Naomi wolf: Women are used to perceive themselves as a cheap imitation of a model's photo

The book is Naomi wolf "the beauty Myth" — popular scientific treatise. In fact, it is the exit of the labyrinth, the pill of enlightenment, similar to the one that helped Neo in "the Matrix" to see that the real world around him is a mass hallucination, and people have been living under the rule of the machines.

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Naomi Wolf"We women used to think of myself more as a cheap imitation of the photographs of models instead of photos of models simulates real women".

Naomi wolf calls "beauty" — a set of standard female appearance, which promote advertising and women's magazines — the Iron maiden. So called instruments of torture in medieval Germany iron box, repeating the form of the human body. "Outside it was a picture of a beautiful, young, smiling woman. The unfortunate victim was placed in the box, its lid tightly closed, depriving people of the opportunity to move, and eventually the victim died either from starvation or from wounds received from being inside the box of metal spikes. The modern "mass hallucination", a trap which the women caught, or drove themselves, reminiscent of the box. Society sees only its external side, but for "beautiful picture" hiding torture device for real, live women".

We are so accustomed to reach to this far from the reality of "beauty" and suffer because, no matter how hard, we fail to live up to that not even notice how our vulnerability earn billions, artificially understating and eventually destroying our self-esteem.

Wolfe leads the world statistics on the most profitable and powerful industries:the weight loss industry with annual revenues of $33 billion,

-the cosmetics industry with an annual revenue of $20 billion,

industry of aesthetic surgery with an income of $300 million a year,

the pornography industry is with an income of $7 billion a year.

They were all created and thrive due to our subconscious fears, and they are all due to its impact on the public consciousness not only use, but encourage and strengthen them.

We are told that without "beauty" a woman is not sexy and not feminine — no man it is not love and does not want. Actually, that's not true. "The idea that a normal adult woman can cause and to satisfy men's sexual desire and that as a necessary add-on requires "beauty" — a big lie generated by the myth of beauty, says Naomi Wolfe.

— Everywhere men prove otherwise. All those men who at the moment have for women sexual desire, flirting with them, love them, dream about them, go with them or make love to them, doing all this with women who look like they look and are who they really are».

We have long been resigned to the fact that women appearance when applying for a job as important as professional skills (if not more) — the employer did not offer a decent salary, if we don't look slender, youthful, well-groomed. In reality, artificially understating women's skills and linking the appearance of a woman with her professional activities, the market protects itself, keeping the Foundation of cheap female labour.

"Today the economy is largely dependent on the practice of underpayment of women workers, calls a spade a spade, the wolf. — Behavior that is advantageous from the point of view of Economics, is transformed into public virtue. Women make up 52.4% of the population, i.e. the majority. Women a lot and work hard – two times more than men. According to the report of the Humphrey Institute, "women make up 50% of the population of the globe, and the time within which they work, is two-thirds hours, and thus they receive only one-tenth the world's income and own less than 1% of real estate in the world." According to the UN report, "if we take into account household work, women around the world work in two times more than men."

Iron maiden cripples the male and female psyche, from childhood accustomed us to a certain, advantageous industries of beauty and pornography reactions. "In books and movies girls are the sensations experienced by a young man from his first touch of the thighs of the girl, his first impressions at the sight of her Breasts. Girls read and listen and absorb these experiences and feeling that their own thighs and Breasts become like strangers, as if they cease to be part of their own bodies."

They learn to see the body. Girls learn not to feel desire towards others, and wanting to be wanted".

Men, in turn, accustomed to think that a woman's body excites much stronger than her identity. Therefore, "men love with their eyes women with their ears". Woolf shows which is the origin of this stereotype: "Men are sexually turned on by the sight of the female body and to a much lesser extent – personal qualities of women, because they are taught from childhood to this kind of reaction. But women are weaker than react to visual stimuli and stronger – emotional, because they are trained. This asymmetry in sexual education maintains men's power, inherent in the myth of beauty: they look at women's bodies, evaluate them and go on, and on, their bodies do not look, they do not appreciate, do not accept and reject but even if you in a certain way educated, it does not mean that you can't abandon the previously learned lessons."

The only real beauty — light,which emit favorite people and which makes them in our eyes beautiful.

Eighty four million eighty three thousand three hundred eighty six

It is impossible to imitate and it is available to everyone. "It often happens that people illuminating, telling a story or listening to each other, gives examples of Woolf. The glow radiates most children – those whohave not had time to say that they are ugly. We often remember their mothers pretty simply because we've seen the light that radiated from their eyes. This light is very difficult to catch and successfully to photograph, it is impossible to evaluate on a scale or calculate in numbers in the laboratory. But most people know that the faces and bodies of people can come glow that makes them beautiful."

A few quotes from the book " the beauty Myth":

1."The essence of the myth of beauty: the quality called beauty exists objectively and universally. Women should want to possess it, and men should strive to possess women who embody it in themselves. "The incarnation in itself beauty is a must for women but not for men, and this situation is quite natural, as it is biological, sexual and evolutionary rationale". Strong men fight for beautiful women, and beautiful women are more successful in terms of reproduction.

None of this is true. "Beauty" is not a concept of universal or constant. For example, the Polynesian Maori population admires the female fullness, and the nation padung – sagging Breasts. Is "beauty" and the result of evolution its ideals change more quickly. Anthropology has overturned the notion that females must be "beautiful" to their chosen male.

Today "pairing" older men with "beautiful" young women is perceived as something self-evident. But a pattern of behavior in which men are "on the sidelines", is also found. In the Nigerian tribe of wodaabe women have economic power, and thus there is a cult of male beauty. Men of this tribe, hours of work complex elaborate makeup, and this seductive makeup and in clothes that emphasize their sexual attractiveness, swaying my hips and with a languid kind of deceiver, participate in beauty pageants that judge women."

2. "Of course, men don't age better-looking than us physically. They age beautiful only from the point of view of his social status. We are accustomed to perceive the signs of age on the faces of the women as a flaw, and in the faces of men – as a sign of individuality. But if men were intended to serve as "decoration", and the period of adolescence would be regarded as the peak of their attractiveness, "outstanding and famous" middle-aged man looked at our eyes is shocking bad. Men die once, while the women are dying twice. Before dies their physical body, they die like beauty".

3. "Men are not told on all sides that their time is running out, that they are no longer caress, they will never again be admired and to please the eye. With the threat of loss of love comes the threat of becoming invisible.

Old age – the apotheosis of gender inequality: men rule the world and women age disappear from the view of our culture. Few can withstand when it is treated as invisible. And women decide on a facelift, because if they do, it will cease to exist for the society in which they live".

4. "The great world never tells girls that their bodies are valuable simply because they live in them.

Thirty seven million sixty two thousand two hundred seventy one

Until our culture is not to tell women that they are happy regardless of their shape that every woman is valuable regardless of "beautiful" or not, girls will continue to starve".

5. "We wholeheartedly want to be loved as a child, when gently touched each of our finger, loudly and joyfully admired each part of our body, because it was ours alone, unique and incomparable. As adults, we are looking for a romantic love of liberation from comparison with others.

Each of us, even the most jaded want to believe that truly loves her man will see it as the "most beautiful woman" because he would know her truly for who she really is. But the beauty myth offers us the opposite perspective of the properties that make a woman unique – asymmetry of facial features, scars, forever remaining after suffering a trauma in childhood, fine lines and deep wrinkles, abandoned thoughts and laughter that was experienced with grief and anger, — exclude her from a number of mythical beauties and as we are told, banished from fairyland of love".

6. «In fact, the beauty myth suppresses sexual desire. Beauty is based only on visual perception, it is easier to capture on film or in stone than in three-dimensional space of real life. Visual perception is monopolized as for the other senses, the is is not in a winning position, people are able to smell, to taste, to feel by using skin receptors to hear.

Shape, weight, touch to the skin and body sensation of a partner are all vital components of pleasure and they are unique to a specific person. World sex appeal is becoming more impersonal and cold as the people (women first, then men) start to look the same. They lose each other, putting on more masks and pretending to be who you are not."

7. "The combination of concepts of beauty and sexuality in itself is wrong and makes women mistakenly believe that they must be "beautiful" to be sexual. All women who are able to experience the pleasure of a "good" body. We don't need to spend money and to starve, to fight, to become sensitive: we've always been like that. We must not believe that we need some way to earn attention to themselves: we've always been worth it.

Femininity and female sexuality are beautiful. Deep down, women have long suspected it. In this their sexuality women are beautiful, gorgeous, amazing. And many men feel it. A man who really loves a woman, he admires those traces left on her face before meeting with him.Such men are much more than we think, although popular culture tries to convince us otherwise."

8. "Advertising aimed at women works by lowering our self-esteem. If it will flatter us, it will cease to be effective. Let's hope that the officially recognized Canon of beauty will correspond to what we really are. This does not happen, otherwise it will cease to perform its function. While the definition of "beauty" imposed on women from outside, it will be to manipulate us in the future."

9. "Women need to speak openly about what really carries the beauty: attention from total strangers, the reward for what you have not earned, have sex with men who are drawn to you like a fairground prize, a hostile and sceptical attitude on the part of other women, the immaturity, the drama of aging and a long and difficult struggle for their individuality.

And we understand that the good that is in beauty – a promise of confidence, sexuality and respect for our identity – has nothing to do with her as such.

The best of what offers us beauty, and so is rightfully ours, simply because we were women. When we separate beauty from sexuality, when we learn to rejoice in the individuality and uniqueness of our appearance and our traits, we will be able to enjoy their bodies and then the beauty myth a thing of the past". published 


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