Ukraine late '80s through the eyes of Western photographers

I see the photos made in Ukraine two foreign photographers - Barbie Bruno and Carl de Keyser - at the end of the 80s. Let's all take a look at familiar to many places such as Yalta, Odessa, Kiev, Lviv. Many of these cities, streets and buildings seem very familiar, while others see them for the first time.

Chereshenka village near the city of Chernivtsi. Rural wedding. 1988.

Lions. Girl on the market. 1988

Donetsk. Miners. 1988.

Donetsk plant. 1988.

The synagogue in the city of Chernivtsi. 1988.

The synagogue in the city of Chernivtsi. 1988.

Odessa. Orthodox priests bless the food at Easter. 1988.

Yalta. Portrait of Lenin in the chess club for children. 1988.

Lions. View from the central market square in the street Russian. 1988.

Kiev. Newlyweds at the Central Palace of Marriages. 1988.

Kiev. St. Vladimir's Cathedral. 1988.

Village Chereshenka. Rural wedding. 1988.

Lions. Chess players and casual spectators in the park. 1988.

Donetsk. Veterans of the Second World War came to honor those killed during the Nazi occupation. 1988.

Village Chereshenka. Orchestra on a rural wedding. 1988.

Donetsk, a ceremony in honor of World War II. 1988.

Yalta. Sunbathe. My favorite resort on the Black Sea. 1988.

Forward town 60 kilometers south of Kiev. The local market. 1988.

Kiev. Live rock group ABNA-AVIA. 1988.

Village Chereshenka. Rural wedding. 1988.

East Lviv, Olesko Castle, built by the Poles in the XIV century. 1988.

Kiev. A wedding at the registry office. 1988

Odessa. Posters for "Glasnost" and an exhibition of the crimes of Stalin. 1988.

Near the city of Chernivtsi. Castle Khotin on the Dniester River.

Odessa. Posters for "Glasnost" and exhibition of Stalin's crimes. 1988.

Chernovtsy. Soccer game. 1988.

Chernovtsy. Maternity ward. 1988.

Chernovtsy. Purchase tickets for show. 1988.

Chernovtsy. Maternity ward.

Residents of Carpathian region near the city of Chernivtsi. 1988.

Odessa. Barber. 1988.

Odessa. At the disco. 1988.

Kiev. Monument of World War II. 1989.

Kiev. The area of ​​the October Revolution, the street Khreshchatyk. 1988.

Odessa. Alexandria Monastery. 1988.

Odessa. A toast to the young family. 1988.

Odessa. Close to the harbor. 1988.

Odessa. Conductor at the station. 1988.

Chernovtsy. Barber. 1988.

Kiev. Bessarabian market in the street Khreshchatyk. 1988.

Odessa synagogue. 1988.

Odessa. 1988.

Kiev. 1989.

Kyiv School. 1989.

Odessa. 1988.

Odessa. Synagogue. 1988.

Odessa. 1988.

Lions. 1988.

Port of Odessa - one of the busiest in Ukraine. 1988

In the Donetsk circus. 1988.

Lions. 1988.

Kyiv School. 1988.

Kyiv School. 1988.

Yalta port. 1988.

Donetsk. The Board of Directors of the mine. 1988.

Donetsk. The kitchen at the farm owned by the miners. 1988.

Kiev. At school. 1989.

Yalta. Presentation of the hotel. 1988.

Chernovtsy. A wedding at the registry office. 1988.



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