14 most surprising facts about love

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On the nose the 14th of February and on this occasion we have decided to recall the most interesting facts about love and sex, which he wrote Faktrum lately.

1. New Zealander looking for a girl for a year, of which only knew her name - and nashёl

25-year-old New Zealander Reese McKee started a social media campaign, captured the imagination of thousands of romantics in the Internet. His request for assistance in locating the whereabouts of his soul mate was the virus for several hours. As a result, he had to remove his conversion, as events began to go out of control.

In his original campaign Reese said that New Year's Eve of 2012 met a girl in Hong Kong. He saw her crying on the side of the road - it was lost and could not find their friends. Then Reese just shook hands with her, and eventually the two young men spent the New Year's Eve together, dancing and talking, and towards morning she found friends. When they said goodbye, the girl said Riza, that her name is Kathy, has enabled her to photograph and left, saying goodbye: "Find me».

The next morning, when Rhys looked at photos of Katie in your phone, it was a wave of pleasant memories, and he was determined to find her. Unfortunately, he could not remember her e-mail address, so I decided to seek help from Facebook.

His words were enough to thousands of Internet users began to look for Katie. They found it in the shortest possible time and threw tons of messages. Everything is so out of control that Kathy had failed your account on Facebook. To make matters worse, the search Riza received wide media attention from around the world although he refused to tell his story on television, it is, nevertheless, it has been widely reported. He admits he did not understand what his quest to attract so much attention.

The overall impression is that Katie not too happy when she was found. Now the 20-year-old student at Georgetown University, Katie is in the south of France. According to her, she still had not decided what to do with Reese, but while on a date with him is not out of the question, although it still expects that it will come into contact with it. As for Reese, he seems to have decided to wait until media interest in their stories die down, and then contact Kathy, that in this situation is a very smart move.

2. This is what determines what type of men (pretty or "macho") like devushke

Health of the general population of a country has an impact on whether women like masculine or "cute" man. Women living in countries with a high level of health, prefer a more "feminine", soft faces of men, while women who live in countries where life-threatening diseases are very often prefer a more masculine appearance.

Men with masculine looks most attractive to women living in areas of the world where quality is genetically transmitted is crucial for survival. A study of women from 30 countries showed that they prefer to choose a partner with manly appearance, if their country has not too high index of mortality according to the World Health Organization.

In those countries where people are living longer, women like men with a soft, even "feminine" appearance - even taking into account the fact that their genes may not be the most viable.

3. The Japanese have created a bra that can be undone only if there is true love

If you want to make love with you worked only one you really like, then we have good news: the Japanese manufacturer of linen «Ravijour» developed the bra clasp which rasstegnёtsya only if you feel the man really strong feeling.

It works with the built-in heart rate monitor and a special application for a mobile phone (also, probably, "magic"). When excited by the adrenal glands secrete catecholamines - physiologically active substances that affect the nerves and reducing regulate the heartbeat.

Built-in bra sensor reads the heart rate signal to women and sends it via bluetooth special application for analysis. The application calculates the "true love" based on changes in heart rate (HR) for a long time. When the "index of true love" exceeds a certain value, the bra clasp automatically unzips.

However, there may be some inconvenience. Suppose that the bra is sufficiently "intelligent" to distinguish the growth of romantic causes the heart rate of the physiological reasons (for example, during the run). But imagine that your bra rasstegnёtsya unexpectedly during a romantic dinner, when there is no time for sex and may not be the place.

But "magic" Bra is guaranteed to protect you from uninteresting to you impudent. However, you can have sex in her bra.

4. Intuition is much better able to predict the fate of your relationship than razum

A recent study by American scientists showed that the prospects of marriage can be predicted by almost instinctive and unconscious physiological feelings of spouses, they are experiencing when communicating.

Psychology professor Jim McNulty and his colleagues at the University of Florida for four years watched 135 couples, and every six months the partners were asked to assess the sufficiency of their relations and the prospects of using various adjectives corresponding to a scale of one to ten. After that experts have studied the reaction time of the spouses on the positive and negative comments about each other and found that in some cases, the partners will respond to the positive evaluation and slower to negative, while in others the opposite. At the same time their own informed opinion on the marriage almost did not affect the results of the second phase of the study.

Couples who have observed accelerated response to negative evaluation, throughout the experiment displayed a decrease in satisfaction relationship, and those who unconsciously perceived their partners as a more positive marriages over time only strengthened regardless of the epithets that the couple "rewarded" each other.

According to psychologists, the findings suggest that visceral reaction to the "soul mate" far more impact on the success of marriage than you realize. "The conscious evaluation of the relationship, as a rule, is rational, but it can introduce the couple to make them confusing and wishful thinking" - explains Professor McNulty. The researchers believe that the experiment will help many couples to avoid some of the problems associated with their illusions about the attitude to each other and reveal the true state of affairs.

5. Mosquitoes have sex only with a partner, that sounds garmonichno

Mosquito squeak, perhaps one of the most annoying sounds to our ears, but some mosquitoes this sound - a complex love song. When searching for a partner of his subspecies, male and female mosquitoes are guided by their ability to "sing" harmoniously.

Signals songs are played and vary depending on the frequency of wing beats in flight. When the male and female mate, they regulate the rate of strokes of their wings, while both the sound does not come together in such a way to sound in harmony with each other.

Hum mosquito male, more precisely, its tone of flight is generally about 600 cycles per second, or 600 Hz. The tone of the female - 400 Hz. If you pass them to the music, the male - about D, and female - G. So when male and female humming in unison, they constitute almost perfect duo.

6. The first porn movie was released a few months after the invention of the cinema

The film «Le Coucher de la Marie» (can be translated roughly as "Lodging Mary") at the time of release in 1896 certainly made a splash: it is believed that it was the first in the history of the movie "adult". He lifted the famous French photographer and filmmaker Eugene Piru and director Albert Kirchner, but the fruits of their joint labor preserved only partially - of the seven-minute tape has reached us two. The film was released just a few months after the Lumière brothers staged their first public cinema show.

I must say, at the time of manufacturing techniques and reproduction of films still left much to be desired. It was an extremely difficult and time-consuming process, so it is unlikely the audience could truly enjoy the pleasures of obscene scenes and the first in the history of porn actresses. However, in 1903 "Overnight" was released in rent in the United States, where, despite all its flaws, for a long time enjoyed a certain success.

7. Falling in love makes food and drinks sweeter vkus

According to a recent series of experiments at the University of Singapore, infatuation will make your delicious dessert. Not what we are used to relate the word "love" with sweetness, but even thinking about something romantic might cause us to perceive what we eat and drink more sweet.

The test correlated different emotions like love or jealousy with different tastes - sweet, bitter, salty, spicy, sour. Then, one group described a personal romantic experience, and the other - something more boring like Singapore attractions. They then evaluated the taste of the food offered to them: those who wrote about happy love, the food seemed sweeter than those who wrote about jealousy or attractions. Not only that, it even seemed that simple water "sweets».

Researchers believe that this taste perception may be related to the overall functioning of the nervous system associated with the fact that love and are often perceived as a sweet reward. Studies have shown that the anterior cingulate cortex (the region of the brain that plays an important role in predicting reward) is activated when you look at pictures of romantic partners and tasting sweets. Thus, it is possible that when a person experiences love, activates the anterior cingulate cortex representations associated with sweet, thereby causing a sensation of sweetness, even without direct consumption of sugar-containing products.

8. The Englishman Edward Smith had sex with 1000 avtomobiley

Edward Smith lives in Hjelm, Washington. He is known as a man who has had sex with a thousand cars, making it the most illegible mehafilom - man, too much love machine or experiencing sexual attraction to them.

Smith claims that he was never attracted to others, and his love of cars began in childhood - he lost his virginity with the "Volkswagen" neighbor. He had only one woman 12 years ago, and that his whole sexual experience was limited to one night in Seattle.

«When I was 13 years old, I saw a" Corvette Stingray "- incredible machine, with which I have been simply amazing sex. I wanted it. I did not fully understand what was happening to me, but I'm sure it does not harm anyone, and I do not intend to change ».

blockquote> Now Edward "support relationship" with second-hand «Volkswagen Beetle» named Vanilla, «Opel GT» 1973 model year named Cinnamon and "1193 Ford Ranger» named Splash. With all these machines had sex happens regularly, but his heart belongs to Vanilla, to which he feels true deep feelings. He regrets only that the car can not talk to him.

On the question of what is so attractive in the car, Smith responds:

«Some guys look at breast and ass of beautiful women. I pay attention to the fine hood and luggage carriers for vehicles ».

blockquote> Before you start a long relationship with vanilla, Edward had sex with other cars on the streets. Some so attracted him that he was waiting for the night to come to these machines, hug and kiss them. Now, however, he prefers vanilla. Smith feels abnormal - he argues that just loves cars.

9. Men care about penis size is much larger than zhenschin

According to recent studies, many men with large penises are concerned about its size, while men with small penises is quite confident in them. Study leader David Veale, a psychiatrist at King's College London, believes that it is no wonder - like anxiety is an emotion, and is no different from other manifestations of dissatisfaction with her body.

Men care about penis size much more than women: a recent study found that women prefer large penises only up to a point, while its length neeregirovannom state does not exceed 7, 59 cm. The preference also changes depending on the growth of man. In addition, women prefer a larger penis, often experience vaginal orgasm, for those who did not experience or does not like, the size does not really matter.

However, men continue to worry about the size of the penis. Pitchfork notes that such anxiety - an important step on the way to being able to assess psychological treatment designed to increase the self-esteem of men.

Wil and his colleagues conducted a survey among men: 30% of respondents were dissatisfied with their penis size, about 35% were completely satisfied, and the rest ranged between contentment and dissatisfaction. The highest percentage was among the dissatisfied homosexual and bisexual men - those with a sexual orientation increasingly concerned about their appearance and physiological qualities.

Scientists have concluded that concerns about the penis does not depend directly on its size - especially the psychological causes of anxiety. Many men were concerned, suffered psychological trauma - for example, a teenager teased their peers.

10. Loving husband bought his wife of 55 thousand to pay for 56 years of their marriage 96,904,336

If love could be measured in dresses, Paul Brockman, probably - the most loving husband in the world. Over the past 56 years, the German-born, now living in Lumite, California, he gave his wife Margot 55,000 dresses, with all the dresses he had chosen himself.

The first ten dresses got him for free - Paul got them in the seaport of Bremen, Germany, where the workers could choose whatever they wanted, when commodity bales were opened - all of the dresses he presented his then girlfriend Margo. After a while, Paul asked his parents for her hand, and they agreed on one condition - the couple try to leave Germany and move to the United States.

They did so, and Paul began working in the construction industry. Soon he was able to create a construction company and wife in no way needed. They both loved to ballroom dancing, so every week go to dance, but Paul wanted his wife to appear each time at a dance in a different dress, and bought her a new weekly. By the time they moved to Los Angeles in 1988, Margo Brockman was already between 25 and 26-Tew Tew thousands of dresses.

Margot never liked shopping, so Paul choose and buy their own dresses. Sometimes he came home with 30 new dresses. He became a regular on all sales, and eventually ceased to care about the size when buying dress "by eye" and not even wondering whether it is suitable Margot. Sometimes he spent all the money that had been with him. The most expensive dress, donated them to Margo, worth $ 300, but she never even wore. Most of these 55,000 dresses never worn.

His wife asked him to leave, saying that all of these dresses are not needed, but Paul did not pay attention to her words. Eventually, he began to hide from her dress, but she noticed that the garage was becoming less and less space. There followed a scandal, and Paul in secret from his wife rented for storage of six containers.

Paul and Margo did not tell anyone about the strange hobby - no close friends or even children: Paul did not want anyone to know about it. Once their daughter Louise had found a hiding place in the garage with dresses and asked my parents what it is. After learning she was very surprised and asked his father what he was going to do with so many dresses, to which he replied: "I'll leave it to you." However, Louise so many old dresses, too, was not necessary, and she offered to sell them, and Paul, oddly enough, agreed.

Sales took Louise. They opened a small shop where dresses hang tight rows, they are able to sell a maximum of three per month. Brockman expects to sell them wholesale, but the buyer is not found.

11. Some men do not need time to recover after seksa

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