Michael Litvak: Love - like pregnancy. Either it is or it is not

Michael Litvak, in his book "The psychological vampirism" gives a list of interesting "problems", phrases, he had collected during his time. Some assertions are quite applicable in everyday life, it's nice to find something with which you strongly agree and constantly are using, and sometimes you find something that gives you an opportunity to reflect, rather than whether to take it to your arms? Where you can find what is right for you at the moment.


Responsibility for the result of communication take over.
We do not deceived me, and I have allowed themselves to be deceived, do not have provoked me, and I allowed myself to provoke not made me angry, and I allowed myself to anger. This approach allows us to gain experience. Over time, less and less yielding to the deception and stop the provocations and angry.
Do not wait, when you offer what you want. Ask.
Rule inspired by the Bible: "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you ... ". You must be able to ask! This is a good habit.
I do not advise!
But if you want to advise the Council more than once, then link to incompetence. But in this case it is impossible to advise who to be and who to be.
Simplicity - a sign of truth
. Very accurate antique aphorism.
Don `t doubt! When in doubt, choose the worst option and start to act. You can not choose - cast lots, and to submit to fate
. Tear after the first scandal.
Otherwise, it follows the second, third, fourth row, and so on ad infinitum.
You want to think about you good, speaks of itself bad.
Talking about yourself, start with disadvantages, talking about the opponent, start with the advantages.
Do not make excuses, because justification is an attack.
Man criticizes you, he is convinced that he is right. If you're making excuses, then unknowingly you call it stupid.
Do not make excuses, and ask questions.
We offer guests the dishes that we like. So in communication: first, prepare yourself, please yourself, and then offer themselves to another
. Many people gossiping lack of candor and losers. Little by little, all the gossip.
A friend does not gossip about you and your loved ones.
At the party, and the rest will acquire no other.
The scandal both sides are guilty. If at least one of the partners is able to psychologically competent to act, the scandal will not.
Do you want to keep near her partner -
grow! Do you want to keep near her partner - to do their work
. Hold, hold.
True love is like a ghost: all talk about it, but very few people saw it
. This La Rochefoucauld.
Try to breathe clean air, communicate with enlightened man.
Communicating with someone, remember that he had a good opinion of himself.
A partner is programmed in your question. If the answer does not suit you, then you asked the wrong question.
In communion there are no winners and losers.
Both sides or win, or lose.
Do you want to communicate to achieve his - Give this initiative
. Calmly accept compliments.
You do not owe anything to the person who did it to you.
Irritability and anger - the urine and feces of our communication. Do you want to flare up or fight - go to the toilet
. Distinguish psychological conflict (contention) by the business. Psychological conflict comes to mutual destruction, and solves the problem of business and brings partners.
When you criticize, scold yourself, too, only even more.
Psychological vampirism - is the use of people as a source of energy and the protection
. If you do not understand a partner, do not rush upset, maybe not fool you.
Do not pose as a clever man: it is not clear - ask
. Sin is given without love, sin is not given, if you like.
In love lucky one out of ten times. If no luck, do a new attempt.
Declares his love as soon as possible.
Make a bid once. Dont. Having been refused, asked to explain the reason for the refusal and immediately leave.
Do not make excuses person in front of you, even if he is in something naughty.
You want to be loved, love itself.
Who does not love himself, he has no chance of happiness.
If I do not love yourself, how can an honest person should get away from the favorite. You can not slip shit loved one.
Courting a woman, does not demonstrate love, business and personal qualities.
From love waiting more than she can give. In love all the people are about the same. Different individuals with their personal and professional qualities. In love, a lot of repetition in the creative affairs has continued progress.
Strong love and good sex starts with a successful cooperation.
You want to be loved, do not do gifts, and give the opportunity to earn.
If you live with hatred in his heart, find someone to hate.
If you want to terminate the relationship with the partner, first get rid of feelings of hatred for him.
Do not resort to the help of a friend (friend) in matters of love - here everyone is trying to himself
. Loving you could only economically independent from you people. You can buy affection, but not love.
Love alone, feeling like her million.
Courting a woman, I know what you need from it:. Weasel or love
Casual sex can turn into love, but most of it goes into syphilis or AIDS.
In cases to gather information about the partner, in love - no. Rely on the heart.
In love, do not mess with those who advised on account of you. It is so clear that it is better you do not!
With overly flirtatious woman and admire you do not mess. If you met her, did not go to see off; if you went to see, do not go to her house; if you went home, did not seek sex; if made of sex, wait for a subpoena.
If the woman agrees to spend time with you alone and puts a condition that you "did not stick" give up visits; otherwise proslyvesh or impotent, or impudent.
Cavalier, complaining about your predecessor, then you will complain about.
An excessively flirtatious woman frigid - all steam whistle goes
. Anger fool - in his words, intelligent anger - in its affairs
. This Arab proverb.
Not covet eternal love, I wish that you loved today.
In matters of love does not lay claim to, every day starts all over again.
If you remember that simple, so do not forgive; if you realize that is true, then, it is wrong; if you know that he had forgotten, then, remember.
"I love you, I can not live without you!».
If you hear a declaration of love, know that it is genuine. But is not love if it is hungry wolf to the lamb? A hungry wolf sincerely loves the lamb, because he really can not live without it.
When you declare their love, find out what you want to get on, and what you can give, and you will understand, it is love there.
Love - like pregnancy. Either it is or it is not. And if it is small, it creates conditions for it and it will be great.
From the beginning of love just as easily get rid of both the pregnancy with a small period.
If not lucky in love - to grow, and your beloved from the heart gets into the stomach, then into the pelvis, and then in the toilet
. Love is like a tree: when she had just emerged, it is easy to uproot when grown hard
. After parting with his beloved, do not occur, but if forced to meet, do not talk, and if forced to talk, not to be frank.
Let the news about you will know it by,
Calm in the erotic love of one who has a love of the pyramid.
Pyramid of Love - a woman who love me and whom I love. On top of that, which I am also a sexual relationship. If that which is at the top, I cease to love, tragedy will not, though, and will be unpleasant.
Having won the men stayed the same as it was when it won, and do not become the way you have.
When you have someone or something to try to win, think, if you can keep it. It is difficult to keep, not to win.
Love can not be weak. If the feeling of weakness - it is not love
. This spot can be in the sun, but not on the favorite (th). Here - features. When love goes, features become disadvantages. When a loved one were defects wondered if love is gone?
Seek only Queen. Of course, she can not refuse. But it can not refuse and queen!
The science of love is needed when there is no love.
Women fighting for the man: who pulls over, he loses
. Women fighting for a man: why do you need this fool? Is it not clear that you - the best
! Love has no adjectives.
Do not think about a partner, think of yourself, a partner only benefit from this.
I'm a doctor, but when I treat a patient, I think only about themselves. I warn you in advance of the patient, that I am not God, but I will try to do everything I can for his recovery. If I know that the other doctor treats the disease better than me, I am sending it to the patient. I do not want to spare yourself the trouble. But such an approach and the patient wins!
Recognizable fool the clever mind, the proud gait and pathetic speech.
Fool flaunts his folly. He says: "I'm an emotional person»
. "You are the most beautiful and extraordinary. Such as you are, I have not seen. " So a womanizer, a declaration of love, says his beloved that he was a womanizer.
It is advisable to someone who does not want to take responsibility. A mature person asks for help.
When a person is crying for the dead relative, it is possible that he is crying about the benefits that he lost due to his departure to the other world.
Listen to people abusing others. It was he who gives himself a response.
If the person called me a fool, he is certainly a fool. As for me, it remains to be investigated. Maybe he's right. But with regard to its no doubt. If I'm really smart, and he called me a fool, then who is he? And if I am a fool, then he is a fool twice as stupid mess with a fool. In psychology, there is an unwritten rule that says: "The psychologist is never wrong. But if what he attributed the examinee is not true, then it is true in relation to the psychologist himself. »
You want to know a person? Talk to him and you know it by its mode of action in similar situations.
To condemn the act, not a crime.
This is a Japanese proverb.
Do not get well at the doctor of the patient. Everyone can be transferred to another only what he has.
How to help the patient to solve his problems psychotherapist, who is himself of their problems can not solve? How did he teach the patient to be successful in work and happy family life, if he can not do this? He can only say, what not to do.
Illness person on that and given that he stopped and wondered if he goes there. If he thought about it, the disease will become a good, if not - then a tragedy
. Hostility concealed anxiety, and anxiety - anguish and fatigue
. In a healthy person the hands dry and warm.
Unfortunately, medications help.
Few explain. I am not an opponent of drugs. There are diseases which are without drugs will not cure. It is almost all acute diseases and of chronic - epilepsy, diabetes, mental illness and some others. But neuroses cure remedy impossible. I appointed one patient medications that help to remove his pronounced obsessive fear of death. He gave me his word that he would work on himself and to engage in group psychotherapy. I warned him that it is a prerequisite, otherwise it will be worsening. His condition quickly improved, and he disappeared from my sight. Three months later, he came to me in serious doldrums. I do not know who he deceived: me or yourself
If the doctor does not help you if the improvement came shortly after an exacerbation, change it. But first, consider whether you fulfilled its recommendations.
In my experience, there have been cases where patients have been treated for many years in one and the same doctor without much effect. Then, replace the doctor, quickly received an improvement. When asked why they have not done this before, most patients responded: "Uncomfortable was!»
. Doctor: If you know that you can not help the patient, give up on him. If there is no effect, invite a consultant or tell the patient to conduct another doctor for three months.
Doctor: never promise a patient that you cure it, and the promise that you'll do for him everything in your power
. Recovery under the right action depends on the patient's physician. What can I do, if the patient does not comply with the diet after surgery on the gastrointestinal tract, is trying to walk when not yet healed fracture, does not want to deal with medical gymnastics, etc.?
Patient: I do not get well by a doctor, which guarantees you a 100 percent recovery. Not everything depends on him.
If the offer suits you, agree on the first try. The second time can not offer.
And even if it does not suit you, you still agreed in principle, and then Deny for details. Just do not give up. After the consent of the partner programs.
We offer cooperation only once.
Aphorism originated from Eastern wisdom: "To persuade - means rape»
. Do not wait, when you start to criticize, criticize itself.
Do not offer your services. Wait, when you are asked to do so.
Helps when did his business.
Against this rule, many argue. And in vain! Which of you will sense if you are helping others, you will be distracted by the thought of their deeds?
Do not ask for help from someone who is busy about their business.
Contact for help is not a friend, but a professional.
For the professional of your business - its business.


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