7 types of single women with seals

Types of women who refused to relationships with men to loneliness

Single ladies are polar. At the South Pole - those whose loneliness is caused by traumatic experiences. This loneliness - freedom necessarily. At the north pole as those whose loneliness - a consequence of active life position and desire to live for yourself. For these girls the freedom - not a tragedy, and value. The first version - because it happened. Second - because that I myself wanted. Sometimes the path of the road cross - first flows into the second or vice versa. On what are loners and why they refuse life in pair.

Monitoring psychologist Julia crumbs female abandonment of pairing has several explanations: "The first - an unprecedented transformation of the institution of marriage, the second - the leveling of the pressure of society: being single today is not ashamed. Third - the flowering of narcissistic culture, through which many of the girls grow up with a sense of "all my unworthy. '" The fourth reason - the individual personality traits, which will be discussed below ...

1. gonna
Assol waits hero. Her rejection of the pairing dictated intelligibility. She has a very high level of aspiration: it needs not a real person with their weaknesses and difficulties, and immaculate - kind, gentle, loyal, obedient millionaire. Since the terms of some fishing and peasant sons rudderless, she sits back on a lonely shore, gently straightened the folds of her skirt, and peering anxiously into the distance. "This is a very immature character - says psychologist clinic" Insight "Irina Korobov. - In fact - this is a girl-child, which itself makes no steps, just waiting for the man he finds it, holding red sails.

But who needs a child who is hoping that the man would have to feed, drink, and rejoice at the same time to listen? And where is the guarantee that she gonna meet the requirements of the prince?

Here she finally meet the right one, and he, for example, do not like her brown eyes and breasts the size of the first ».

How to get out. Assol that poinitsiativnee sooner or later find themselves of any Gray inert same person remained seated hurt, his whole appearance indicating: I do not need - and in hiding amendment: necessary but not "who got».

2. Victim injury
She was born and brought up in a dysfunctional family environment. Her father drank, my mother beat my mother kept saying her daughter, who lives with his father only for the sake of it, that all men - the goats. For a girl like conditions and installation are extremely undesirable. They lie in her eyes and head as a filter through which she then able to see only the goats and tyrants. Good fellows in the field of view, it does not fall. Two or three times she tries to find her a pair of inertia of the stream of people grabbing guys modify it "drink-beat." Pomaia and making sure: yes, absolutely all the goats, - decides to men of affairs no longer have. And all the questions now responsible to the expression on the face of an old hand: "Why should I marry? I had already been there and seen it all ».

How to get out. Reluctance to be paired does not negate desires. She gets himself safely married lover, who can be kept at a distance and sometimes taken as a bitter medicine.

3. The traveler in time
The reason for her loneliness - unfinished relationship. Once she had a love of "lifetime", which suddenly and vaguely lost. Her favorite or tragically killed or drastically gone to another without explanation. He actually lost, but inwardly she did not let go: not otgorevala not understand is not easy. Time is running out and she turns her head to the endless unspoken dialogue. And that can sometimes last a lifetime.

The girl with the "unfinished" appearance seems free and lonely, but inside she "did not knock, busy." In fact, it still remains in a relationship with a ghost.

Young people trying to take care of it, after a couple of attempts to understand - she had no time to think about the future, it is immersed in the past.

How to get out. Communicate with different "interesting" people, especially those with whom you can discuss about the vicissitudes of life and remember the past.

4. A lover of freedom
She - a woman with other values. She likes to live according to their interests: a lot of work, fun to travel, meet people, objects and phenomena, and to enter into any non-binding short links. Long-term relationship in its values ​​are not included. Its main difference from other singles - she was not going through. One she was not sad, not boring, not scary. She has no trepidation in front of white wedding dress and a giant cake. The main value: life for themselves.

How to get out. Woman with other rules can stand up for freedom as long as the biological clock will not ring. Once she realizes that breathed the air of freedom, and is ready to breed, - the relationship she immediately appear.

5. Mom daughter
She's my mother's daughter. Her loneliness - the result of a strict upbringing, prohibitions and restrictions. And surprise: a girl brought up in severity, can become lonely as a nun, and a lonely rebel. "Her parents instilled since childhood:" You are so wonderful, you no one is worthy. " Dad pack off fans, assuring daughter: all men have in mind only one, you have to observe yourself. The girl of 20 years, then 30, then 40. She watches over all. Place occupied by men: dad or mom, "- describes the situation Irina Korobov.

The result: she agrees to be lonely. Forming or as quiet spiritually rich virgin, or as violent protests and prone to feminism lady. "You have to get married!" - Finally bethink parents. A late. She had not wanted to.

How to get out. Self-knowledge and social and political life.

6. Female vest
This compassionate lady attracts the downtrodden. Men are weak and lifeless nailed to it as the Cape of Good Hope. She is surprised that hang around just like that, but never ceases to feel sorry for them. The result is usually sad, men enjoy it. While another sufferer lost and worthless, with no prospects and goals in life, she consoled him, washes, he puts on his feet, learns to make money. And then he vzbodrenny and improved, push off with another woman. "And all because of that woman vest can not build partnerships. She only available parent-child "- sums up Irina Korobov. Having visited several times with nothing, she decides to close the charity in the name of men.

How to get out. His desire to take care of female vest switch to other needy: animals and children. Enters into charities takes custody of orphans.

7. Lady with offspring
She was an early unintelligible, and even absurd marriage. Skorospelaya pregnancy and soon the train, divorce. She was left alone with the child and the conclusion - who will take me now? And with this conclusion it walks like a self-made curves banner on the "Monstration", convincing themselves and others in their absurd positions. "In fact, children are not a problem. The point installations. Woman denies deliberately men under the guise of a child ", - Mrs. Yulia crumbs. A variety of single mothers psychologist considers the woman-to-SEAL.

"It is believed that a lady of 30 who has a cat, marriage is more complicated than the lady without a cat. Emotional attachment she had formed.

She takes care of the sweet heart being - feeding, water them, stroking, "- describes Julia crumbs. The exchange program is carried out in the house of a positive. In addition, the senior soldiers seals tend to survive, recruits men to express their jealousy of the lowest deeds.

How to get out. Women with children often prefer to choose a distant relationship, believing that in this way will be intact and men, and children are fed.

The good news is that with age, loneliness loses sharpness and urgency. In 20 years, it is shrill and painful. In the 30 already perceived as neutral. And in the 40 years it has become synonymous with tranquility and is happy. That is why it is so easy to get married in his youth, and do not want to go when you're "under forty».

Galina Akhmetov


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