Strong weaker sex. Myths and Reality.

So, let's face it. Men - the stronger sex? Well, in terms of the physical, perhaps, yes. We better pull rod and further pushes the nucleus. In more than a tour de force? Just do not come up with. Let's look at the facts
Myth 1: Women are like children
Ironically, women are much weaker than those of men, the program works, "do no harm calf." People are, in principle, for a long time knew it - just remember that almost all nations of the world have stories about stray wicked stepmother, but the tales of evil stepfathers something not observed. A couple of years ago at the Center for in-depth study of behavior in Palo Alto (USA) attended to disclose the number of complaints about the behavior of other people's children from visitors several networks of fast food restaurants. The results were astonishing: nine women complaining of crying, the noise and bustle of children, there was only one man who expressed their dissatisfaction with the administration on this issue, despite the fact that among the visitors of restaurants in general, the percentage of women was not much higher. However, psychologists are inclined to explain this by the fact that women generally pay more attention to the children, and therefore better orient themselves in good and bad behavior. And it actually causes the suffering of view of young people putting on to your head with a plate of porridge. And further proof that men are much more tolerant of other people's children are the data of the German ethnologist Grammer, who investigated the 2863 customer profile marriage agencies. 60% of men did not object to their fiancee had a child. At the same time only 34% of the women were ready to meet with her father alone.
Myth 2. The women work less than men

Even if we consider the highly civilized countries of the "golden billion", salaries of women in almost all spheres barely reach the 70% of the wages of their male counterparts. There is a feeling that the man in the community is seen as a quality worker, and therefore expensive. In fact, such statistics arises from the fact that it takes into account income and women who work part time, devoting most of his time to family and children. In general, women have long proven that in most professions, non-strenuous exercise, they are at least equal to us. In Russia, the situation is even more interesting: we have women traditionally are the preferred workers. Here is the testimony of Alexander Engelhardt, agricultural chemist and populist, who at the end of the XIX century was trying to understand the reasons for the ineffectiveness of the business in the Russian provinces, the sources of inertia and indifference of the peasants to work. "The women are much more initiative than men. Baba soon take up any new business, unless the business to them, the women personally profitable. Baba once more greedy for money, greedy petty, without any calculation for the future, if only to get more money today. Money with women much more likely to make all, than to men. " For half a century before it traveled to Russia Marquis de küsten also noted that there is any case for better and safer to hire women because they are much more responsible attitude to their duties. And in 2010, the former head of Russian IKEA Lennart Daldren evaluating its business experience in Russia, noted with surprise that the female employees have much more "inquisitive, diligent and reliable than men, and they are much faster than studying and delve deeper into the essence of task ».

Myth 3: Women cowardly

According to research by F. Riemann, a German scientist, author of works on the phenomenon of fear, in general, women are less able to recognize risky situations and, therefore, easier to perform courageous deeds without thinking. Roughly speaking, if you aim at a woman with a pistol, a high risk that it will try on you still attack, because fewer men believes that her shot, that guns do shoot, and here's the thing - the real gun . But women have less willingness to transcend fear, if they managed it yet realize.

Myth 4: Women are more afraid of pain
Just before birth in a woman's body start coming analgesic substances that reduce pain sensitivity - which is why women are able to go through labor pains, which, according to some, could lead to the painful shock of fatal every second man. On the other hand, many women experience preterm labor and early delivery with stimulation without this natural pain relief after experiencing staying sane and sober mind. And all because women are genetically programmed with a higher pain threshold. That is the pain they feel no worse than we are with you, but they do it less often leads to fatal changes in the nervous and cardiovascular system. And women are 10 times less likely to faint at the sight of blood than we are, which is also explained by physiological causes: Due to some well-known nuances of their anatomy they are watching it on a regular basis and do not take something out of the ordinary.

Myth 5: Women are less intelligent

No, women - representatives of the standards, they are rare both higher and lower IQs. So in general, women are smarter than we are at the expense category is very stupid men. Ten years ago, the University of Chicago, for example, a study was published by E. and E. Hedges Nouvell based on six large-scale tests of boys and girls - American college students. Girls generally showed less variation in estimates, boys predominate in the higher and lower in the scale of the graph. Almost all of the "geniuses" - hooray! - Were men, and all the "idiots", unfortunately, too. As a result, the average intelligence were higher in females - because of those idiots who could not correctly count the number of legs in the cat and do not disgrace us all.

Myth 6. Women are susceptible to all sorts of trinkets - bows, ribbons, and other nonsense kruzhavchiki

A classic example of the logic of the mirror: "If someone going on a date, wears a pink bow - whether he likes pink bows?" It would seem that the answer must be "yes." But with the same success it could be argued that a fisherman throwing bait, the hook puts a worm, because he loves to eat worms. Check whether women like pink bows, is very simple: Tie Me and a couple stroll through the streets, believing women admiring glances. We have to admit that all these pins, fishnet stockings and curls whipped like first of all to us. A vast majority of women go home in a cozy and comfortable sweat pants granny gowns.

Myth 7. women in the world than men
107 boys born in the world only 100 girls. And it does not take into account if any of India and China, where such an imbalance is artificially enhanced. In some Chinese provinces the parents who dream of a son abort female fetuses so hard that there are 100 baby girls account for as much as 120 potential suitors. And the Chinese are planning to tackle this problem in the future, personally we did not undertake to predict. World peace and geopolitical grace the last 50 years have led to the fact that men, instead of dying heroically on the battlefield, began to survive, so that the shortage of female is now felt almost everywhere. And even in countries where the proportion of women in the population is higher due to demographics such a large number of elderly ladies whose husbands have given their duty to cardiovascular problems, start mowing men after 40 years. However, Russia and then stands: obscenely early male mortality allows us to continue to be a country with a predominantly female population. Well, at least good news for the entire article.

Myth 8. Women - the weaker sex

Yes, unload the car with cement, a woman will be slower and more dramatic. Her muscle mass by an average of 24% less muscle mass average man. But in general, the title of the weaker sex women do not have to qualify. They are much lighter than we transferred most of life's adversities. For example, prolonged starvation or thirst, increased radiation and sudden temperature drops rather kill a man. In addition, women are much better resist infections.

Myth 9. Women generally live longer

In fact, it is somewhat different. It is not women live longer, and men die earlier. In the life of man, there are four high-risk period. First - it is 2-3 weeks after conception, when there is a kind of test of the resulting gene combinations and all are notoriously unsuccessful at screenings. At this time, it is rejected just about every tenth egg, fertilized by sperm from the Y chromosome, because it is the future male fetuses are often unsustainable mutation. The second peak - from birth to age 5 years, when the death rate of boys is significantly ahead of the mortality of girls. The third peak - from 17 to 25 years, when the young men several times more often than girls are victims of accidents, murders, fights and armed clashes. Last, the most dangerous peak - is the age from 36 to 50 years, when men are in full blossom, die in connection with violations of the cardiovascular system. While their peers protects the female hormone estrogen that protects blood vessels and prevents the formation of plaques on their walls, men without such additional armor forced, unfortunately, to meet with heart attacks and strokes. But after 50 years, the chances of men and women for a long life are actually identical.

Myth 10. Women in the shower vegetarian, and we, bloody predators need meat

Yes, of course, you're rude carnivore, and she gentle elf with green leaf in the mouth ... In fact, adult males, in principle, not too need animal protein, we may replace it with vegetable proteins. But the woman animal protein and some nutrients that are available only in meat, almost always needed to maintain the normal functioning of their reproductive systems and to reduce the risk of birth of sick children. Even in the most vegetarian cultures, such as Japan and India, in the diet of young girls and pregnant women are often introduced fish and poultry, it is absolutely forbidden for men of their caste. With regard to the Abrahamic religions, then there is not highly recommended for pregnant fast. Today vegan nutritionists develop sophisticated diet and prescribed mineral and vitamin complexes, to at least partially compensate for the damage that a woman with such principles could harm future offspring.

Myth 11. Women have come up with monogamous marriage

No, monogamous marriage - a patriarchal norms protecting the rights of the majority of men in reproduction. In this structure of society women can not be seated in the back of his neck packs the most successful, powerful and influential males, and are forced to choose as a partner even highly questionable in terms of the evolution of the characters.

Myth 12. Polygamy - it is a pleasure for men

Polygamy is primarily takes into account the interests of women: almost any of them can get under the wing of a strong man, which guarantees her and her children protection and food. Weak as males when polygamy excluded from the evolutionary race. And as any sports sultans in their harems, a huge number of men in general do not get any women.

Myth 13. Women are more afraid of snakes and spiders
Arachnophobia - fear of spiders irresistible - suffered three times more men than women. As for the snake, it is generally the traditional female animal, like a cat. Before the spread meow Mouser (in some areas - ferrets) snake, sometimes even poisonous, were quite loyal assistants housewives at home. A snake in her hair and around her neck was the hallmark of matriarchs, witches and priestesses of various cults. Snakes are very sensitive not only to tactile signals, but also to smells, it is easier to establish contacts with women than with men. Our odor often makes them aggressive. And if you take the statistics of attacks on humans snakes, it is possible with interest to find out what one woman bitten there are ten men. Until now, the majority of workers in nurseries all snake Malaysia, Indonesia and other natural zmeyushnikov - women.

"And not just a snake! About the same statistics of attacks on people's big cats (given, for example, in an essay VP Sheinovo "Women and men: 1000 differences." Apparently, this is due to the fact that women are not as active exude pheromones of fear and aggression when dealing with danger. "


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