Five famous inhabitant of world cinema

The myth of transience of glory shattered about their biography. They once and for all proved to the world that beauty and success is of eternal value, but a real talent and love for the profession or a close person the secret of longevity.

Olivia de Havilland

The role of Melanie Wilkes from Gone with the wind (1939) brought Olivia de Havilland glory
  • Olivia played in the film "captain blood", 1935

  • The actress loved to pose

  • Photo shoot, the late 30-ies

  • Her acting career in cinema continued until the end of 70-ies

  • British by birth, in 1941, de Havilland became an American citizen

  • At the end of 1940-ies the actress three times nominated for "Oscar" for "Best actress" and twice became its owner in 1947 and 1950

  • Olivia is one of the latest Hollywood film star of the 1930-ies
  • In 1987, the actress was nominated for an Emmy and won a Golden globe for her role of the Dowager Empress Maria Fedorovna in the movie "Anastasia: the Mystery of Anna"

  • The actress is still carefully watching them and their style. 2008

The same Melanie Wilkes of the legendary Gone with the wind, gorgeous lady and an unattainable ideal for the grieving Scarlett, just a couple of years will celebrate its 100-year anniversary. Her career began in the early 1930s, in 1947, she received the first "Oscar", and in 2010 then-President Nicolas Sarkozy awarded her the title of Chevalier of the Legion of honor and personally presented the award to the great actress. The years have been Olivia. It still pierces the hearts of the gentle radiant look. Unless changed her hair– gorgeous curls replaced the noble grey hair. The actress remains a lady at any age, and prefers to keep the shape, not to disguise her lack of with the help of beauticians. Angela Lansbury

Lansbury film debut took place in 1944

  • Angela wanted to play the main characters, kinobossy she was offered the role of the second plan

  • In 1949, the actress was married to Irish actor Peter Shaw

  • The couple had two children: a daughter, Deidre and son Andrew

  • In 1957, the actress made her debut on Broadway

  • Actress actively acted, played in the theater, and engaged in charity

  • In 2000 Angela after a long interval he returned to the Broadway stage

  • In 1984, the actress agreed to the role of the writer Jessica Fletcher in the TV series "murder She wrote". The show became very popular and lasted for 12 years. Angela 12 times nominated for the award "Emmy" for this role, but one she never got

  • In 2011, 85-year-old actress played a small role in the Comedy "Penguins of Mr. Popper" with Jim Carrey in the title role. Photo: still from the film

Anglo-American actress and singer became famous on both sides of the ocean after the screens out of the series premiere of cult TV series "murder She wrote", in which Angela played the lead role – writer Jessica Fletcher. The show was more than 12 years and enjoyed a mad success. But in the United States by the time she was already famous as actress popular musicals. Lansbury made his Broadway debut in 1957 in a production of "Hotel Paradiso. And in 2014-m Angela, who will be 90 years old, returned to the London stage in the role of Madame Arcati in the play by Noel Coward "Restless spirit", which played for 40 years. She will have an interesting role in the movie, but admits that interesting proposals have yet been received. "Old lady dying of Alzheimer's – not my role," says the actress. Maggie Smith
  • The British actress started to Shine in 1952 at the theatre school, Oxford, where she studied

  • Maggie did theater specific characters

  • Career Maggie Smith quickly went to the mountain in 1956, she has played on Broadway

  • The actress made her film debut in 1958

  • In 1978 Maggie Smith received a second gold statuette "Oscar" for best female actor in a supporting role Diana Barry in the Comedy melodrama "the California hotel"

  • Maggie was able to create a variety of movie images

  • The role of the sorceress Maggie, apparently, began to prepare long ago

  • 1978 scene from the movie "death on the Nile"

  • In 2001, the actress starred in the first series about a boy wizard "Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone"

  • From 2010 to 2013, Maggie starred in the TV series "Downton Abbey" in the role of Countess violet Crawley

Sparkling and incredibly charismatic actress, which in December 2014 will be 80 years old, known to the Russian audience primarily for his roles in the Saga of Harry Potter (Minerva McGonagall) and the sophisticated British television series "Downton Abbey" (the Dowager Countess violet Grantham). British theatergoers consider it one of the best Shakespearean Actresses, but the majority of viewers in the first place, to conquer her characters are witty, strong-willed and a little bitchy kinogeroi. Marina Vlady
  • On the screen, the French actress of Russian origin made her debut at the age of 11

  • After the debut of Marina played several small roles in Italian and French comedies and melodramas

  • In the childhood Vladimir studied at the Paris ballet school at the Grand Opera. Ballerina did not, but acquired plasticity came in handy

  • World famous Marina came after the film "Bewitched", where she played the beautiful savage

  • In 1954, at the Cannes film festival she won the award in the name of Suzanne Bianchetti as best young actress for her role in the movie Andre Cayatte "Before the flood"

  • 1966 shooting the film "the Kidnappers Mona Lisa"

  • For the first time Marina Vlady arrived in Moscow at the international film festival in 1959

  • With age, the actress is not poterala your French chic

  • In Russia, the actress was a frequent guest. For example, in 2012, Marina Vlady was on tour in Ekaterinburg, Tomsk, St. Petersburg

"Russian, only with a French passport". A movie star with Russian roots, we tend to think its because for most of us it was and will be the last wife and Muse favorite nation – actor and poet, became a legend during his life of Vladimir Vysotsky. The music never ages. Meanwhile, the Marina a few months ago have turned 76 years old. It so happened that the marriage Vysotsky became her great love and terrible sentence. For most of the audience – fans, critics and even enemies – first of all, the wife of a legend. About the life of this extraordinary and incredibly beautiful woman after the death of a famous husband, we barely know. Over the years she grew her sons, she was a third time married oncologist by the name of Schwarzenberg. And again was left alone after his death in 2003. Memory of Vladimir she cherishes all his life. This love and this memory, perhaps better than any lifebuoy keeping her on the ground and help to hold the shape. Jane Fonda

Jane, being the daughter of actor Henry Fonda, also decided to become an actress and trained at the new York actors Studio

  • After graduating from acting school, Jane worked as a model and played in the theater

  • At first, the actress did not give serious roles using only good looks

  • A real career in the cinema Jane Fonda started with the "Incredible story" (1960), and before that she performed in the role of "sexy kitty"

  • The work of a model tamed Jane from youth to follow the figure

  • The actress is credited with many novels, but officially the marriage she entered three times

  • Jane was not afraid to experiment

  • Jane Fonda proved himself a brilliant dramatic actress in the film directed by S. Pollack's "they shoot horses, don't you?" (1969)

  • His first "Oscar" Jane got the role of a prostitute in "Klute" (1971). The second time she was honored with this award for her role in the film "coming home" (1978), which reflected her impressions from the experience during the Vietnam war

  • The actress always extolled a healthy lifestyle. December 21, 1987, she entered "the top twenty" Billboard with three video clips of exercises. Thus she became the Creator of a fundamental new direction for the time aerobics

  • The actress from time to time produces new video courses. 2010 – 72-year-old Jane in great shape!

American film star and Queen of aerobics in 76 years once again struck a social gathering and many fans of its perfect shape. Only lazy did not discuss her outfit at the opening of the Cannes film festival in may this year. Hollywood legend has it that language does not turn called the elderly, appeared on the red carpet in the same dress as the sex symbol of the century Angelina Jolie at the Oscars in February. Their outfits differed only in color. And Jane in a very binding dress looked no worse for Angelina, who's younger than her exactly twice. Jane Fonda admits that did plastic surgery and is forced to wear prostheses in the hip and knee. But this does not prevent her to lead an active lifestyle and to give advice on nutrition.

Jane Fonda on the red carpet at the Cannes film festival (may, 2014) and Angelina Jolie at the Oscars (February, 2014) in Elie Saab dress



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