27th International Motor Show in Sao Paulo, 2012. Part 2 (87 pics)

We continue to acquaint you with novelties of the automotive industry with the auto show in Sao Paulo.
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Stand next to which I went, was the stand of Nissan. Nissan brought to Brazil several new products for the local market, including the electric LEAF, which is involved in a joint project with the prefecture. Before the New Year on the streets there will be 12 such cars as taxis. It seems that Nissan is developing a new niche, first in New York with the minivan NV200 Taxi, is now in Sao Paulo. Considering the price of fuel and the dedication of Brazilians various environmental projects, Nissan can hope for success in this direction. Generally, the range of Nissan cars in the local market is quite modest: March (Micra), Versa, Livina and its modifications, Tiida Hatchback, Sentra sedan and pickup truck Frontier (in Russian Navara)

Another novelty, this time not only for Brazil, became the town's sports crossover Nissan Extrem, developed based on the Nissan Micra. Engine - 1 6 turbo. The concept developed and assembled in Brazil.

Altima - the Brazilian market is also new


Of course, used the theme of outdoor activities.

BMW's Brazil - really premium. On the streets it meets the first and third series, the fifth and seventh - a rarity, X3, X5, X6 - the same thing. The main reason - the price, which is higher than in Russia, almost 2 times for some models of BMW Active Hybrid 3

M135i. The most popular series in the streets and there was the most popular

7 Series - something out of space activities for Brazil. Seen in 3 years in the country of 1 or 2 times

650i Gran Coupe. It is clear that this car is painted matte paint, but immediately came to mind that Brazil is still fashionable to paste cars matte film, and it seems that fashion is gaining momentum

Subaru has traditionally not show anything interesting. Of course, they showed the new XV, but more than likely, it is waiting for the same thing as the rest of the line - weak sales. Very rarely are found on the streets of Tribeca and Forester, but some fans buy WRX STi

But I was going to photograph XV, as the Brazilian got ahead with his sonny, who put his arm around the model as a younger brother Fool

Stand Mini. Very strange model. The photo Mini Coupe. The price of the model starts from 142,000 reais (71 thou. $)

Despite the very high prices, Mini - a popular car in Brazil

Mini Countryman All 4 Racing

Porsche stand was closed barrier from the main mass of wanting to touch and rotate. However, there were lovely model normal light, and want to look at the cars even because the barrier was more than enough

Somehow this model evoked cheers from the Brazilians: "Look how blond!»

List of models Porsche, sold in the country, can be found on the official website. Prices compare with the example of the Russian Cayenne: base in Brazil is R $ 299.000 (about $ 150,000), in Russia, the price of 3.150.000 rubles (about 100.000 $)

Interesting booth was at Peugeot. They brought RCZ, sometimes, rarely, occur here. On the stage was a 208 GTi, which promise to sell in the country next year. Peigeot - popular car here, mostly 207, 207 SW, including its "off-road" version of Escapade, Hoggar pick-up, and, rarely, 3008

There he played DJ, performed on the stage of break with a variety of tricks. It was fun and the stand attracted a lot of spectators

Not far from Peugeot booth located Citroen. The company introduced a new line at the motor DS. The first car of this series, which will be sold in Brazil, DS3.

Survolt concept from Citroen. The French did not screw up and invited to their stands pretty models

VW showed several new products at the motor show. One of the most important - Fusca (Beetle in Europe). Shop for VW and was held under the slogan «Fusca. O carro voltou »(Beetle. The car returned). I must say that the car is returned more expensive than its popular predecessor was, who was going in Brazil until 1996. New Beetle, of course, is also sold in the country, but did not become so popular.

The car really was interesting and the Brazilians did not leave it unattended even for a minute

Version with motor 2 0 turbo, which, according to preliminary estimates, as the price has not yet opened, will cost 80-100 thousand. Reais (40-50 thousand. Dollars)

E-Bugster - a fully electric version. As you can see, come close to get a better look, it was impossible.

Another concept Buggy Up, which is based on the basis of other trends Up !, which talk about below.

15-20 years ago in Brazil it was somewhat buggy manufacturers, but now the market is almost entirely taken firm Selvagem, collecting cars with rear engine 1, 6 from VW and manual transmission from the same manufacturer. Photos of Buggy below. These cars are very popular in the north of Brazil. Obviously, that option from VW with one seat for a passenger is unlikely to have the Brazilians like

The new Up! in version GT, which will be equipped with an engine 1, 0TSI and 6 tablespoons. ILAC. Do not know about the normal version of the model, but most likely, it will be equipped with the engine 1, 0, how many cars are equipped with a group produced in Brazil

The premiere of VW, which caused a lot of noise, urban crossover Taigun. Equips will be the same one, 0TSI capacity of 110 horsepower and the same manual transmission. Base - a single compact Up! Drive - front only

Until now sold in Brazil Golf IV with some cosmetic changes. The 2013 will be sold Golf IIV

Saveiro Cross. There are popular vehicles of this type. Is offered with one engine 1, 6 and manual transmission and cost from 47,232 reais (US $ 24.616). Conventional versions without body kit cost less

Amarok. Quite common in Brazil, and in Argentina and Peru. Takeoff price - from 77,762 reais ($ 38.881) for the rear-wheel drive version with double cabin in the simplest version with a diesel engine 2, 0122 HP to 130,562 reais ($ 65.281) for the Highline Double Cab. 4 motion with the engine 2, 0 diesel 180 hp

Voyage - a sedan based on the Golf, on polstupenki below the Polo Sedan. VW also brought a prototype Cross Coupe, but on this day it was not on the stand. There was a line of cars in the performance of R-line, but it has long been sold worldwide

Audi S8 shown and S7, which surely will be bought in very limited quantities in Brazil, although, of course, gather around him crowds

A3 Sport. A place of honor on the stand allocated to it for a simple reason - most likely, this will be the best selling model in the country

Shop A1, if I am not mistaken

Audi R8 Spyder GT

Huyndai showed several models, new to the local market, but standing in the showrooms. I'm talking about Genesis and Equus. The models have been chosen very specific, and it is unclear whether this was done to please local tastes, whether the organizers simply showed lack of professionalism by giving a set of models to outsourcing, and local put all the appliance, as it constantly happens in Latin America

The most popular car on the stand was the new Sanra Fe. Moreover, the reasons for this popularity to the car to have no relationship

Many went to the exhibition with photographs taken near the Sante Fe

HB20X - new HB20 during "off-road" version. Price is no

The concept of the new minivan Huyndai Hexa Space

Troller - Brazilian company owned by Ford, presented the concept Troller RX, based on the model Troller T4. Plastic body on a steel frame, 3.2-liter turbodiesel engine with an output of 165 hp and torque 380nm. Price T4 - 92,490 reais (46.245 $).

KIA showed new items at the exhibition and Optima Quoris, the rest, as far as I'm concerned, there is already sold. Stand the company was great, and everyone could pull in plenty / twirl knobs, buttons, etc.

Cadenza. It was found that the model is very small, compact such carrier, which is quite strange when serious external dimensions

Shop Cadenza

The magazine Auto Esporte, Motorsports, in our opinion, brought the McLaren MP4-12C

Stand Pioneer or Mobil1, for some reason, the joint

Judging by the inscription at the top, another Chinese company, Chery, opens production in Brazil

Another Chinese company made its debut at the motor show this

Mazda should be pleased by how successful have turned their cars

Company S.Auto, representing the brand in Brazil Chinese Shuanghuan, Jonway, Landwind, ea Changhe. All models on the stand - Copies of vehicles from other manufacturers

Mitsubishi does not show anything interesting, except that brought to Brazil Lancer Evo X, which is unknown

Another little-known company that sells Chinese cars

Ssang Yong also found in Brazil. Most often I see and Actyon Korando. Who started selling also Chairman

Stand SEAT was the most memorable and fun - only one car and the staff completely oblivious to the visitors. Why do it at all, we brought here, difficult to understand, since the position of VW in the country is very strong, but never here SEAT sold. He is in some other Latin American countries such as Argentina, but to start selling here - virtually meaningless, since the car will be expensive, and it is unknown to consumers

There were a few companies whose stands I have not looked, but around the whole room a few hours - is quite difficult, so you always have to choose. Overall, the impression of the dealership controversial: on the one hand, it is a global event, and on the other - almost everything is designed only for Brazil and, in a rare case, go out of the country. While I doubt whether to go to the event next year.

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