12 notes that adorned our year

Notes - it is folklore, which is felt in the real life. They care, love, wit, faith in people and a lot of positives. We thank all those who have shared with us found "trophies", and publish the best notes in 2015.

Website sure: any work, even popular, making the world a little kinder.

20 letters to Santa Claus from the most obedient children h3>

15 cheerful notes from moms and dads h3>

15 notes for geniuses parking

25 notes that only children could write h3>

16 notes from the children, who understood all about love h3>

20 notes from colleagues with a good sense of humor h3>

20 notes from people who were lucky with our neighbors h3>

22 scrapbook filled with parental love h3>

15 damn cute notes that only children could write h3>

15 good notes, which made the day brighter h3>

17 damn cute notes from people who are lucky in love h3>

15 love notes without there calf tenderness h3>

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