12 stories about what a mess we've created in the Sims

Twenty seven million one hundred forty one thousand seven hundred fifty

Everything that happens in the Sims stays in the Sims. Otherwise it is fraught with the appearance and spread of the wildest stories, many of which are fit to put an eye to the leading film companies.

Site collected 12 stories of users from around the world who talk about their most extraordinary antics in a series of games The Sims.

Eighty four million four hundred seventy three thousand seven hundred ninety three

  • I locked the men in the room, which was only a window and a phone. Thus they could, if you're feeling peckish, order a pizza and watch her bring. But take her they could not. They had to watch as she lays on the floor and moldy, after the delivery guy leaves. I don't know why I did that.
Fifty million five hundred thirty two thousand eight hundred forty five

  • I was 12 years old. Like most of my peers, I enthusiastically played The Sims. Who does not know, when you create a hero, you need to specify some parameters and traits. On that list was the count "Fetish". At the time I was a child, not yet spoiled by the Internet, and somehow was convinced that a fetish is something unacceptable, something that can not stand. Now, in the pop-up list was a version of the fetish — the smell of sweat. And I always pointed it out, because she can not stand it. Imagine my surprise when all my heroes eventually became a horrible messy, nobody went to the shower, enthusiastically sniffing their sweaty armpits and walked away.
  • I finally found the girl really wanted to marry. The problem was that she was already married. Instead, as usual, to befriend her and convince to divorce, I became friends with her husband. We became best friends, and I persuaded him to come live with me, and then drowned in the pool. Then I moved to live with his wife.
Ninety four million four hundred twenty five thousand ten

  • I've been waiting for my SIM will start to experience hunger, then let him order a pizza, and when it was delivered, I made him throw it in the trash. After that, he began to cry.
  • When I created the character I had the least money. So my SIM had to settle for the apartment in which almost nothing even lights had to sell to buy an easel and make money on selling drawings. His work was valued in pennies, so improving conditions was impossible. At some point, the index of hygiene of Shem fell heavily and I wanted to send him to bathe, but there it was! I forgot to buy a bath! As time went on. SIM increasingly pauses between my teams, distracted by your own smell. 3 days and 3 nights he worked on the paintings, selling them for a pittance, begging me, at least on a basin with soap, but I was ruthless and only commanded a "draw". And one day he couldn't wait. Squeezing all my will simovsky fist, he walked away from the easel. I was dumbfounded that he could not control it. And he was moving toward the kitchen screaming, went to the sink, got undressed, picked up the sponge with soap and began to lather its body conditionally zatsenzureno. Standing in the middle of the kitchen totally naked but proud and clean, he looked at me. And I, his mouth open in astonishment, only ordered him to wipe the puddle 7 cells and bought him a bath the next day.
Fifty four million two hundred eighty one thousand four hundred seventeen

  • My SIM seduced the neighbor's husbands had forced them to leave the family, slept with them, wrote their portraits, and then throwing them. After that, I hung up the portraits in the long hallway leading to her bedroom, so each new victim walked through the gallery the previous.
  • I once made a SIM and choose his attribute of love. But then his family fell on hard times and I sent him to fish. He fished a lot, we sold this fish, and things went smoothly. But one day I noticed that he was near the pond doing something wrong. Turns out he pulled a laptop out of the pond and sat down to play it. From fate will not leave.
Sixty eight million five hundred ninety two thousand nine hundred thirty five

  • Once I bought a mansion with a fence of hedges and wrought iron gates. Invited half the town for the holiday, and after parties are unable to expel this camp. On the option "kick all", they simply did not respond. The next day the herd fucked up my whole yard. And all complained that late for work... Mistake realized only through the day as it turned out, the gate was locked, the fence they jump could not.
  • Yesterday I decided to try in the Sims 3 to play a bit. In short, sits my woman, eats, the front door comes a man in a hat. Look — it's nothing to do, and I rummaged around the house. Call the cops, the Hatter takes the TV and sofa at the entrance waiting for his COP passes him to go in the door, comes in and pulls 500 local money (I have a SN of about 90 money per day) for a false call. Yesterday I realized that life sucks.
Eighty three million sixty nine thousand four hundred ninety seven

  • My friend once told me: "I Want to know what a woman wants, get her the Sims and give the code for the money."
  • Now I remembered when I was younger, came to visit friends parents, and they had a personal computer with the installed Sims. So, I sat down for it, created a character, built a house and started to play. For those who don't know, the Sims is a life simulator. Woke up, had Breakfast — off to work, came home from work — it's almost evening. Ate, cleaned up, went to bed. And in the morning all over again. Time is always short, only weekend I could relax. I sat and thought: what a stupid game, never as in life, almost work all day, then more things pile: make, get, make out, and sleep once. "I'm constantly working, and to live when?"given the naive child in me with confident that in reality it is not so: and time more adults, and fewer problems... How wrong I was!
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