20 atmospheric photographs, filled with anticipation of the New Year

New Year is around the corner. This means that very soon we are waiting for a cozy evening with loved ones, glowing bright lights of Christmas trees, elegant houses and streets, gifts, warmed by a warm family.

Editorial Website gathered for you bright pictures, with a sense of celebration that will come soon.

New Year - a time when we are waiting for miracles h3>

And they accomplished h3>

For our next home h3>

Together we decorate the Christmas tree h3>

To make it glittered and glowed h3>

Jewellery can be somewhat unexpected h3>

We light candles, because with them so cozy h3>

Cooking all sorts of goodies h3>

And, of course, where do without gifts and greetings

Often we wait for them a long time to fall asleep and

, but a hundred times more pleasant to give gifts than to receive them h3>

Celebration everywhere, not only at home but also in the street h3>

The colorful garlands create a fantastic atmosphere h3>

All permeated magic h3>

And let the dark early - but in the heart of light h3>

Nothing will be sad to us: we will be making snowmen h3>

or skate h3>

We can get to the nature h3>

It is wonderfully beautiful h3>

New Year - a time of light, warmth and comfort h3>

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