Instagram photo of the real life in North Korea

An inside look at the most closed country in the world.

North Korea remains grim mystery - it is a closed totalitarian society that managed to visit a few. We are given a glimpse of military parades and other miracles, but it is unlikely anyone would want to live there. Here are some photos from Instagrama, which give the opportunity to look at the ordinary life of North Korea. What reminds the Soviet Union, but not all.

1. Huge Planetarium in the form of the planet Saturn, called "the Three Revolutions Exhibition." Pyongyang, January 2013..

2. Students in kurtas and arm ruffles are working for a computer connected to the local intranet at the People's Palace of study. Pyongyang, January 2013..

3. A doctor and a bank of video monitors at the hospital. Pyongyang, February 2013..

4. Apartment house rises above the ground in a kindergarten. Pyongyang, March 2013..

5. North Korean soldiers aim at helping the boy when he plays the arcade at an amusement park in Pyongyang. In April 2013 the first year.

6. Tractor "Chollima", April 2013..

7. modernity and tradition, May 2013..

8. A woman from North Korea sits next to models of military weapons among kimcheniry kimilsungia and flowers on display. Pyongyang, July 2013..

9. The Korean War veterans in the cemetery of dead comrades. Pyongyang, July 2013..

10. A North Korean soldier stands guard at the gates to the mausoleum where the embalmed body lay Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, July 2013..

11. The new Korean War Museum in Pyongyang. A tiny model in the window shows the general US Army Major William F. Dean - the highest military rank, who was captured during the Korean War. July 2013-th year.

12. I see the goal, 2013th year.

13. Bananas Hotel, Pyongyang, July 2013..

14. Leaders called "Everything about the computer." It says how to prepare and send an e-mail, how to use Excel, how to connect a printer and how to create a holiday calendar with family photos. August 2013-th year.

15. Carousel in the park similar to the North Korean missile «Unha-3." Amusement Park in Pyongyang, September 2013..

16. The funicular on Mount Baekdu, September 2013..

17. dry the corn, September 2013..

18. On the TV in a kindergarten in Pyongyang show Cartoon: tank goes on the offensive. In September 2013 the first year.

19. North Korean men are repairing the trolley in Pyongyang. White spots on the asphalt need to mark the location of each participant during mass parades at Kim Il Sung Square. In September 2013 the first year.

20. Political propaganda posters and billboards in North Korea are everywhere, but there are also advertisements. The photo - a billboard North Korean automaker "Pyeonghwa Motors", photographed in September 2013..

21. The hotel is near the mountain Mihang, autumn-2013.

22. Three North Korean soldier on a motorcycle with a sidecar, October 2013..

23. On the way to Wonsan, October 2013..

24. At the factory, Pyongyang, October 2013..

25. Children in Kilju, November 2013..

26 gas stations in Hamhung, November 2013..

27. The trip by truck, November 2013..

28. piano in the corner, Rason, November 2013..

29. Entrance to the Railway Museum in Pyongyang, December 2013..

30. Before Pyongyang bowling alley called "golden path", December 2013..

31. Local women go to the market, Tonga, December 2013..

32. Water cooler cabinet and covered with a tablecloth with teacups at a factory in Sonbong, December 2013..

33. Pyongyang, December 2013..

34. Armoured painted on the walls inside the Children's Hospital under construction in Pyongyang, December 2013..

35. Residents of Pyongyang on the square named after the late leader Kim Jong Il on the second anniversary of his death, December 2013..

36. Easy bus stop in December 2013..

37. Not yet unfinished, but often appears in photos 105-storey hotel "Ryugёn" in Pyongyang, December 2013..

38. North Korean nurse in the hallway reading a children's hospital in Pyongyang, December 2013..

39. These playing cards are designed for the deaf North Korean children and all are designed to teach sign language. Kids helps an organization registered in Germany. On photographed map of greeting in the language of the deaf in North Korea. In December 2013 the first year.

40. Part of the playground primary school similar to the North Korean missile «Unha». Neighborhoods Pyongyang, December 2013..

41. The launch «Unha» - wall decoration in the hallway preschool. In December 2013 the first year.

42. The model of the spacecraft in the lobby of the Children's Palace in Pyongyang, December 2013..

43. Living in one of the new apartments that give North Korean scientists. Neighborhoods Pyongyang, December 2013..

44. Pyongyang, January 2014..

45. The tractor and a bicycle in the countryside, January 2014..

46. ​​A bottle of vodka with Dennis Rodman and North Korean leader Kim Jong Ynom. January 2014-th year.

47. RV travel around the city and propaganda broadcasts, parked in a line. January 2014-th year.

48. The game of volleyball on the Kim Il-sung Stadium, Pyongyang, February 2014..

49. Shop of mobile phones, February 2014..

50. Pizza delivery at home Pyongyang, February 2014..

51. Sculptures of animals in the area of ​​Mount Kuwolsan, February 2014..

52. Jolly holiday at the water park "munsu", February 2014..

53. Apartment house, March 2014..

54. Korean hospital, March 2014..

55. The road to the hotel "Ryugёn", March 2014..

All pictures taken from accounts Eric Talmadge, chief of «Associated Press» in Pyongyang, photographer David Gattenfildera managers Beijing travel company «Koryo Tours», Will Scott, associate professor at the Pyongyang University of Science and Technology (worked there in 2013, the year ), and Drew Kelly, an English teacher who worked for two years in the capital of North Korea.




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