50 facts about Russia through the eyes of foreigners

1. The Russian experience distrust everything cheap.

2. The word bargain can not be adequately translated into the Russian language, for the concept of quality of goods (or services) are sold cheaply, alien to the Russian man in the street.

3. Free services - is quite another matter. The fact of obtaining luxury goods for free does not diminish its exclusivity.

4. In the Russian, who managed to climb the top step of the social and political hierarchy, consider it necessary to nuzzle anyone who has not reached this exalted status.

5. They are not enough to ride a luxury car: it is necessary also probresti flasher and constantly honk honk to give way to you - in other words, to your exclusivity escaped anyone's attention.

6. Russia needs to call up the lazy waitresses insistently demanding: "Girl!»

7. You can not survive in the Moscow metro without skill repulsion elbows lStrana Russiayudey.

8. Unlike America, in Russia you can buy beer and to drink it on a bench in a public place. And you will not be arrested.

9. A characteristic feature of the Russian Kitchen gatherings are late and talk "for life».

10. Russian tend to avoid talking about the work, whereas for the Americans is the main theme.

11. The Japanese consider the Russian dacha as a huge luxury that at home, they can only dream of.

12. In Russia, during the reception of any guests immediately separated by gender.

13. In Russia, you probably shocking huge number of police officers patrolling the streets.

14. Russian nothing ever thrown. Never. Nothing.

15. However, if discreetly throw trash half - Russian did not notice.

16. An unknown Russian will likely appeal to you in the proletarian familiarly, "man" or "woman».

17. "I'm sorry to speak to you" when applying to the Russian saying only beggars in transport.

18. Be prepared for the fact that in some important request of Russian friend would never say "please" and "thank you in advance».

19. In Russia, any question or problem can be solved, "to pull" arrangement.

20. The Russian proverb "the audacity - the second happiness" can not be adequately translated into another language. I just do not understand.

21. Russian drink a lot of vodka. And it's not a myth.

22. In fact, in Russia you can not be afraid for his life, walking in the streets. Seriously.

23. The unbearable cold in Russia - it is a myth. Although one-third of Russia and is located above the Arctic Circle, all the major cities are located in a temperate climate.

24. Russian men are convinced that feminism has led to the collapse of America and Europe, and that the historical mission of Russia - to resist him

25. Russian sincerely convinced that the Americans think that in Russia bears walk the streets. However, this myth about a bear - a purely Russian invention. In Moscow, you can even buy a T-shirt that says in English: "I was in Russia. There's no bears. " Having bought a T-shirt, Russian believes that the statement made is very patriotic. But a foreigner it is simply not clear.

26. The Russian do not understand, when someone from the West come to Russia for permanent residence. They believe that it is necessary on the contrary, to leave here.

27. When you go to the dentist in Russia, you immediately ask, "Where does it hurt?" After hearing that nothing hurts, you just show up for a routine inspection of the teeth that you do every six months, doctors are very surprised.

28. Brushing, flossing and professional cleaning - Russian relate to these rituals without fanaticism.

29. They also allow themselves the weaknesses that the American cult of dentistry refers to mortal sin - for example, drink tea with centimeter layer of sugar on the bottom of the cup.

30. The majority of Russian, from young children to senior citizens, abusing emoticons. And very few people can do at all without them.

32. The number of brackets from which built smiley, also deserves attention. If a friend says, "I now celebrate the birthday, connected :-)", and the second says, "Today I celebrate the birthday, connected :-)))))", the conclusion is that the second festival will be five times better than the first.

33. The Moscow Metro - the best in the world. Best of New York and London. 1 train every 5 minutes in rush hour! Tickets less than a dollar, and there is no division into zones!

34. At the same time, there is a whole class of Muscovites who never out of principle will not go on the subway, even if late for an important business meeting. They will languish in long hours of traffic jam in a luxury car.

35. In fact, to come to live in Russia, it is necessary or very fond of the country or to be a complete failure, which can not be implemented at home and wants to enjoy the honor that foreigners from "capitalist countries" are still used in Russia.

36. As soon as someone from the Russian appears slightest reason to note something - whether it's a birthday or a promotion, they immediately bring refreshments for all colleagues (candies, chocolates, cakes, and sometimes even a bottle of wine). Americans, this tradition seems strange - usually the culprit celebration awaiting gifts from colleagues. And in Russia, all the way around. Here we must be generous, to demonstrate the breadth of the Russian soul.

37. "Stove" - ​​one of those words whose meaning can be understood only if you live in Russia, and in the village and in the winter. Once on the street - minus 30, and the stove - the only thing that interferes with the thermometer in your home down to the same temperature. In classical Russian oven can cook, and even sleep.

38. In Russia, very suspicious of people who speak other languages ​​in a confined space.

39. Alcohol intoxication and theme are an important part of Russian culture and literature.

40. Not a drinker Russian - coming out of the ordinary fact. Most likely such a person with alcohol related some tragedy or stress.

41. Do not be surprised if in the New Year celebrations in Russia, you are invited to the 11:30 pm to 6 am you will consume cognac, champagne Dressed Herring, salad Olivier and Julienne, then you will be positioned to sleep and continue the holiday apartment More three days.

42. The Russian is not used at home blinds and curtains are rarely dense enough to shield direct sunlight.

43. In Russia, there is no culture of sobriety, the only non-alcoholic establishments are foreign fast-food outlets such as McDonalds and KFC.

44. Russian love to hang carpets on the wall.

45. Razuchaytes constant smile while you are in Russia, especially strangers. "A fake, insincere" American smile infuriates Russian.

46. ​​Borsch, cabbage rolls and pierogi - not really native Russian dishes and Ukrainian.

47. In Russia, there is no tradition of sending the aged parents to nursing homes, and thrust out the children after the age of majority. All live in the same apartment.

48. Despite the congestion and squalor of roads, Russian buy their huge gas-guzzlers.

49. Russia - the only country other than Japan, where eating sushi. Sushi become almost part of the national cuisine.

50. Russian very accommodating and willing to invite to your home. You most likely will give to drink black tea and fed fatty foods (such as jam or sausage).


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