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Exceptional combat capability of the Russian army has always been a mystery to us. This combat capability would be logical if Russian soldiers were fed clothed, shod and armed better than the soldiers of the Western Army, but he was always hungry, always dressed in an uncomfortable long-skirted cloak, which in the winter cold and summer is hot, shod in summer sandals and winter to get wet from the winter rain boots which, if not impossible to move the foot. Armed Russian soldiers also easy to primitive weapons, aim of which is possible only with the help of medieval tools - completely and flies. Moreover, the Russian soldier is not even taught to shoot to, first, do not waste bullets during his training, and secondly, that he accidentally or deliberately shoot colleagues.

The soldier held in a prison room with bunk beds, and live in one room of a hundred people.

Throughout the life of soldiers held in a prison environment. Russian sleep on the double-decker bunks in one room is a hundred people. In this prison you do not even have normal toilets - toilets instead there's just done in a sweat hole. They are arranged in a row and not separated from each other cabins. Defecate Russian soldiers are allowed only twice a day: at the command officer hundred people squat on these holes and make and №1, №2 and in front of everyone (№1 - the Americans is in the small and №2 - at-large).

The toilet for the Russian soldiers there, not only toilets but even stalls. Both men and women defecate in a hole in the floor, toilet paper and instead use old newspapers.

And yet, of all wars it has been 300 years in a row Russian soldiers came out the winner. First, in the early 18th century under the leadership of Russian Tsar Peter the Terrible (Peter the Terrible) defeated the Swedes and the Ukrainians in the Northern War of Poltava, which lasted for 20 years. Sweden then became a second-rate power, and Ukraine came under the rule of the Russian tsar. In the early 19th century Russian defeated Napoleon himself, who was trying to bring civilization in Russia and Russian release from slavery.

Then Russian Napoleon did not believe - their Orthodox priests declared Napoleon Antichrist, Russian and believed that fighting for the triumph of their form of religion in the world. Ironically, the Russian managed to win. They went to Paris, and only when Britain threatened a new Russian tsar (old Peter died by then) naval blockade, left Europe, leaving, however, for a Poland for the whole century.

In the early 19th century Russian troops armed with spears and arrows to defeat a powerful moment in the world of Napoleon's army. (In fact, the picture in the form of re-enactors of the 1st Regiment of the Bashkir - Ed.)

The last Russian Tsar Nicholas the Bloody (Nicholas the Bloody) made a fatal mistake - he decided to ease the conditions of detention of Russian soldiers. The troops were given rifled rifles and even machine guns, but the soldiers sent these weapons against the officers, and there was a revolution in which the Communist victory, promising to dissolve the soldiers home.

But the Communists are already in the next year created the Red Army, which restored the brutal discipline. When the king's men were beaten for the slightest fault ramrod the Red Army shot just before the formation of a warning to others.
And the miracle happened - the Red Army defeated the old army, consisting entirely of officers and sergeants.
In the mid-20th century Russian once again faced with the world's most powerful army - the army of Hitler. Initially, Hitler triumphed for victory - but the defeat of Russian were sham - Russian fielded against German troops, consisting of Asian backgammon, reserving ethnic Russian, called White Guard, for a decisive blow and then lured the Germans near Moscow, waiting winter, surrounded by their best forces near the Moscow Region town of Stalingrad-on-Volga (Stalingrad-upon-Volga).

When the Germans ran out of fuel, they heat their bunkers, the Germans were forced to surrender. German prisoners were placed in the same barracks, where before the war kept the Russian troops, and began to feed the same food, the food and the Red Army, but the Germans began to die one after another, until the end of the war, few people lived.
After the defeat at Stalingrad in the German army there were only old men and teenagers, and Russian soon able to take Berlin and to establish its rule throughout Eastern Europe. Only the occupation of Western Europe, the Anglo-American troops rescued her then from Russian enslavement. Go to war with us Russian did not dare, because we already had the atomic bomb, and in Russian it has not yet been.

But immediately after the war, Stalin turned to the Jews: "I have saved you from Hitler and you must get me out of gratitude drawings of the atomic bomb." The Jews put forward a condition: to create a Jewish state in Crimea. Stalin agreed to mind, but when the Jews stole from us and brought Stalin drawings, he gave them instead of the Crimean Autonomous District is not in the Crimea, and in the ... Siberia. At this time, we made a wise move - forced the British to leave Palestine and create a Jewish state in the historic homeland of the Jews. But Stalin did not let the Jews in the newly formed Israel. Then the Jewish doctors have ceased to treat it and began to give him the drugs from which it was getting worse. Realizing this, Stalin imprisoned all these doctors, but doctors have appeared new half-Jews. With Jewish women-mothers, they hid their nationality under the Russian names of fathers and continued exchange rate could undermine the treatment, from which Stalin eventually died.

In the 1950 - 1970 Russian troops, instead of combat training plowed field with tanks, and fed them for that Russian farmers.

After Stalin's death emboldened the military, and their leader, Field Marshal Zhukov even wanted to organize a coup. But Nikita Khrushchev outsmarted all - by secret intrigues came to power, it was he. Fearing the military, he greatly weakened the Red Army. All weapons are locked under the castle, which was supposed to open only in case of war, and the soldiers together scholars began to build barns and plant potatoes on the farm. Since then, the Russian army was seen not only as a military, but as a work force.

We trained hard but the elite units that suppressed anti-Russian uprising in Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Poland.

Open the lock had only in 1979, when the Russian decided to take control of Afghanistan.
In those days, almost all belonged to the Russian Central Asia, and in the region before the establishment of Russian domination was extended smoking opium. Russian ban imposed on it, and destroyed all the opium plantations. The same applies to the agreement made with the Russian and Afghan king, who in return for this measure was given Russian arms and help in the fight against the British. While in Afghanistan was ruled by kings, Russian were calm - addicts in Russia was not. But when the king was overthrown, the Afghans began to grow poppy again and make him have heroin.

Drugs began to spread, not only in Central Asia, but came to Moscow and became a drug addict when even the famous Russian poet Vysotsky, Russian patience snapped, and they decided to go to Afghanistan with troops and their own hands to destroy Vespiary. Vespiariem - nest of wasps - Russian called Afghanistan. Wasps also called the Russian drug dealers, like insects that flew over the Russian border gliders and under the guise of local Uzbeks and Tajiks were selling heroin, not only in the bazaar in Tashkent, but also in the Central Market on the colored Boulevard in Moscow. Moscow then prepare for the Olympics in 1980, and Russian fear that came from around the world will see the athletes, like in the streets of Moscow lying drug addicts.

Russian in Afghanistan look. it is easy to wear Afghan soldiers, and some coats wrapped Russian.
Putting troops in Afghanistan has forced Russian arsenals print. But in Afghanistan, Russian hot in greatcoats and boots feel uncomfortable because of what have been unable to cope with the guerrilla movement. In the end, they were forced to withdraw from Afghanistan, but the troops came out with a gun. At that time, oil prices plummeted, and Russian had no money to feed the huge army - fed only KGB troops and interior troops guarding the prisoners.

After the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and Eastern Europe Russian soldiers have to eat what. They ran through the woods with guns and hunted wild animals, but once destroyed the entire fauna, they had to sell weapons.

And then, to feed themselves, the military began to sell arms to bandits and separatists. On the outskirts of the Russian national riots broke out, and the Soviet Union collapsed. In Russia itself almost completely dominated the Russian mafia, which consisted mainly of Chechenov - warlike people who live in the mountains. This nation was conquered in the 19th century, but the dream is not only to avenge Russian, but also to take control of the whole of Russia.

In Soviet times they did not have weapons, and when the military began to sell it, it have appeared, and their dream was within reach. Seeing that the government is gradually moving to the Chechens, then-President Boris Yeltsin declared war on them, but as he continued to badly paid military Russian war with the Chechens are not in full force, and just like in European football arrange fixed matches where one team for the money loses another Russian generals for the money losing battle. In the end, Yeltsin was forced to sign a humiliating peace rather Chechens. However, it was dissatisfied with the KGB. It overthrew Yeltsin and put at the head of his former Russian leader Vladimir Putin. By that time, oil prices began to rise, and Putin could pay real money war. Then the military took up the matter thoroughly and quickly broke the Chechens.

Over the 13 years that Putin is in power, the army greatly strengthened Russia, but many problems remain unresolved. So, even Gorbachev ordered the army not to take students. As a result, the army reach only those who is not available higher education. So the soldiers with low levels of education are afraid to trust the new technology because they break it. So Putin went to what used to in Russia never was - the army began to take mercenary soldiers. If before the army took away only forcibly taken to the part under escort and the entire peace between soldiers kept in prison with toilets without toilet and even without toilet paper (for Russian instead it uses old newspapers), now in the army more and more mercenaries. Especially a lot of them on the southern border, is home to mountain peoples who are ready to revolt at any time, but in recent years the mercenaries appeared even in the suburbs. How will this end, time will tell, but we should not be vigilant: history teaches us that the Russian devour recover even after the most severe devastation, and recovering, it usually returns the lost ground.

What is the reason for such an exceptional combat capability of the Russian soldiers? As it turned out, in genetics. Recent studies have found that the Russian did not come from harmless tillers, and from warlike Scythians. Featuring natural ferocity, this barbaric tribe skillfully manifest and stratagem - Scythians always lured deep into enemy territory, and then they were destroyed. So then came the Swedes Russian, Napoleon and Hitler, and so they go with us, if we succumb to their tricks. With the Russian can not fight on their territory. There are a priori stronger.

We must not forget that among the Russian, there are so-called Cossacks. Fight they are taught from childhood, and the weapons they always have a home. Recently revived Cossacks, and the Cossacks are ready to form the basis of a new professional army.


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