7 the main beauty secrets of bollywood stars Aishwarya Paradise

Sixty million thirty four thousand ninety two

On 1 November one of the most beautiful Actresses celebrated the day of birth. How is it possible Aishwarya Paradise look so young?

1. Discipline. As a student, while studying architecture, Aishwarya Rai worked as a model. Due to this, in 1994 she was invited to take part in the competition "Miss India". However, victory in him, as says the star, was a complete surprise. But modeling the past and taught her to strict discipline in all that relates to their appearance: never go to sleep, do not wash makeup daily to moisturize the skin, once every 7-10 days to use a scrub or peeling... All that, in the opinion Aishwarya Paradise, simple and affordable ways to keep youth and beauty of skin. All know about them, but not all follow these rules.

2. Proper nutrition. Aishwarya vegan. Only sometimes, she can afford a bit of fish curry. She only eats healthy foods, does not smoke, almost never drink alcohol, making an exception only for good French wine. Max, who allows himself to actress at social events, a glass and a half of dry wine.

3. Correct mode of the day and healthy sleep. Its main beauty secret Aishwarya calls good sleep and believes that chronic sleep deprivation is the easiest way to get wrinkles around the eyes, "bags" and bruises, immediately gaining several years even for young girls. And after thirty years, in the opinion of the star, minimum eight hours of beauty sleep should be a mandatory rule for every woman who wants to look good.

4. Diet and fitness. Like many Indian women, as trostenetskaya in early youth, after having children, gaining weight, Aishwarya full-bodied. However, the star of Indian cinema the tragedy of this makes, even joking: "Too skinny we don't like, and I always relaxes this thought, especially at home when we have dinner".

However as an actress she Willy-nilly to monitor their diet and figure. And when six months after the birth of her daughter it became clear that the thirty-eight star who have recovered from the pregnancy more than two dozen pounds and continues to feed the daughter, not losing weight – it's jeopardized her career. India, closely watching the fate of their national heroine, has split into two camps.

Some have argued that outrageously fat actress with her double chin is a disgrace to bollywood and even organized pickets against the fact that she appeared in any film festivals. Others on the contrary, strongly expressed their approval of the fact that the actress does not go on about fashion and thinks about her daughter's health. But, despite the fact that supporters promised it the status of a style icon for fat women, offers to act in films became less.

It is unknown what would have ended the story, but Aishwarya finally started to lose weight and your thirty-ninth birthday, met almost in the same form. How she did it, bollywood doesn't specify, but we know that not without rigid diets with the refusal of sweet and starchy foods and daily sessions with a fitness trainer.

At the ceremony of awarding the prize "Oscar", 2011

5. A sufficient amount of water. Every morning the actress begins with a glass of pure water with lemon juice – this rule, which is followed by many models, it does not change from the time of her modeling youth. And nutritionists approve of this idea: it helps the body to Wake up faster and accelerates slower during the night the metabolism. Another mandatory rule Aishwarya Paradise – daily drink eight to ten glasses of pure water.

6. Protecting your skin from the sun. Aishwarya never goes out, causing the face, neck, hands and other exposed parts of skin sun cream. This allows her to do without bleaches and to preserve fair skin, especially valued in India. The actress, one of the messengers of beauty L'oreal Paris, calls himself a fan of cleansing, and her favorite face cream – Derma Genesis (of course, from L'oreal Paris).

7. Natural mask for hair. The actress mixed skin, prone to oily T-zone, therefore, so beloved of its compatriots oils and oil masks it is very neat: many oils clog her pores. "It's more a tradition than a necessity," says Aishwarya Rai about natural cosmetics for skin-based oils. As a child my mother often made myself and her a variety of masks, and then the girl "felt like a real Princess". But now for Facials star prefers to "ready" makeup. But the hair is different. Aishwarya loves to put on their oils, especially coconut and palm before shampooing or RUB the oil into the hair roots before going to bed.published

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