Things disappear in 2012

In just one year, our world has changed, and since the New Year, we will not be available some of the things to which we are accustomed.

We present a list of suitable and not things that go away on December 31 at 00:00 with the chimes - a flight to the old Tu-134, participation in a party organized by the pharmaceutical company, the purchase of plastic bags in the city of San Jose, a taxi ride without cash receipt, Dutch marijuana and more are disappearing.

A ride in a taxi without a sales receipt

No one is obliged to take passengers check a taxi driver when the trip came to an end. But during the presentation of the check will be interested taxi drivers themselves: such forgetfulness, if the client will move the case, turn to them a fine of 1 000. With officials for a violation committed by their subordinates, will take 10 times longer, and with legal persons (taxis) - 30 times more.

The new requirement - one of many that makes the work of a taxi Federal Law №69, received the unofficial title of the "Law of the taxi." Since September, the outgoing year, he made it compulsory licensing of taxis, "checkered" in the car and a special lantern orange, and in January of the coming - the issuance of checks and the presentation of a permit for the transport of passengers.

Call 7-digit Moscow number

On the first working day of 2012, that is from January 10, without a set of eights and one of the three codes - 495, 498 or 499 - you can not call for a single Moscow telephone. All rooms in the capital will be a ten and will look like this: 8 - (495/498/499) - XXX-XX-XX. Up to this point the owners of numbers with the code 495 have the privilege to call each other without a code.

Non-emergency and information services has not changed: they still can call 01, 02, 03, 04, 09 and 009.

Free redirect customers from your site to Google Maps

Owners of sites that use maps Google, there are not a lot of time to prepare for the introduction of fees for too many requests of their customers to this service. Since January 1, BBC reported citing the company itself, will be introduced for the payment too active users of Google Maps. Developers whose products have access to the service of more than 25 000 times during the day, will have to pay $ 4 for each additional thousand views for those days. The administration of Google believe that innovation will not affect one percent user base, but experts warn that innovation can be critical for some start-ups and non-commercial projects.

Calling police policeman

The law "On Police", which entered into force on 1 March 2011, provides that the first day of next year, the police finally ceases to exist - even in the form of inscriptions on the machine and in the departments of the Interior, on the clothing of staff and in official documents. Accordingly, the employees themselves will be from 1 January referred to only by police.

By the way, Russian police on the same date change clothes in a form that was developed in 2007, but is introduced only now, after the Ministry of Internal Affairs has asked its designers bit 'usin'. So in 2012, with Russian streets disappear gray police, and the police appear blue.

Buy a fishing net

The fact that from 1 January sale "netting gear" will be permitted only to individual entrepreneurs and legal entities who have received permission, and banned "Physics", a month before the "X hours" reported by many online retailers of fishing gear. Warning accompanied by the information that such strict rules enacts law on "recreational fisheries", lying on the signature of the President Dmitry Medvedev. In the list of bills approved by the Duma, such a law, however, there is but a ban could be introduced, and the decision of the government - as it was with the prohibition of nylon fishing nets.

Free call to the stop line at traffic lights

With the onset of 2012 will be new penalties for numerous traffic violations. New rules there is little, but significantly increased the amount that will pay for derogations. Seriously now be punished for non-compliance with the requirements of the SDA to stop before the stop line at a red light. Hit a line from January 1, it will cost 800 rubles. Prior to that, the penalty for such a violation is not levied.

Since January 1, increase fines for running a red light (from 700 to 1,000 rubles) and exit at the intersection at which congestion (from 100 to 1,000 rubles). But fine driver and stay out of the unclimbed it will be possible only if it is a taxi, a minibus with more than 8 number of seats or a vehicle adapted for the transport of dangerous goods. The rest will be fined for lack of insurance policy - which no inspection can not be obtained.

View bullfight in Catalonia

Catalonia was the first region of Spain, which will be banned bullfights. Such a decision of the local parliament adopted in July 2010. After the ban bullfighting will be closed and the famous arena "Monumental" in Barcelona, ​​which was held on September 25 last bullfight, which killed six animals. Cheap tickets for this view were sold for a few minutes and then resold with a margin of 600%, and the end of the show was marked by a short but fierce fight fans of bullfighting with animal welfare advocates. Rather, the example of Catalonia will follow in due course and the other Spanish provinces, according to opinion polls, for the preservation of bullfighting acts only a third of the population - against half.

Smoke a cigarette in the Finnish hotel

On the first day of the new year in Australia, comes into force a ban on seal brands on cigarette packs. Henceforth, manufacturers are required to pack products in the same packs olive green without brands, but with an inscription about the harm of smoking. Tobacco companies have already declared their readiness to sue, because they believe that the new law, first, does not allow them to compete with each other, and secondly, creates the ideal conditions for a wide release of counterfeits.

In general, the number of "smoking" bans come into force is 1 January 2012, perhaps more than any other. In particular, from this day will not be able to smoke at the famous stadium Camp Nou in Barcelona, ​​in the cabins on board the cruise ship Norwegian Cruise Line and in hotel rooms in Finland, where the same ban cigarette packs and put in the windows.

Perform non-market deal and save on taxes

From 1 January 2012 shall take effect from the Federal Law №227-FZ of 18.07.2011, which introduces the concept of "controlled transactions" are transactions between the related parties. For some transactions, aimed at reducing the tax burden, as you know, punished before. But the new law significantly expands the list of grounds for the recognition of individual interdependent. So, interdependent recognized organization, if one of them directly or indirectly involved in another organization with a share of more than 25%; the organization, the head of which is one and the same person, and so on. d. The law also specifies the methods used to verify compliance with the market prices. The taxpayer will be responsible for the application of the price deviates from the market. When underpayment of tax in the budget due to the use of non-market prices of the taxpayer to pay a fine 40% of the unpaid tax, but not less than 30 000 rubles. However, the introduction of penalties is postponed until 2017.

Doctor visit at the party pharmaceutical company and receive a gift

The ban on such visits introduced the law "On the basis of health protection in the Russian Federation", which President Dmitry Medvedev signed on 22 November 2011. The rigid rule is provided in Article 74 of the new law and is intended, according to the developers, negate the informal relationship between doctors and pharmaceutical companies that result in the appointment of some specific, usually expensive, drugs, rather than their peers. In the same article is registered and want to receive a doctor of medical representatives of pharmaceutical companies during working hours and at the workplace, to receive gifts from them, and similar restrictions.

Get a Sri Lankan visa without filing electronic application

Turmoil caused by the beginning of October information on the implementation on January 1, for the Russians visa fees for Sri Lanka, it is now a little verse. Charge for a visa to Sri Lanka now promises only from April 1, 2012 (according to the latest information, it will cost $ 20). But to submit an electronic application for a visa have been from the first day of the new year. To put it yet will still be at the airport Colombo. To obtain a visa, you will need to carry cash or a voucher of the hotel at a rate of not less than $ 15 for each day of stay, as well as evidence obtained in response to the supply of electronic applications.

Ride the old bus on the Kuban

After the New Year at the Krasnodar trucking companies will not be able to withdraw to the line of buses older than 15 years. All-Russian ban on the operation of buses is too worn out even supposed to enter this year, but the document has not been adopted. Despite the fact that at least a quarter of machines all over the country, every day carrying passengers between the two cities and, for a long time has passed the dangerous age limit. Most likely, the Krasnodar region will serve as a testing ground for the ban, which later spread to the whole of Russia.

Buy exam fees for drivers with the correct answers in England

Habit future British drivers simply memorizing correct answers to the questions of the examination of the test, rather than to teach and understand the rules, fill up the cup of the Ministry of Transport of Great Britain. Therefore, from 1 January to buy a brochure with a list of questions and the correct answers will be impossible. Publishers who produce such books, denied access to exam questions in September 2011, and the questions themselves have changed, so that future drivers do not use the old brochures. October was banned publication of exam routes that students can not learn and advance work to automatism and behavior on a short piece of road.

Play casino in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyz parliament September 29 in three readings adopted a law banning from 1 January 2012, the activities of gambling establishments in the country. According to official figures, there are 21 casinos and about 3000 slot halls. Despite the fact that the annual gambling brings in the Kyrgyz treasury at least $ 9 million, parliamentarians supported the proposal of the President, decided to declare war on casinos and slot machines. In Russia, the fight against gambling addiction began with the creation of special gambling zones (but on the signing of the relevant documents is not moved). Kyrgyzstan came easier - even banned this type of business. There have been several protests, which, however, came to nothing lead.

Drive the bus and minibus without GLONASS

To equip its entire passenger transport system GLONASS or GLONASS / GPS carrier is obliged to government decree, issued Sept. 30, 2011. Let go to this requirement period was very short: only three months.

Such equipment becomes mandatory with the coming of the new year, but carriers have six months, during which they threatened in which case just fine (2 500 rubles per driver and 30 000 with a legal entity). On July 1, 2012 will be tougher requirements: no navigation system will be regarded as a gross violation of licensing conditions - with all the consequences. Prices start navigation equipment 20 000 rubles per set.

Fly on old aircraft "AN", "Tu" and "Yak»

After the twelfth strike hours, none of the old Soviet passenger aircraft - the AN-2, AN-24, AN-26, AN-28, Yak-40 and Tu-134 - of which at least two-thirds is the park regional transport without be able to rise into the air, if it is not equipped with a warning system on the approximation of the collision with the ground and in the air. The requirement for such a retrofitting was made back in 2009, but at the beginning of December, only a few "sides" could boast of new clothes: for example, only six of the Tu-134 from operating in Russia 90 had the necessary equipment. This wine is not only the owners who want to save (for the residual value of the aircraft about $ 200,000 worth retrofitting it at least as much), but also firms involved in retrofitting: they simply do not have time to cope with the enormous volume of orders.

Suggest a draw in a game of chess to the 40th move

From 1 January 2012, came into effect a ban on the offer of a draw before the 40th move. The decision was adopted by the European Chess Union in early November. However, for the Russian chess is not such news usually has started to operate on most domestic tournaments already this year. Now, it will be extended to all the competitions that the selection for the Cup and the World Cup was held by the same rules.

Fully enjoy television reality show in China

After the New Year in China enters into force a ban on the showing of commercials during a demonstration programs lasting 45 minutes or more. The State Administration for Radio, Film and Television said that as radio and television are the mouthpiece of the party and the people, namely the means of promoting cultural thought, the rejection of advertising in the interests and expectations of society.

This is not the only television innovation in China, which will come into force on 1 January. Another initiative of the CPC - the restriction of entertainment programs. Since 2012, each channel has the right to show the 2 reality show in a week, and the total duration of the entertainment in the evening prime time must not exceed 90 minutes.

Arm yourself with a 75-watt incandescent bulbs in Mexico

Mexico is difficult to name a country that is at the forefront of the fight against traditional incandescent: his decisive "no" to the country in the face of President Felipe Calderon told them only at the end of 2010. But the Mexican government is rapidly becoming a leader on the speed of implementation of prohibitions: on the complete replacement of incandescent given only two years. In 2011, the country banned the 100-watt, 1 January 2012 - 75-watt, and from 1 January 2014 - all other.

Golfing under the old rules

Golfer, who will take to the field on the first day of the new year, will have to remember that just 8 points of the rules by which they were guided in the past three years, have been changed. New regulations enacted by the R & A and the United States Golf Association (USGA), will also operate three years - from 2012 to 2015 minutes, after which most likely undergo a further correction. However, the current changes seriously call. For example, the specification made by the point 1-2, concerns the delimitation of violations paragraph 13-2 - if a player is trying to somehow influence your score already posted in the pocket, his actions, these may be limited or one point or another, but no not both.

Release the child in California solarium

California - the first of the US states, which introduces at the ban on use of the solarium for children and adolescents up to 18 years. So far, "artificial sun" allows teens to 14 years, and only with parental permission. The initiator of the new law, which caused extreme discontent owners tanning (Visitors under 18 make up between 5% and 10% of their customers), Senator Ted Leah said that sought to protect young people from lethal doses of radiation. And Gov. Jerry Brown said the new law - is only the first of a series of measures designed to improve the health of Californians.

Ask a plastic bag in a store in San Jose

A year ago, the authorities of the third largest city in California (950 000 inhabitants) decided to ban supermarkets, grocery stores, pharmacies, and stalls for customers to give out plastic bags packing the goods. Instead, from January 1, will be used in the course of the packages made of paper or any other biodegradable material. Restaurants and municipal second-hand use of plastic bags is allowed, but no one in the city had no doubt that with time and innovation touch.

Each year the world produces 0.5 to 1 trillion plastic bags. Their average lifespan - about 20 minutes, and the average period of existence - about 400 years.

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