Naomi Sims

Currently skinned Centerfolds appear on the covers of glossy magazines as often as whites. But in the '60s. the last century girl with black skin as the face of a fashion magazine was nonsense. Although African American and mulattos had already successfully participated in fashion shows, starred for fashion photo shoots, but cover them even not allowed. Therefore, Naomi Sims is a pioneer in this regard. American model became the first black beauty that graced the cover of fashion glossy Ladies' Home Journal. This happened in 1968.

Naomi Sims was born March 30, 1948 in Oxford, Misisippi. Naomi and her two older sisters raised by his mother's father, with whom Mrs. Sims divorced even when the girls were little, did not help them at all. The school Naomi had hard times: not only that she grew up without a father, and even as a beanpole vymahala: thirteen years her height was 5 feet 10 inches (180 cm.). However, it is this feature later became the golden ticket to the world of fashion Naomi

For a girl from a poor family, no way was Naomi, the only chance to get free training at the prestigious New York Fashion Institute was winning the grant, and she made every effort to get around the other candidates. So Naomi became a student. Accustomed to the Big Apple, Sims decided to find a use in modeling agencies. At first, Naomi terribly embarrassed to bring their photo agency administrators: she thought that because of its dark color, no one even considered not to be her portfolio. But she was wrong: this type was very necessary fashion world. Naomi took under his wing Wilhelmina Cooper

After the appearance in 1968 on the cover of Ladies' Home Journal in the world of fashion photography began Naomi boom. Sims has become a model for the coveted leading gloss and famous photographers. In the 70s Naomi Sims was one of the most popular centerfold receiving huge fees for each survey

The same cover

Naomi Sims in the lens of Andy Warhol

In 1973, Sims married art dealer Michael Findlera, they had a son, Bob. In the 80s and 90s. Naomi continued to shoot for magazines, worked in parallel fashion business and wrote a book. Her life was like a fairy tale as long as it has not been diagnosed with breast cancer. This happened in the mid-2000s. The world's first dark-skinned supermodel has decided not to shred themselves surgeons, and to live life in the last few months alone, next to his son and sister Betty (with her husband she divorced in 1991). Naomi passed away August 1, 2009, at the age of 61 years


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