Beautiful women over 50

At any age she wants to be beautiful - and 50 and 70 ...
The recipe of youth in all its from diet-cream massage to a plastic surgeon.
And yet for many it turns out, if the coin calls to usual pocket.
There was a selection on dudelki - "Baba berry again».
Today, like, well, we can more older stars ...
Hero of the day - Barbara Walters - '81 (Barbara Walters, b. 25 September 1929), the star of American TV.
Plastic, plastic, yes, but what gorgeous.
48 photo + letter
taken: DooDoo.Ru

Carmen del Orefis - 79 years, mannequin.
And her career is not over yet - Grandma still walks the catwalk.

Sophia Loren - 76 years, looks great movie star.
A 72, the Italian diva shot for the calendar «Pirelli».

Julie Andrews - 74 years.

Jane Fonda - '73.
The actress, political activist, model, writer ...

Rakel Welch - 70 years.
The actress, one of the sexiest girls in bikinis its time.

Julie Christie - 68 years.
People remember her years in the film "Doctor Zhivago»

Helen Mirren, nee Elena Mironova - 65 years.
I do not do any plastic surgery.
The secret of beauty - a lot of sleep and not to twitch about age.

Debbie Harry - 65 years.
Popular group «Blondie» remember everything.

Diane Sawyer - 65 years.
Popular TV host, sitting a special diet of cabbage soup.

Susan Sarandon - '64.
Actress, leading a healthy lifestyle and eat foods rich in antioxidants.

Susan Lucci - '64.
The actress prefers all diets plastic.

Susan Somers - '64.
TV star, beat cancer, and now writes books about it.
It supports brilliant appearance with the help of Botox injections and collagen.

Peggy Lipton - '64.
She has performed as a singer, met with Elvis Presley and Paul McCartney ...
Appeared in "Twin Peaks", she survived rectal cancer, and starred on TV in remission.

Cheryl Tigz model - for 63 years.

Jaclyn Smith - '63.
The star of the original series "Charlie's Angels."

Emmy Lou Harris - '63.
Country singer, won nemeryanoe number of prizes Grammy.

Olivia Newton-John - '62.
Actress with its own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, survived breast cancer.

Sigourney Weaver - '61.
Actress, against any intrusion into his face.

Sofia Rotaru - '61.
Plastic, plastic, plastic ...

Pam Grier - '61.
The actress, in 1988, doctors found she had cancer and was given only 18 months, but Pam handled and survived.

Fanny Ardant - 60 years.
Actress, washes in the morning with ice cubes, drinks a day a glass of juice of celery.
Eats two large carrots and one apple.
I never in my life had not been in the gym.

Meryl Streep - 60 years.
The actress, loves to swim and cosmetics «Tracie Martyn».

Anna Wintour - 60 years.
Editor in Chief of the US «Vogue» in 1988.

Jane Seymour - 59 years.
James Bond Girl - blepharoplasty and Botox.

Queen Noor of Jordan - 59 years.

Beverly D'Angelo - 58 years.
The actress and singer who broke the hearts of many ...
At the time, I met with Al Pacino, which gave birth to twins at the age of almost 50 years.

Lynda Carter - 58 years.

Beverly Johnson - 58 years.
The first black model on the cover of the American «Vogue» in 1974.
In the photo - with a daughter.

Mary Steenburgen, actress - 57 years.
Once I married to Malcolm McDowell.

Marie Helvin - 57 years, supermodel 70s.
In 55 years, she appeared on the cover of «Vogue» seventh time.
In the 56 achieved, it alleges sexual peak in their lives.
The 57 posed for underwear advertising indiscreet «Agent Provocateur».

Kim Basinger - 56 years.
Superblondinka everyone remembers her role in the movie "9 and a half weeks».
He drops in to the plastic surgeons, but also daily activities engaged in for half an hour.

Rene Russo - 56 years.
Supermodel, actress ("Lethal Weapon" and many others).

Christie Brinkley - 56 years.
Supersupermodel 80s, was married to Billy Joel.

Tatyana Vedeneyeva - 56 years.
Program "Good night, kids" no longer is, but it looks good.
It is said that twice a month to arrange fasting days, sits just on the low-fat yogurt or an apple.

Iman - 55 years.
Consistent use of sunscreen with a factor of 50.
Regular visits to the beautician and a hydrating mask for the face «SK-II Facial Treatment Mask».

Janice Dickinson - 55 years.
Amaya outrageous fashion model 80, came up with the title "supermodel", of course, about herself.
He appeared on the cover of «Vogue» 37 times.
He told in his autobiography about her bulimia, anorexia, alcoholism and experience of plastic surgery.
Skandalistka most beautiful in the world - "My life - it's sex and plastic surgery» ...

Isabelle Adjani - '54.
The client institution beauty YSL, regularly makes a facial massage, thalassotherapy is interested.
Practices divided food, do not eat sweets and drink 1, 5-2 liters of water a day.

Lena Ulin - '54.
The actress is engaged Pilates.

Ann Curry - '54.
Famous American television journalist.
Regular facial massage.
And a green salad (spinach, arugula, avocado, seaweed, pumpkin seeds, lemon juice, olive oil).

Geena Davis - '54.
The model and actress who gave birth to children in the 46 and 48 years old.

Sela Ward, actress - 53 years.

Michelle Pfeiffer, actress - 51 year.

Andie MacDowell, model, actress - '51.
Every day breakfast of porridge and devotes at least 40 minutes horse walk.
Do not eat meat, only fresh river fish, is sleeping in the bed of aspen, because "this tree soothes the nerves."

Jennifer Tilly, the actress - 51 year.

Angela Bassett - '51.
The first black actress, received the "Golden Globe».
Regularly engaged in weight training.

Sharon Stone - '51.
It appeared topless in the past year on the cover of «Paris Match».
Exercise regularly, and enjoys aromatherapy.
Every day, take a relaxing bath with Dead Sea salts and visiting therapists.
Eat whatever you want, especially leaning on the dark chocolate.

Carol Alt - 50 years.
Supermodel, actress and cookbook author.
I learned the sake of his beloved Russian hockey player Alexei Yashin to cook soup and pancakes.
But the same 15 years adhere to raw foods.



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