12 facts about North Korea that we tested

All "we heard something" about North Korea, but all that we have - mostly rumors and speculation. Few can confirm or deny the shocking facts coming from the "reclusive kingdom».

However, something you can learn. There are reports from journalists of major publications who send their reporters to meet directly with North Korea (to get into it still can be, if you really try). There are numbers of international economic agencies. There are eyewitnesses who managed to escape from their harsh homeland.

Website put together a selection of interesting facts about North Korea with reference to the highly authoritative sources to provide this information.

1. North Korea has recently established its own time zone: Standard time Pyongyang h3> Starting from August 15, the country lives on the Pyongyang time, which coincides with the time, is used on the Korean peninsula to the Japanese rule.

2. In order to "jump" from North Korea, it is necessary to pay 8000 $ h3> Since the beginning of the reign of Kim Jong-un, those who want to flee abroad should pay more. For example, to move to China worth about $ 8,000. The average North Koreans can not afford it, because GDP per person is 1800 $.

Of course, it is not legal "rate" - the price ask people to help the country to cross the border illegally.

3. The annual cost of the late Kim Jong Il on brandy 800 times the annual income of the average citizen of North Korea h3> Kim Jong Il's father, Kim Jong-un, reportedly spent £ 700,000 on Hennessi year. It is about 1, 2 million dollars.
The average annual income in North Korea is from $ 1000 to $ 2000. For our calculations, we have taken the sum of 1500 $.

4. North Koreans born after the Korean War, an average of 5 cm below the South Koreans h3> This difference in growth is due to the fact that 6 million North Koreans are constantly in need of food, one-third of the child population is chronically depleted.

5. North Korea claims that its population is 100% correctly h3> The term "literacy" means that a person over 15 years old can read and write.

6. The government approves only 28 kinds of hairstyle h3> Under «Time»: «Women can choose from 14 models, married women wearing hair loose, ordered to be cut short, unmarried allowed to let a long and curly locks." Men are "forbidden to grow hair more than 5 cm, the elderly can leave a length of 7 cm».

7. The net asset value of Bill Gates' five times more than the entire GDP of North Korea h3> The net asset value of Bill Gates is 79.5 billion dollars. According to reports North Korea's GDP was 15.45 billion dollars. (World Bank does not give official figures).

8. North Korea scored Brazil during the World Cup in 2010. H3> But her team lost 2-1.

9. The number of North Koreans are suitable for military service, more than the population of Norway is 2.5 times h3> Among the male population of 6, 515 million people are suitable for the service, including female - 6 418 million. In total 12, 933 million.

In Norway, home to 5 million people 1.

10. Only 2, 83% of North Korea's roads have pavement h3> The roads in North Korea stretch for 25,554 kilometers, but only 724 kilometers are paved.

11. Qatar's GDP per capita is 51 times higher than in North Korea h3> 2014 Qatar's GDP per capita of $ 92.400 was the highest in the world. Estimated GDP North Korea's per capita for 2013 was 1.800 $.

12. North Korea was named the most corrupt country in the world - as well as Somalia h3> The Corruption Perceptions Index is produced annually. In 2014, Korea was named the most corrupt country in the world, as well as Somalia. 174 countries were rated from 0 (highly corrupt) to 100 (corruption-free). North Korea received 8.

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