Makeup Aishwarya Rai

Indian actress and model Aishwarya Rai has a striking beauty. It is so feminine and charming that you can admire it forever. This gentle and soft beauty, I did not see anybody, I do not know maybe there are more feminine famous beauties, but I did not see those. Aishwarya is the title of "Miss World" in 1994, so her beauty is appreciated not only by me, but the whole world. And as an actress Rai is not mediocrity, her role in the film 'Mistress of Spices "I just won (although several other films of the actress, I also saw in the movie film but it is delicious).

Hollywood and Bollywood star Aishwarya Rai has a very beautiful face, whose features it perfectly emphasizes makeup. This make-up of this beauty we look at today.

1. It is very beautiful makeup and a good selection of dresses and accessories. One minus - hairpin (or something like that) in the hair. Much better would be looked light curls, without any details.

2. undermine not to anything, because everything really gorgeous (including make-up). The most important - is the ability to submit their beauty if nature does not really stingy. At Aishwarya it turns out to five points, so it is almost always looks delicious.

3. Unsuccessful picture and an unfortunate choice of all, down to the color of the dress. Too much makeup on her face - this is clearly not paradise, as it immediately becomes like a parrot (yes forgive me beautiful future mom Aishwarya).

4. The facial features and eye color - is something beyond. I really like the arrows and gloss on the lips of Aisha, but over the cilia would have to work a little better (I understand that they are natural, but you can sometimes use the patch).

5. Very beautiful decoration on the neck, and make this a good time. I like the way, but I prefer to contemplate the flowing hair on Paradise, but not pinned into a bun.

6. Perfect make-up! Still, it is unrealistic beautiful woman, but not without flaws - Aishwarya have problem skin. Not once noticed a lot of small pimples on her forehead, and that this time they are seen.

7. bottomless eyes and sensuous lips (similar to the lips of Monica Bellucci) Aishwarya Rai - is ideal for many men, dreaming of its second half. It is a pity that even such beauties have flaws (skin nightmare, of course).

8. Beautiful makeup. This mejk Aishwarya makeup artists use very often.

9. No wonder India is considered the standard of beauty Aishwarya. Beautiful styling, perfect make-up, elegant clothes and head held in conjunction with the deadly beauty - is not standard?

10. Make-up in pastel or golden tones, as well as the permanent arrows - that's what makes a person Aishwarya even more beautiful. And in addition to this there is a beautiful style of dress.

11. Crown swing of the left eyebrow, and languishing eyes, and all the men breathless just watching her. Yes, to be honest, I also look at it this way. I like to make up, but not like the styling (I do not like when the hair lying unnaturally).

12. uncharacteristic makeup for Aishwarya. Probably, admiring her beauty, I must say that I like it, but no - it is not so. I judge objectively, so tell you straight - these colors are not suitable for eye color (or color) Aisha.

13. Something to wear make-up is not enough, but what? I can not understand ...

14. Introducing that this photo I have not seen. Like a prom, 2000 in Russia (we love these "dresses" (if it can be called poverty of charge)). No make-up, or (God forgive me) I do not like the dress.

15. Just superkrasota! Like Aishwarya has just won the contest "Miss Universe". Like and photo and dress (Respect the creators) and, of course, make-up stars.

16. She has a strange eyebrow at this picture, I wonder what happened to her? A make-up just wonderful, no words. A teeth-something which, shine!

17. Wow! That's arrows! Something in the spirit of Jolie. I like everything above the lips, as the color of the light just is not mine, perhaps ...

18. I love Indian sarees, so beautiful, feminine and fabulous, you can look in them that just boggles the mind. I like the makeup Aishwarya and her hair color.

19. So young and already a winner! Paradise was only 21 years old when she became "Miss World" and then her whole life turned upside down. I wanted to be an architect, and became world famous actress and model. I love these "tales" with a happy ending. Make-up for the good of those years. By the way, I look at Aishwarya was quite different.

20. Soon Aishwarya finally become a mom! A pregnant 37-year-old actress just want to wish happiness, love and health and, of course, family well-being and healthy rebёnochka (preferably a girl like her). Makeup in the photo below is beautiful, the face is not overloaded.


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