Michael Litvak: a Woman loves stronger, but recovering from an unhappy love faster

Since the emergence of civilization increases the constant opposition of men and women, between them there is an undeclared, and often unconscious war. First, there was the matriarchy. Don't know what has benefited from this are women. But in the end the case came down to Patriarchy. So let's look at the state of Affairs today: won men, he won the humanity? What gave victory to men? Yes, it should be recognized that in many fields a man has a number of advantages, which often turn into a tragedy for him and mental anguish. Having learned the idea of our own superiority, he feels discomfort when his sexual partner passes him in the socio-career plan.

  I want to talk about the "benefits" of this victory sexually. We are talking about the man who sincerely considers himself a creature of a higher order, and a woman of the lower creation:In sexy-erotic terms1. He must be sexually active, are accustomed to it from early childhood. But suddenly he is phlegmatic, and she's hot-headed. I'm the first to make him an offer. Many men can not withstand this not because not happy, but because education prevents. They are lost, shrinking, and eroding.

2. In sex, he is obliged to provide a woman an orgasm, or at least to always be wealthy, not to blunder and so If a man is still allowed to show weakness in other areas, then certainly in the sex crashes he did not say goodbye. And even if he's dealing with a smart woman, he still "eats" itself. Concern about maintaining its reputation, is the source of his constant doubt and often leads to serious sexual disorders, especially when he's dealing with the woman. With it he often does not work. And with the woman he is disparaged, it turns out everything is just great.

A small example: a young teacher, the last course fell in love with one of the students, which were going to get married. But he delayed, "Komsomol" stage, and when it went to "party", it did not work. His girlfriend wanted to continue, but he stopped her every relationship, fell into a depression. The condition was exacerbated by the fact that not all went well at work. The students are poorly behaved in the classroom, not evolved and creative activities. He came home depressed, depression developed, there were thoughts about suicide. In the end, he told everything to his mother.

After fruitless visits to several therapists, urologists, psychics, bioenergetics, and so he turned to me for help. I offered him such a strategic plan: first, to Mature personal; learn how to conduct lessons, to earn a living; to get stronger physically, to return to creative activity, and then engage in sexual issues

He has examined our management system and creatively applied it in their profession. So, instead of grandiloquent words about the power of visual art, he began to offer his disciples to determine the value of still life and costumes in the family portraits, to calculate the height of an oak, beneath which are gathered the company. What is he trying to achieved? Children would stare at the paintings. When he taught them to paint portraits, the naughty boy was put in front of the class to pose (welcome the removal of the antilinear). To work he became interested, he stopped practicing with me. In the bustle I didn't follow it all.

A year and a half he again came into my field of vision. What happened? Parents, trying to quickly solve a sexual problem, turned for help to the urologists. And urologists did this (it's their style of treatment of neurogenic impotence). When he waited in line, they hoisted him a young woman with extensive sexual experience and easily included in a sexual relationship that started a conversation with him about this and that. Eventually he took her back to bed.

The sex was good, but it didn't fit him as a wife or in social or cultural terms, and apparently he didn't like. In addition, she was found to have signs of chronic alcoholism, which was manifested by periodic binges. Personal he never matured. Attempts to make acquaintance with the woman he loved, ended a sexual defeat. However, when he returned to his mistress, the sex was adequate. Eventually she bore him a child, he married her, but no one in the family.

3. How would such a man hate women, from attraction to him his nature is not delivered and because he feels humiliated, for forced to communicate with beings of a lower order.

4. Humiliating a woman, he humiliates himself, for he is forced to communicate the most intimate way with the creature in his mind, though below him, but still appreciates his best, in fact a truly masculine quality. If she crowns his head antlered, such betrayal turns into the most humiliating, devaluing all of his other achievements. (I want to mention a small scene from the novel about Genghis Khan: "in the Evening after the battle, mortally tired, he went to his tent. There he waited for one of his wives, almost still a girl, which was 13 years and which he still did not have complete sexual relations. He was not up to sex. He wanted rest, not sex, but in her eyes he read contempt" All of his military feats were impaired.)

5. Like psychology deprives a person feel erotic love. Love after all can only be equal. By the way, sexual relationship is based only on attraction.

6.Men can't complain about failures in dealing with women. If a woman throws a man, sympathize with her, not only women but also men. If a woman leaves a man, then laughing at him is not only women, but men too. Him and complain even uncomfortable, although sometimes I want to cry. For this reason, men are more likely to get sick and harder psychosomatic diseases (myocardial infarction, peptic ulcer, cerebral atherosclerosis, etc.).

By the way, science has established that a woman loves stronger, but recovering from an unhappy love faster. In men the opposite is true: it is weaker than love, but is suffering from a failed love more. Among the victims of the abuse of love is always more than men. Many needed hospital treatment. Women treated medical care.

In the socio-production plan1. Male managerswho hold such psychology, often make mistakes during the recruitment process. I know one Manager who did not take on leadership positions of women, and this was not some "dark man", and the doctor of Sciences, Professor, head of the Department. All the teaching positions had been occupied by men. Women he was not even considered as candidates. Of course, a few times he got in trouble, which suffered from the case.

2. This psychology forms the detachment of women-feminists, who are contemptuous of the male sex. It is women who usually have achieved. Men, they close themselves do not tolerate. But subordinates can only get from women. I knew these women leaders, and they had sexual problems. Men suffer from this attitude but, oddly enough, many women consider themselves second-class beings.

The main goal of life becomes family life: the husband, the kids, the housework, etc., and before that — a successful marriage. Somehow I taught the psychology of communication in beauty school. Pupils of this school were girls of 12-16 years of full (maybe even more than) wealthy families. They were taught to apply makeup, to walk nicely, to properly lay the table etc. I asked what purpose they have in life. The answer shocked me! Here it is: "Find the human!" I gently said: "But it may be better to become a man?" I'm more of this school was not working. Their mother, found a "man" (isn't that a latent prostitution?!), troubled by the fact that I wanted to help their daughters become men. In the end such a position in life usually leads to some specific consequences.

The woman who internalize the ideology of Patriarchy, believes his current fate, but only if she marries; all the effort spent on it to acquire "marketable" and sell themselves in the market of brides, instead of becoming a professional of high class, i.e. to carry out its human function. (There is something biological, when a person says about such phrase: "What a man can afford... I'm a woman...) of Course, women because of their sexual psychophysiology prone to the same types of activities, and men to others. But it's stats!

To you, my dear readers, this is irrelevant. And if you want to become a mathematician, a policeman, a pilot or to acquire another "male" profession, go for it. Of course, it will be harder than the man, but also an expert of you will be more qualified than a representative of the stronger sex, not the last of this struggle. Nothing to worry about. If you become a professional class, a sexual partner you have, although I can't promise you an easy life and with this approach. But when you are prepared to become a specialist, and only wife, you will have the problem of "no one" and when you become high-class professional, it will sound like: "it is not from whom". But it is tolerated much easier. It is much better when I do than when I choose.

This approach leads to the fact that a woman often marries a man for spiritual development, but well-earning. Here two variants are possible.

In the first case, she forces him to learn, "dotyagivaya" to yourself. When he gets the education and takes the position, he can throw, and it requires companies to "return of the villain", who found another woman, of course, manufacturing. Of course, not love it was headed, and resentment. I women talking about the following: "married, take the finished products, not prefabricated. One day, you'll be happy. And in General,get married, and not you take care of a child. Children from their parents go. It is a law of nature."

In the second case she gets sick. In the practice of a psychotherapist this is manifested in the form of hysterical neurosis in which temporarily helps only in-patient treatment, during which she may avoid sexual contact. A man such suffering does not feel. Be aware that if a man has sex with you, something positive he feels for you. In your power these feelings bring up feelings of love. The woman can fake sexual passion. I don't suggest to follow this in the marital relationship, usually ends up tragically. At production same sex, when pursued mainly matrimonial purpose, it is better to show passion, the more you earn, because it will satisfy the sense of self-importance.

The woman often marry not because of love but because "we need to get married." Woman has sex with whomever she wants, and with whom it is necessary, but sooner or later definitely is and the one I want, but usually in production. Then the woman actually feels raped. Sex is a subtle thing. Or higher pleasure or rape. But "voluntary" sex with the unloved husband worse than rape. Indeed, in the case of violence women have at least some justification, she can sympathize. But the fact that she has sex with the unloved, and blame no one — chooses.

I even for women, this aphorism coined: "a Sin to surrender to, if not love, but sin not to surrender, if you like". What is the result?

In the best case, like another man, as a rule, manufacturing will begin an office romance.

In the worst case, when the moral dogma does not allow it, will begin gynecological diseases — this unconscious response of the body to have sex with unloved man. I examined women who regularly attend gynecological office, where they found all sorts of chronic diseases, and have not met any that would love her husband. No, in the words of some many, but when we had with them colour test of relations, where they asked no questions, it became clear that the love that they had. But those who loved their husbands, gynecological diseases never (!) not sick, but the doctor treated only during pregnancy, or planned surveys.

Something in the middle. Husband all sorts of unconscious maneuvers she brings to impotence or alcoholism. She resigned to the situation, the sexual needs are reduced. Finds himself at work or in the house. Everyone lives their lives

The woman sex always feels like a victim (because it is given). Although purely anatomically and physiologically gives to the man. He gives cum, and pure physical energy it spends much more.

In psychological terms, as a consequence of psychological protection, many women develop a hostile attitude to men, sometimes on the unconscious level, which prevents build family relationships. Sooner or later the secret will be revealed.

Here is an example: 12 years ago under my leadership has done graduate work a student graduated from psychology faculty of Rostov University. She has participated in the development of color-sociometric test, developed by me to diagnose the structure of groups and identify leaders and antiliberal. I was very pleased with her work, which she did with the creative fuse, expressing some interesting ideas. This test built on the basis of the test relations Etkind. Mastering, we spent it on himself. So, according to this test it turned out that she had a negative attitude to the husband, although at the level of consciousness she loved him. And anyway they got married just a few months ago, and before that, studied together, i.e. knew each other. She was surprised like the result and asked me to explain it. Found out that in their business plans the role they are assigned in the following way: it is in the family plays the first role, she helps him to make a career. At the level of consciousness she was in agreement with these plans. The husband I have not seen, but my diplomantka was just a talented person, and if she refused to implement their plans, it would be just a miserable person. And with her husband sooner or later deteriorated. She would not forgive him a broken life. After this analysis it became easier. She successfully defended the diploma, and they left Rostov. On its further fate I know nothing. But I think that it all turned out well. After all, her husband is also a psychologist and, according to her, smart guy.

The idea appears of the neck (the husband is the head and the wife is the neck). In expanded form this psychology is generated in some women: I love him is not necessary, but if he would love me, and I'm not, then I'll be able to manage. Here is one so doupravlyalis. When she was 55 years old, she could not stand and in the hearts said, "I never loved you". He said, "I was more fortunate. I lived with the woman". Guess which one of them was my patient. It is easy to guess that she is. published

Author: Michael Litvak


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