Israel Day at a military base in the desert.

Author: Alexander Belenky

After a spring trip to Israel I was only one unpublished report, but the most interesting. Just before leaving, I was on a military base in the Arava desert, where he saw a typical day of the Israeli IDF recruits. That was in March. Today, the Arabs again fill up Israeli missiles that have become a tradition.

The State of Israel is constantly ready for another military clash with their neighbors, so they are one of the best army in the world, if not the best. Including the fact that there is even a private soldier is not cannon fodder, as a universal soldier, able to think and make decisions.

Many of the featured in this report is now boys and girls are fighting for sure, and some even on the front lines in the Gaza Strip. If you have already started the ground part of the operation.

Will be 34 photos and comments.

1. IDF troops have all kinds except maybe space. Air force, navy, infantry, missiles. But tank forces in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) special treatment, because historically: the tank forces appeared here almost immediately, with the base of the army during the War of Independence (1948). Among the first Israeli tank had Jewish volunteers from various countries who fought against the fascists in the different armies of the world. Including the Red Army officers who deserted from Germany and their own ways to get to Israel.

2. At the armed Israeli army has armored warfare doctrine, which stands on two stolpax. The first - "The totality of the tank." This means that the tank units, due to mobility, armor and firepower alone can solve the basic problem of land warfare. The second - "Bronekulak & quot; as the main tank maneuver ", which consists in entering into the breach large tank forces capable of conducting offensive at high speed, destroying in its path enemy forces.
The main military force of the Israeli armored forces is a tank brigade. During the fighting of the armored brigades are formed armored divisions and corps.

3. You may have noticed that the girls near the tank revolves far more than men? It is not by accident. Of course, you know that the IDF are the young people of both sexes, and in armor largest percentage of girls.

4. Israel is probably the most power in the world tank. According to open sources, today the army has tanks is 5000, with the world's best tank.

5. Tank IDF troops were armed with a huge number of different models of tanks, with, first, of course, on arms imports consisted tanks. For a long time it served as the British "Centurion", and it was he who laid the foundation for an independent tank building.

6. Modern Israeli tank called "Merkava" This is the fourth of his generation, the first was made 35 years ago. An important objective was to increase the protection of the crew: the tank is not the most hardy pieces of equipment, you know. For this protection engine compartment moved forward. A unique feature of the tanks "Merkava & quot; is the presence in the feed compartment used for transportation of troops or injured (as in the compartment can be placed extra ammo). This feature makes the "Merkava & quot ;, in fact, a universal war machine capable of performing, depending on the situation, strategic role and tanks, and armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles. The compartment is armored door at the rear, allowing the crew to leave in an emergency tank behind

7. Why do girls? They make the best instructors in driving jeeps and tanks. That is, women in the Israeli army is in all armies, but directly in the hostilities they try not to throw. Women are, where they can easily replace the men. It may be the liaison offices, maintenance of electronic systems, office and administrative positions. Most of conscripted soldiers' are trained and then become instructors, and not only the tank, but still snipers and paratroopers, for example. However, with only 8% of the Army positions available to women. There are combat units, where women are equal to men.

8. Girls differ special patience, care and warm approach to his podchinennym.Devushka with a rifle in his hands, a picture familiar to every Israeli. In Israel, all military branches are tens of thousands of women. They perform their duty on a level with men. Besides, the girl in the form it's just beautiful, you will agree!

9. And yet somehow calculated that if a girl teaches a man to drive a tank and shoot, he learns everything better than if he had taught people of the same sex. It seems strange? The Israelis do not see anything strange: a man wants to reach out and do everything better than the charming co-worker. And everything else - after service :)

10. In the morning when I arrived at the military base, the girls just practiced an emergency to leave the tank in case of danger. It pays great attention because soldiers need the army alive and healthy.

11. Several groups of girls team took regular places in the tanks, and then, as instructed, ran from it for a while. Remaining at the same time stood aside and discussed co-worker, smiling and laughing. Some are not very strict conditions in the army?

12. At some point, the girls stood in a line wrapped around each other's shoulders, and began to sing a soldier's song. Thin voice of young girls motivated by something romantic and about love. But it 18-19 years, it's time to fall in love, go out and have fun. But they are two years in the army. Invitingly, but at the same time very willingly. From it almost nobody "squints," people understand that it is in fact their duty. What is war, everyone knows the Israelis, and they are aware of their responsibility.

Watches should be every soldier. Interestingly, while in the Russian army has such a requirement?

13. In Israel, there is no pursuit in our understanding, here the decals. It takes a certain color tacked under falshpogon, recognizable element of the Israeli military uniform. As it is possible to determine the branch of the military.


15. As in the Russian army, future tank trained, including on special simulators. If we do this is just an imitation of the cabin, connected to a computer, the Israelis is, literally, a real tank. Of course, stuffed with special electronics, connected to the "base" and not carrying weapons at the moment. However, in the case of real need, the tank turns into a battle for a short time.

16. The Staff Room. It sat instructors who watched the scene from the screens. They simulate a situation designed for trains at the moment. In fact, this is the same computer games, but the cadet really sits in the tank at the workplace, but instead of sampling the landfill sees me his views and that the tank can be controlled. How to de-five (or whatever) cinema.

17. Even in the army girls are girls!

18. And the boys at the same time of the shooting. Somehow, Israeli soldiers, even in "Lad Camp" appear "tough guy." Or want to appear. It seems that they like to serve. And the fair sex, again, next. There are for anyone to try.

19. The machine - a personal weapon soldier. It receives at the beginning of its life and at the end of rents. Weapons must be always with you, including when leaving the part. Every weekend, the soldiers go home to their parents, a small country, and everywhere you can see the number of people in uniform and without, with here M-16. This is necessary for several reasons, including if necessary the service break in the middle of the output. And it also happens that these weapons the soldiers could protect civilians around or himself. Now the number of terrorist attacks into Israel declined, but cases happened. A military kidnapped so far as to require the redemption or dictate its terms. Therefore, with a gun is not an Israeli soldier to leave

20. And, of course, need to be able to handle it.

21. Men serve for the call in the army for three years, women - two.

22. A bit of a soldier's life. Walk along the side and see how lives privates. Two-story barracks.

23. It is some simple modular construction, the only place in the gazebo at the base, where you can smoke. Next to each residential housing is such an arbor, and do not go here for a smoke system, as I have seen in our army. And the smoke soldiers polls.

24. Rooms are designed for eight people. Behind me two more the same bed. From our different parts that live through the rooms, and not all in one. There are personal lockers and air conditioning. Above each bed - light individual lighting.

25. And each outlet. To charge phones, laptops and other gadgets. The rest of the atmosphere is very spartan.

26. Patio.

27. Solar panels. They are whole fields, as well as throughout Israel. Generates its own energy.

28. The soldiers have their own time during the day, according to the schedule. And yes, in the Israeli army do not go system. Do not learn to march, right leg raising. In combat, it is not useful.

29 canteens. I have come to the very end of the meal, so do not appreciate the taste of food before he could eat everything. The dining room operates on the principle of buffet, every day there is a different set of dishes with the choice. Obligatory vegetarian dishes. And yet, look at the spoon, it is painted in red pen. In the army, trying to keep kosher, as far as possible, and not to interfere nesovmetimye dishes. Army still Jewish, and food should be kosher.

30. For the hungry there is always a special pleasure: a cafe-bar, where coffee is not only to give the officers, and even where there is a menu! You can either buy a loaf of bread or a sandwich, as well as full dinner for the second time. There are ice cream, pizza, sweets. In the army!

31. Collective watching TV, not on schedule, and when you have free time. Instead, you can go for a walk, work out in the gym, play board games or surf the Internet.

32. Everywhere heard cheerful tone and mischievous laugh. Hangout. It's even a bit like scout camp, there is no drill and bullying.

33. At the same time, the Israel Defense Forces is famous not well colored, fences generals. So, the model of the armed forces is effective.

34. In many conflicts, the Arabs have been unable to defeat Israel did not win, not because he is one of the strongest and most modern armies of the world. That is not the only reason. The army is only a reflection of society itself. And the Jews, as a nation, too much love and appreciate each other. The country in which the life of the ordinary soldier or citizen is to exchange it for a thousand dangerous terrorists. And still a lot of support from ordinary citizens: Israeli soldier to be honorable.

That's all. Thanks to all. I will not write my opinion. Let such a post will be there.


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