Israel - a paradise for tourists.

1. Israel - a paradise for tourists. Here, there are tours to suit all tastes. Religious tourists can go on biblical sites. You can visit the Christian Jerusalem and the three religions of Jerusalem, where you will spend on meaningful to Muslims, Christians and Jews sites.
Fans healthier and soak up the sunshine can go to the Dead Sea, where you can not just soak in salt water and not drown, but also visit the hydrogen sulfide and mud baths. Men will be interesting excursion to the Tank Museum in the open air, where military equipment collected from different countries and years. Not far from the museum is Latrunsky Virgin Monastery, home to monks of the Silent. The monastery has a small, cozy shop where they sell wine and brandy. Those who wish to arrange a tasting. In the same area is a park "Mini Israel", where all the important sights of Israel are represented in miniature. The park will be interesting for both adults and children. For lovers of flora of open park "Utopia", where there are orchids and butterflies soar. And women should look at the Diamond Exchange in Tel Aviv, where experienced gemologists will help you choose a stone on your taste and budget.

2. Israel - this is desert. When approaching the coastline you will see nothing but sand and houses in the color of sand. But it is necessary to find yourself on the ground, and you change the first impression. There are a lot of greens: cacti, palm trees, lawns. To all lawn is brought irrigation system. On the grass, you can safely take a nap, which do not only tourists but also locals. But on the road dividing alleys plastic grass, it is not necessary to lie.

3. Ben Gurion - the man and the airport. International Association recognized three airports it the best in the Middle East. It is said that "Ben-Gurion" lost only two of the thousands of suitcases. Tested on personal experience: one of their arrival my bag by mistake took another passenger, bags were absolutely identical. I found him on the assembly line bag. The same evening I took her to another city.

4. The country's capital is Jerusalem. There are situated the main state institutions. But the business center of Israel recognizes Tel Aviv, where the focus headquarters of multinational corporations and consulates of most countries.

5. As in Russia in any city there is a street of Lenin and Lenin Square, and sometimes a combination of both, as in Israel, in every city there is a street named after David Ben Gurion and Theodor Herzl. Generally here in every way glorify Zionist ideology.

6. Institute official, that is decorated with the registry office, the marriage does not exist. Not once tried to push through the bill, but in the Knesset (local parliament), he does not gain the required number of votes. Therefore, there is only a religious marriage. A wedding can only representatives of one religion. Interreligious lovers have to travel to Cyprus or the Czech Republic where you will paint the town hall in 5 minutes. Israel recognizes marriages contracted in other countries.

7. In connection with the situation prevalent so-called "Paraguayan marriage." It is a marriage that does not require the presence of the two parties at the ceremony. It lies on the notarized power of attorney to sign the marriage of the future / his / her spouse. Marriage certificate certified by the Israeli Consul in Paraguay and officially recognized. Such a marriage is recommended to make out couples who fear that if leaving the Interior Ministry refused to let the spouse of a citizen of another country.

8. Week starts on Sunday. And on Saturday (Sabbath) all dying. Although, as the locals say, now's not like 15 years ago, some shops are open.

9. The population of the entire country is equal to half the population of Moscow. Of these, a quarter - Russian-speaking immigrants from the CIS countries.

10. The official languages ​​of the country are Hebrew and Arabic (it is the second language, but the main Hebrew), but English is also recognized (it even duplicated pointers), Russian (where the same without him here), Georgian, French and Amharic.

11. As much as the French in Israel, probably in France there. There is even a joke about it: "Do you want to learn French, go to Eilat." (Eilat - a resort, and the southernmost city in the country, located on the Red Sea).

12. Hebrew - simple and very logical language. To him just to get used to, particularly the fact that there is no vowel in the alphabet and that write from right to left. I pull open the book first, not the end, as expected, it is difficult to overcome.

13. The words in Hebrew, a little, and verbs and all four times lower than in the Russian language. Therefore, at the very least you will be able to express themselves very soon, it will take about 6 months if the constant conversational practice. To read philosophical works will take much more time, but "shukovsky" (from the word Shook - market) Hebrew "take" quickly.

14. In Israel, you can live all your life and virtually no know Hebrew, even the Israelis born here you will understand. But as work on the seller in the gift shop for Russian tourists, you will not be able to move. To find a good job, you have to know Hebrew.

15. And here Russian folklore of immigrants from the CIS countries: "I live in a hole, swim in a hole", which translates as: "I live in an apartment, bathed in the sea." Apartment in Hebrew - Dir, sea - pits

16. The climate is humid and hot. In winter, however, it is pretty cool: 15 degrees here it feels the same as "0" in Russia.

17. Here you can easily meet a girl in sandals and a fur coat, or vice versa in short shorts and a t-shirt, but in fur boots.

June 18. Around swimming in the Mediterranean Sea becomes extreme. By the coast is suitable countless searing jellyfish. Their venom left on the skin severe burns. Better not wait to swim and reduce the number of residents of the seas. When they leave, drops of poison for another week will annoy travelers, so take it with a bottle of vinegar. If the burn is large, to the provision of professional medical care vinegar will save you.

19. Buy land ownership is almost impossible. The private sector is, but the land is leased almost a century. A 3-bedroom apartment without repair would cost about 200-250 thousand dollars. So many people live in rented accommodation or make out a mortgage for decades.

20. The average salary is higher than in Russia, 2 times, but the price of some goods in the above times 3. So getting here in 2000 thousands of dollars, you give half the rent for a small apartment, a quarter will be spent on food and household goods.

21. Utility bills eat up a quarter of the salary. Electricity 2 times more expensive, the water is almost worth its weight in gold. All homes should filter as drinking from the tap is not recommended. And then in the kidneys not like sand and stones, and bricks for construction of the house will

22. Split systems have each and every room in the apartment. But they try not to turn on and endure to the last, and when it is hot and when cold, electricity, something expensive.

23. If you got here own a car, get ready for a liter of petrol to give 7 shekels ($ 2). And the price is constantly increasing. But local willing to spend any amount just to ride in his own car rather than public transport.

24. By the way, every Thursday evening and every Sunday morning on buses and trains without special skills do not squeeze. The reason is that the soldiers are released from the army back home for the weekend. Released at a time of almost all, which would not be served, and every 2 weeks.

25. In the army and serve boys and girls, thin and complete, high and low, healthy and not so - all find employment.

26. Patriotism is developed to unprecedented heights. Almost all young people, even immigrants who have come here teenagers consider it their duty to serve three years in the army. They say that if they do not, then who will protect, and house parents.

27. relations with the neighboring countries of Israel tensions. Here, as nowhere else relevant phrase: "If you want peace, prepare for war". And the citizens of Israel are ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

28. Many people walk around with weapons. Most often, this service weapons. Security officers, security guards and so on. D. Not to mention the conscripts who do go on leave with guns. At first, it's crazy, then you get used.

29. Before entering into every shopping center (Canyon), gosucherezhdeny, schools and universities is metal detector and one or two security officers. As long as you pass through the frame, open your bag and examine the contents. And absolutely no demand. There are very serious about security.

30. Police cars are often ply. But civilians and tourists do not stick. However, once observed the following picture: on the three-lane road police stopped a minibus for speeding. Minibus was moving at the right lane and stopped in the same place, a police car stopped in the middle lane, blocking traffic. A police officer came and asked to leave the bus driver and very violently and loudly explained to the bus driver that he was wrong. Gathered onlookers. Temperamental caught servant of the law, although there is all these. East still.

31. Crime in Israel, virtually none. As the locals say, they simply have no time to think about all sorts of nonsense, as you have to work very hard. Parents calmly let their minor children to walk all night.

32. currency exchange are predominantly Georgians. Inexplicably, but true.

33. The double-decker trains in Israel. Be sure to ride

34. Israel is known for its medicine. And she is really a very high level.

35. A working citizen can not worry about their health insurance will pay even expensive research and procedures, if they are needed.

36. Starikov many in Israel, due to longevity and good medicine. And they do not sit at home and remain socially active. If necessary, an elderly man ushers social worker, who helps at home, cook a meal and make the company a walk.

37. The children then complete, especially girls. Women in Israel are generally smaller than men, so do not even very nice the fairer sex is easy to find a mate.

38. Children in Israel a lot. If you believe the statistics, about 3 children per woman. That high rate of religious obligation to the citizens of the country, whose families 5-7 children.

39. Local people are very friendly, and will help to explain on the fingers. If you owned a little Hebrew, but make mistakes, you will correct and completely without malice or derision.

40. Stray dogs do not have, but a huge number of cats. As good locals go to feed the homeless cat, run a whole flock of 20-30 is quite a hefty mugs. They are not starving. Even the doves calmly pass in front of their nose, absolutely without fear for their lives and health.

41. insect trouble in Israel. American Cockroaches size - five centimeters in length. It should be a night to leave on the bedside table a piece of chocolate, and eat ants and you utaschat an anthill. Therefore, all the food, including potatoes, carefully stored in the refrigerator, not in a bag in the closet. Cereal and pasta are best kept in sealed glass jars, and the weevil does not sleep, exterminate all cleaned.

42. In the cafes and restaurants of Israel fed for slaughter. If you order a chicken tobacco, prepared for the fact that you bring a chicken the size of an adult chicken. And if you want to taste the pork, then you direct road to the Russian establishment. Pork - the product is not kosher.

43. In general, with regards to that food, then it is very diverse. After arriving in Israel immigrants from many countries. Some borrowed dishes have become national. As an example, the Yemeni skhug (something like adzhika). It is eaten mostly with meat, but some individuals are added to it in soup

44. Also, the national dish is hummus - appetizer of mashed chickpeas, which is poured olive oil, sprinkled with different spices and eaten with pita bread. Some call it the Russian sealant due to the appearance, but it was delicious.

45. From the crushed chickpeas and cook Falafel - deep fried balls. Dish is Arabic, but in Israel it is very fond of. Tastefully falafel even have crackers. They are very good beer.

46. ​​A lot of Russian stores under the names in Russian, with Russian sellers and Russian products. But the classic doctor's sausage I could not find.

47. If you like low-fat yogurt do not trust the inscription in Russian 'Kefir 3%, "he recalls of the density of a 15% cream, spoon out of the bottle has to move into a mug. Better to take 1, 5 per cent of the Israeli analogue of production, it is more similar to the familiar product.

48. The supermarket prices are higher than the market, though much. So most people bought at the market, where vegetables are even cleaner than in the shops, all washed potatoes. Huge selection of fruits, and they are not considered exotic in Israel.

49. Can you imagine what a bazaar? Sellers are not just scream, they yell at what not any words, just make sounds to pay attention to their point of sale.

50. If you meet on your way a bakery, do not pass by. Baking just amazing mini-pizzas, pies and potatoes, tuna, spinach, cheese, and so on. D. I'm not talking about the classic oriental sweets. Fingers lick.

51. The most significant of all the religious festivals of Israel (which is actually not a holiday, but rather a day of remembrance and mourning) undoubtedly Ёm Kippur, or the Day of Judgment. On this day, a strict fast, you can not drink the water. It is forbidden to even brush your teeth and wash. Driving a car, talking on a cell phone, too taboo, not working radio and television. But children expanse - cycling and inline skating directly on the roadway, even on lines.

52. As with any country in the world to be a tourist and live in it - are two different things. But in Israel, this contrast is particularly felt.


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