans - the leitmotif of the entire post-war life of Kyle. To assist former military, who were unable to adequately settle in a peaceful America, and suffer from physical and psychological wounds, "the most lethal sniper" in 2011, he founded with fellow fund called FITCO Cares. This organization provides veterans counseling and exercise equipment for home physical exercise. Interestingly, the support of the arrow accessed as members of modern campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the older, Vietnamese, generation. And it is in this noble field caught Kyle's death.

Eddie Ray Ruth

Chris Kyle, the best sniper of the US Army nastrelyal 5 years 200 enemy. That's a lot or a little?

Is there anything in our history like a legend?

Mikhail Ilyich Surkov (1921-1953) - a veteran of World War II, the sniper of the 1st Battalion of the 39th Infantry Regiment of the 4th Infantry Division of the 12th Army, Sergeant. Best Soviet Sniper Great Patriotic War, the number of destroyed enemies according to Soviet sources is ... 702!

Below - the text of the Soviet collection of "Roads of fathers" (issue number 5) (picture there too):

"Sharp eyes photojournalist find a wide variety of tactical situations of life. Those weapons which were mainly "watering", pencils to notebooks, sat in tanks and aircraft, went along with the soldiers in the attack, was kneaded with them the dirt on the front line the roads, joked on halts, and the main thing - shooting, shooting, shooting ...

To capture on film the brave soldiers, to show that their courage, endurance, stamina, skill depends on the success of the fight, it was one of the main objectives of war correspondent.

For example, three images about military affairs of the Southern Front of the famous sniper Mikhail Surkov. He was a Siberian from Krasnoyarsk hereditary hunters. When the bill passed the Nazis murdered them for 700, to the next "hunt" against enemy snipers went with him two cameramen.

"The thing is difficult: the sniper is found only in the shot, other times it is virtually impossible to detect. Hence, it was necessary to call on the opponent's shot. Michael cut the pumpkin in the garden, put on her helmet and stuck out above the parapet false trench, and 400 meters from the Germans. On the part of the enemy, this pumpkin with a helmet to "read" the soldier's head. Then Surkov crawled to another trench, 40 meters away from the false, made a shot and watched. Very soon began to beat on a pumpkin - at first they were rifle shots, then hit a mortar. During the shooting, and Michael found the enemy sniper. That day he killed his 702 th enemy & quot ;. [From the memoirs cameraman Soyuzkinotehniki A. Levitan. Published in "Literary Gazette," dated February 24, 1971 in the article "Movie Camera in the attack." ]

The first picture we see our sniper in his cap, look out through the telescopic sight of his rifle enemy, and the operator in a helmet, prinikshego toward the camera so as not to miss a moment of a successful shot. In the second frame shooting was captured Mikhail Surkov, and the third - falling from his best shot fascist sniper.

Here are photos showing the many facets of a Soviet soldier, makes us deeply prochustvovat that war - a heavy daily work from which the add and multiply the victory over the enemy & quot ;.

It is strange that a man has destroyed so many enemies was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union ...

It should be noted this fact: many premium sheets to the sniper - instructor of the 39th Infantry Regiment of the 4th Infantry Division Mikhail Surkov, usually a "notch" in general, or reward underestimated. For example:

 - To present to the medal "For Courage", but rewarding somehow "hacked»;

 - Presented to the Order of the Red Star:

... I received the medal "For Courage»;
 - Presented to the Order of Lenin, but rewarding somehow "hacked»;
 - Presented to the HSU:

only received the Order of Lenin, but without the "Gold Star»;

 - Presented to the Order of the Red Banner - for the fight on Nov. 30, 1942, in which his sniper platoon of infantry units stormed the enemy positions, he Surkov accurate fire personally destroyed 7 fascists rushed into the enemy bunker and destroyed the machine gun calculation enemy 3 soldiers killed All dagger ...

 - ... I received the Order of the Red Star.

Were we still snipers like Surkov?
Yes they were! I will enumerate only those whose list of vanquished enemies exceeds the American legend:

Vasilij kvachantiradze - 534

Ivan Sidorenko - ~ 500, 1 tank, 3 tractor





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