American descendants of emigrants from Russia

Pamela Anderson, Canadian-American actress. Anderson has Russian ancestry on the part of her mother and grandfather.

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2. Michael Bloomberg, mayor of New York, founder of Bloomberg business empire. His maternal grandfather was an immigrant from Russia

3. David Copperfield, illusionist and magician, his grandfather was a Jewish immigrant from Russia.

4. Leonardo DiCaprio, the actor, his grandparents were immigrants from Russia.

5. father Kirk and son Michael Douglas, actors, Kirk was born in Russia to Jewish parents.

6. Robert John Downey Jr., actor. His paternal grandfather came from Russia.

7. Harrison Ford, actor. His mother was Russian.

8. Edward Furlong, actor. His father is of Russian origin.

9. Jon Bon Jovi, musician, mother is part of Russian origin

10. Milla Jovovich, actress and model, daughter of Russian actress.

11. Lenny Kravitz is an American singer. The father was a native of Russian-Ukrainian family

12. Sean Penn, the actor, his grandfather was a Jewish immigrant from Russia

13. Natalie Portman, actress, her mother partial Jewish-Russian origin

14. Wentworth Miller, the actor, the son of the woman partially Russian origin

15. Nicole Scherzinger, an American singer, her mother is also part of the Russian roots

16. Liv Tyler, actress partially Russian origin

17. Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google

And also:

John A. Gotti, the former Mafia boss of the Gambino family of La Cosa Nostra. Mother of Russian origin

Jim Talent, former US Senator, grandfather was a Jewish immigrant from Russia. is a distinguished fellow at Heritage Foundation

Loren Leman, a former vice-governor of Alaska, one of his ancestors was a Russian settlers.

Sidney Sheldon, American author of bestsellers, Russian roots by his grandfather.





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