Only a weak man would demand love, but return the feeling FEAR

Writer Paul Hudson on his experience tells how to behave "weak" men in the development of relations with a woman

We often hear that the first love is always a bad end but my start was not even the most beautiful. You may ask, what was wrong? Well, let's start with what I ran after her for about a year. Yes, it is running in a different way ... and not say.

I fell in love, but it is not reciprocated, and as it turned out, fortunately for me. But, to her regret, just so I would not give up.

I was stubborn and did not recognize his defeat - especially when it was a feeling that is felt for the first time in my life - I felt like I finally found their man.

And after so emotional for me, I broke her resistance. My perseverance prove to her that I care about her as no one else can.

The problem was that after I got her love, forced to open up and trust me, I could not love her.

I thought I loved her - and, in retrospect, of course, it was, but I was not able to make her feel loved. I could not feel these amazing emotions.

I was young. I was stupid, inexperienced and naive. Love seemed to me a simple thing. I considered it something pure and perfect. 10 A couple of years later, I realized that I was so far from the truth.

I wholeheartedly loved this woman was afraid of yourself to admit it, was too weak to do so. It took me a year to fall in love with it in himself, and as soon as it happened - I just could not bestow her love.

Comes to mind, of course, rather than censorship vocabulary to describe me at that time, but let's stick to the term "weak».

1. Only a weak man can make a woman fall in love with yourself, and then go and spoil everything.
This does not just make a woman fall in love with you, especially when it is doing everything to ensure that this did not happen.

The woman - as a man - can fall in love, if she wants it. But if you need to get her to fall in love with you, then you have to make this enormous effort.

It is true that men are attracted to what they can not get men attracted to women who are denied. They become obsessed with these women.

Why men are sometimes applied so much effort and create a lot of memories that are experiencing the passion and then allowed to back up? Answer - weakness.

2. Only a weak man can make a woman fall in love with yourself and then convince himself that he no longer loves her.
The human mind is in fact incredibly complex. So complex that, despite all the advances in science, we are still before the end do not understand it.

Frankly, some of us are even able to understand and control our mind.

A striking example - when you fall in love with someone, you are able to manage this process. That's all.

Of course, the phrase "that's it" sounds simple, and the brain we all seem just a piece of gray matter.

That is why many of us have to go through a phase of "fall out of love." We do not pay attention to the complexity and trying to simplify everything, never fully realize what it means to love someone.

If you are in love - really love - you can choose to stay in this state of love, the rest of this reality.

If you know almost everything there is to know about the person and still love it, then you can love him always.

But not so likely to happen. You are too weak to maintain its reality, to keep your mind from the destruction of the beautiful reality you have created for yourself also.

3. Only a weak man can fall in love with a woman, and then break her heart.
To love appeared, you must trust. Without it, love can not be - at least, as we should. We must love his woman, so that in no way hurt her.

We must love her without lies, betrayal, resentment and her broken heart.

Love, it means oscillate between the person that you have always been the best creation, which, you know, you can be.

You stop to understand where it ends, you and where it begins. Are you worried about her safety and happiness, care about her than about myself.

The problem is that when you break the heart of the woman he loved, without realizing it, smash their own.

The bottom line is that it can get away from you and stay away, but to get away from yourself you will not succeed.

4. Only a weak man forces a woman to love yourself, really love, and then he throws it.
When you love a woman, then you devote himself to her. I understand that it's not what you feel, but it's only because you are too self-centered to realize it.

You should not be ashamed of this, but just have to learn it.

You never will gain happiness, if you are always alone, and you will always be lonely if you learn to love someone not as much as you love yourself.

Like this? Never put on a cross. Never let life beat you. Allow your weaknesses and vulnerabilities overcome you and choose a course of his life.

To love a woman, it means never renounce it. If you give up the woman you love more than life, you will lose yourself. That I can tell you with confidence.

5. Only a weak man can create the opportunity of a lifetime and let her slip away.
You managed to make her fall in love with you. This is only a quarter of the battle, but congratulations; and in front of you waiting is the hardest part.

You have created a lot of opportunities for themselves. Do you have someone nearby who you can hand in hand, to overcome a long way. You managed to do what many people do not succeed.

It remains only the question whether you are strong enough to save all of this, to give up all other people.

Paul Hudson


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